Behind the Boutique, Getting Organized!

May 15, 2011

How is everyone?! Would you like another sneak peek at what’s coming up in my Boutique? 8D

Today I paid a visit to the general store and bought some storage options on the cheap! My supplies (and finished projects!) were piling up, so getting organized was a necessary step!

Now, the little hair clips in these photos aren’t things that I made (most of those are still unphotographed!), they are tiny little goodies that will be available as shopping cart fillers, all for under $1.00!

I actually bought two of these little three-drawer organizers. One is holding various findings and parts and pieces and is pretty boring. But this one is practically bursting with little hair accessories in all kinds of vibrant and pastel colors!

The middle drawer is so packed, I have trouble closing and opening it. @_@ There are three different hair clips in there – butterflies on the left, flowers on the right, and wide barrettes hiding in the back (they have a row of three flowers on them, if you’re squinting to find out what they are!).

Hair elastics! You can never have too many. @_@ (Okay. Maybe you can. Maybe.) Also do you like my Barbie labels??


And now, for my most favorite find from the store today. I was so freaking ecstatic when I found these, I squee’d when I saw them.

POOONIIIIIIES. They’re huge! Like, three times bigger than your average My Little Pony! And no, these aren’t actually My Little Pony, they are fakeys, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN THEY CAN’T BE LOVED. Their hair is really sparse, which is a common side-effect that goes along with being a fakey pony, but I curled it up passably nice (no, seriously, I was in the bathroom wetting down their hair, separating it and then wrapping it around sponge curlers) and I’m thinking about painting some cutie marks on them if I have the chance (you know, someday). Might also paint their hooves a contrasting color. I wiiiiiish that the pink pony had blue hair and the blue pony had pink hair, just because being monochrome is kind of boring (I did swap their princess tiaras, though!).


Shut up I’m getting to that.

When I saw these ponies in the store, I was first absolutely entranced by them, but I don’t usually make frivolous indulgent purchases on toys, so I immediately dreamed up a purpose for them. GUESS WHAT I’M USING THEM FOR.

If you answered “They’re holding your headbands! :D” then YOU ARE REALLY WEIRD. But guess what, I was weird first, because that’s exactly what I wanted to do with them when I saw them on the shelf. So I brought them home and curled their hair and now they hold my headbands.

I’M THINKING AHEAD. I think they’ll look great as part of my display when I actually get this Boutique going and have a table at conventions and stuff.

I get thinking like that and then I get all excited and then I start making more things!

I have so many things.

I could not possibly express HOW MUCH I CANNOT WAIT to start posting my products and sharing the kawaii desu love!! (o*゜∇゜)o~♪

Sunday, May 15th, 2011   9:18 pm
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2 Responses to “Behind the Boutique, Getting Organized!”

  1. sassyNpunk Says:

    You’re stuff looks so cute! Good job! I can’t wait till you open your store! I’ll be first in line, okay? 😉


  2. Bridget Says:

    Hee hee oh thank you. 😀 I’m so glad you like it. ; ^; I appreciate you saying so, thanks again!