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Read about this anime written up in my List of Idol Boy Anime~!!

Magic-Kyun! Renaissance is an otome series which follows the growth of the heroine as she masters her ability to create magic through art (her affinity is flower arranging).

The cast of handsome dudes each specialize in their own art, such as painting, singing, culinary design… there are seriously SO MANY, and I appreciate so much to see so many art media commemorated~ And in the fantasy rules of this magic school setting, art is what manifests magic in the world!


Anyway, enjoy these sweet-natured stories~ As an added bonus, each episode also includes a beautiful insert song! The cast of voice actors is excellent so it’s really exciting hearing them sing!

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – Brilliantly Blooming Renaissance

Episode 2 – Only You Can See

Episode 3 – Inspiration in an Album

Episode 4 – Dancing on the Moonlight

Episode 5 – I Just Can’t Ignore You, Senpai

Episode 6 – Blown by a Mischievous Wind

Episode 7 – Shining Like the Sun

Episode 8 – The Light Out of Reach

Episode 9 – The Festival of Miracles and Magic

Episode 10 – A Heart-Pounding Summer Holiday

Episode 11 – You Are the Prince of Destiny

Episode 12 – The Sleeping Princess of the Frozen Forest

Episode 13 – Magic-Kyun for You!

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