Effective Time Management :D

August 2, 2011

Hey, all!

Man, I have still not gotten myself into the habit of blogging here frequently. I’m working on it!

I spent this past weekend working on SO MUCH STUFF. <3 The commissions and Fiverr gigs have been going great. Keep it up, people! I LOVE doing this stuff for you, and I also don’t mind the contributions going toward putting food on my table.

EXCELLENT PROGRESS ON THE BOUTIQUE FRONT, YOU GUYS. I know it seems like zero progress is happening related to the Boutique, but it’s because all of the pages I’m working on are set to Private since I’m still working out kinks and stuff. Things are coming together really smoothly though and I would LOVE to have the shopping cart up and running on this site before the Summer is up!

This post probably doesn’t mean much of anything to anybody reading this, but I just like to post every once in a while just to keep this place alive. WHEN ALL SETTLES DOWN I cannot wait to start using this blog to post shopping excursions and reviews and talk about clothes and makeup and 8D

Yeah, I really need to work on filling out these posts, since a few of the categories on the Home page still just lead to 404 pages. I AM FAILING MY DUTY AS A BLOGGER. ;^; I’m trying to do better!

Maybe I’ll talk about, like, shoes or something before the week is up.


about shoes?

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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011   3:31 pm
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  1. Carson Says:


    This is awesome blog man, love the way you write friend