Ice Cream Elephant

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July 2011

More crayon doodles, eeeeee! Did you know that this is my very favorite method of drawing ever? SO THERAPEUTIC.

I finally went out and searched for more brushes for Sai. <3 Importing them is kind of confusing. But I like them - they introduce just a bit more randomness than the default (although tweaked) brushes I’ve used for other drawings like this (See: Giraffasus, Dinosaur, and Miss Cupcake), which is awesome for that naïveté crayon look. <3 DAT ELEPHANT. The idea for this image came up a few weeks ago, what with it being hot and Summery and then browsing fabrics with a friend who likes elephants and pointed out several fabrics featuring them. I think Angelic Pretty's release of Toy Fantasy really tipped the scale and got me to finally sit down and create this image. Have you seen that elephant? And giraffe?

Can I just

draw cute animals with sweets forever



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Sunday, July 10th, 2011   12:11 pm
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