Princess Training: Initiated

May 31, 2011

EXCITEMENT.  Just a couple of days ago, I made my first Lolita purchase.  I’ve been admiring the fashion for definitely more than a year now, probably closer to two years.

There are a lot of reasons why I didn’t dive into it right after learning of its existence, and the expense is a big one.  But I’ve been really smart with my money these past two years and, by golly, I deserve a little treat for myself!  I’ve had a lot of time to put research into this fashion and the subculture surrounding it, and I am more than ready to embrace the princessly lifestyle for myself!

I know Dear Celine isn’t among the most coveted brands out there, but when I browse through their selection of available items, I am blindingly infatuated with nearly every one of them. 

All of their original designs are SO FRILLY!!

The pink dress on the left, titled Spring Sweet Candy Check, is what I purchased.  It is just the right amount of elegant and cute.

This is my princess dress.

It is being manufactured right now to fit my exact measurements. <3

I also purchased socks and an adorable pair of shoes! I can’t wait until I receive them so I can show them off to you! X3

That may not be for about a month, though, due to the amount of time required to manufacture a custom-sized garment.  Plus, I ordered using  a slower shipping method, to save just a little bit of money. <3

I’ll be making my own bloomers and petticoat!  The bloomers are actually almost done – I will probably finish them today!  Maybe some burst of productivity will happen and I’ll get the petticoat down, too!

Oh!  I almost forgot.  I made this gif out sheer excitement the other day. XD

Hahaha, that’s not even a very good representation of the dress. XD  And yes, I am totally aware that I am completely ridiculous.  I just can’t help myself~  I’m so looking forward to having my princess dress!



Update: Princess Training: Foundations
and finally; Princess Training: The First Steps~

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011   10:44 am
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5 Responses to “Princess Training: Initiated”

  1. almyki Says:

    Wow, that’s an amazingly cute dress! And Dear Celine looks sooo adorable, I’ve never run into that brand before. And OHMYGOD they have COATS. ADORABLE AFFORDABLE (comparatively) COATS. EEEK.

    You must post pictures of yourself once you get your dress, and report on its quality and stuff =3 . Also, that is a cute .gif. That could totally be your deviantID or something. Animation intimidates me a little, but I hope to tackle at least simple stuff like this one day!

    <3 ali

  2. Bridget Says:

    Thanks so much, Ali! 😀 There are for sure going to be photos!

    Animating is scary. oAo I’m scared to attempt anything more complex than idle wiggling or only-just-slightly-moving parts.


  3. yoojin Says:

    Wow, so pink and frilly and so adorable!
    I love lolita fashion, and I like to draw lolita clothes, and boy lolis xDD I’m pretty stingy when spending money on my needs xD
    I think I’ll buy one when I get to college…
    parents would be probably “lolwut are you wearing lol :o”

    “I just want to be pretty * U* falalallalala”

    wow… all the dresses are so pretty!
    it’s fun looking at them lol xD
    It’d be so hard to decide!

  4. Anski Says:

    I’m pretty sure if you accidentally cut yourself, you’d bleed rainbows and sugar.

  5. Bridget Says:

    LOL you guys are all hilarious. XDXD

    @Yoojin I think my mom would feel like that about me, too. oAo

    (totally from an Insanity Scene Wolf macro)