First Game Download is Now Available!

MY!!!! DUDES!!!!!

My first completed game project created while I’ve been on Patreon IS NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD!!

The footage above is recorded directly from the game – it’s a good summary video of the visual style that all of my game projects will have~ 🎀

It also goes over what plans I have for future projects (0:20) and what games I have done in the past (1:00).

If you’re willing and able to help me make these games come to life, get all the deets here on my Patreon!!  (If you’d rather not subscribe for monthly payments, a single donation through Paypal is also perfectly sublime!)

Thank you so much for following me while I have worked on this!  I will only be creating more games!! 🤗

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017   5:15 pm
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