Easy Feel-Good Exercises to Do in Like 5 Mins Before Breakfast

Y’all, I never thought in a million years that I would ever
become the type of person to write up a “workout” post…

I am a sleepy, sedentary little lady.

These are the super quick morning exercises that I do anyway.

It’s, like, something that I do just to prove
to my everyday lethargy that I can.

Eat it, brain fog and morning soreness.  I’ll fite u. (ง’̀-‘́)ง

The Routine:

Are y’all ready for this

are y’all ready

for my super secret carefully-cultivated routine



it’s 30 push-ups, 20 crunches, and 30 air squats.

That’s it… there’s nothing complicated about it…
No tools or accessories needed, not even a workout outfit
(I do these in my pajamas), and I guess you could
put a blanket or yoga mat down on the floor if you wanted
but tbh you don’t even need that.

Also, I actually lied slightly.
I haven’t actually worked up to 30 push-ups and air squats yet.
When I first started this practice a few months ago,
I could only do 15, and it was a struggle (especially after 10…).
I’ve worked my way up to 20 and I’ll move on to 25 once 20 feels easy.
I’m also currently only at 10 crunches… they are slower for me so
I do fewer of them, but I’m working my way up with them as well!

Btw, doing these only takes as long as it takes
to boil water for my morning tea.
I turn the heat on, move over to the space on the floor
next to the table, and shake myself out & get all limber,
and just… do them.

Keep cool water next to you, too!
And don’t be like me and hold your breath as you exert yourself.
Breathe evenly!

So, why do these?

…And what difference does it make to do them?

Well, for me, these particular exercises were selected
to work around the soreness I get from sitting around at home
and being on the computer all the time.

Push-ups keep the arms limber and have limited the soreness
I get from using the mouse, keyboard, and drawing tablet for so long.
As a happy side effect, I can breathe easier (I used to
take suuuper shallow breaths) because my chest is more open
and my posture is better because it feels more natural
to hold my shoulders back (v important to look proper and ladylike).
Plus, I can lift heavier things!  This is amazing to me –
I am the biggest wimp.

Crunches give you core strength!!
When I first started these out, I could scarcely do 1 crunch.
Seriously, it was so sad.  I had to start the crunches from the
upright sitting position and sloooowly lower backwards to the ground,
then struggle to lift myself up again.
But, after just a little while of doing them that way,
I’m strong enough now to do normal crunches.
They keep your tummy tight and firm.

Air squats – squats that don’t involve any weight training gear –
are soooo important to me.  From sitting all the time,
my legs and knees get SOOOO sore!!
Plus, I barely had any stamina when it came to walking,
and I’m not even talking about hiking –
I’m talking about just walking through stores or through the mall
or around town if you are just having a fun day out.
And not even just walking – I would get tired out and sore
just from standing still, such as when waiting in line!
In the months that I’ve practiced these, every one of those areas
have improved for me.

The push-ups are the hardest part of the whole exercise.
That’s why I do them first – because everything after that is easy.
Then I can just make my tea and get the rest of my breakfast and sit down
and feel pretty darn good (and AWAKE!) for the rest of the morning.

Aight my dudes, thank you for reading all this
if you made it this far!!  Hope you enjoyed my kinda silly writeup
and good luck on making a habit out of this
or something similar for yourself, if it tickles your fancy!

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Saturday, May 13th, 2017   6:00 pm
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