Watch B-Project: Kodou* Ambitious Episodes Streaming Online

Read about this anime written up in my List of Idol Boy Anime~!!

Tragic backstories abound in this series, although there’s plenty of fun scenes and cute friendship interaction between them, too~!  These are some of the most EXTRA dudes and it will amaze you how frequently opportunities come up for them to throw off their shirts.  There is a very cute and pretty heroine in this series, too!  She is a beginner in the industry, so the viewer gets to learn about the conflict-filled path to stardom alongside her~

The art style for this show is really nice; the boys’ eyes always look so beautiful and I love their colorful hair!  For some reason I really love when they are shown in profile??  The characters have, like, chunky lips and cute pointed-up noses in profile.  Is it weird to appreciate that??  I just do, okay?!

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – Boys Meet Girl

Episode 2 – The Bad End Isn’t So Bad

Episode 3 – Let’s Go With Brilliant

Episode 4 – Break Out Star

Episode 4.5 – Special Episode Premium

Episode 5 – Back to the Baby

Episode 6 – Sixth Sense Blade

Episode 7 – Bullet of the Heart

Episode 8 – Bye-Bye Yesterday

Episode 9 – Flirtatious Play Boy

Episode 10 – Birthday

Episode 11 – Beyond You

Episode 12 – Boys Be Ambitious

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