Ribbon Dinosaur

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May 2011

Nerdypuffs was my 100th follower on Tumblr, so she gets this drawing of a dinosaur with a ribbon around its neck! I hope she likes it! 😀

I might do similar thank-you gifts for the places I haven’t reached 100 fans with yet, like Facebook and Twitter, so hook up with me there for chances to win! 😀

ALSO you can totally request any kind of art you’d like me to draw!! Just donate whatever amount sounds right to you and pass your request along! Seriously, I would do these for a buck or two, because the happiness they bring me and my followers is priceless. ⌒ω⌒



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! Do not trace, copy, or alter in any way. Do not remove signatures or watermarks.
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Thursday, May 19th, 2011   12:09 pm
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