Princess Training: The First Steps

August 28, 2011

I’m so happy! ๐Ÿ˜€ A few months ago, I treated myself to my first Lolita purchase. <3 ย As I waited, I sewed my first garments to go along with it. <3 ย And now, finally, I’m taking the first little baby steps toward living my princessy life~

‘Scuse me while I block out my messy room with crayon hearts. XD ((Brush credit goes to Colors Everywhere by Ronjark.))
I tried to make the outfit replicate the gif I made those months ago:

Do you think I succeeded? XD ย (Don’t answer that lul. ย The color is off and I exaggerated the poof in the drawing. <3)

I’m still in the process of wrapping my head around the fact that this is mine. ;~; I feel like I am just looking at someone else’s photos on the Internet. If this were Tumblr I would like the pic and just keep scrolling, pining away in my heart for those clothes to someday be mine. But they ARE mine! oAo THIS IS AMAZING.

Let’s show some details of the outfit from head to toe~

My tiara from Claire’s and huge flowery headband from Charlotte Russe are tough to wear at the same time. XD
Here’s the super pretty details at the neckline:

That picture didn’t really need hearts but I put them there anyway. XD
The lower half:

I am pleased with the poof my petticoat is providing, but I am blown away by the potential volume of this skirt!! I am definitely making a second petticoat out of twice the material I used the first time. More layers and more ruffles, I say! MORE! There’s plenty of room under this skirt, let’s fill it up! 8U

Can I talk about how in love I am with these socks? I know that silly colorful ponies don’t exactly coordinate with the more elegant dress, but I just fell in love with the fantasy pony theme of these socks and couldn’t not get them. Also these are officially the whitest socks that I own and I’m terrified of wearing them casually because they are doomed to turn dingy grey just like all of my other once-white socks. ;A;

As for the shoes – I’m sure I measured my feet accurately, and correctly converted the measurement into centimeters, but they are really big on me! There is a lot of space between the criss-crossing straps and the top of my foot. Oh, they’re not so big that they’re impossible or uncomfortable to wear. I’m going to put some arch supports or something in them to fill up the empty space a bit as well as simultaneously put some cushioning in there. n_n I’m actually glad for the extra room because it means I can wear thicker socks, or layer stockings + socks when it’s cold in the Winter.

Adorable shoes like these are what I always think of as one of the important staples of Sweet Lolita fashion, and like the outfit as a whole I still can’t believe that I actually own something this cute!! oAo My mind is totally blown!

I attempted that perspective shot that everyone else seems to do. XD How do you guys manage to do those without falling over?! There is so much poof in the way you can’t even see your feet without bending way over. oAo (Lol I <3 my throw rug.)

I thought I was done taking pictures, but then I sat down at my laptop and my skirt tried to eat the keyboard, which left me giggling so much I snapped a shot of that, too:

(Didn’t even notice Vivi was in this shot until I was editing it on my computer. XD)

I pretty much spent the whole day marveling at the ruffles and the poof and the omg. Sitting down with the skirt out around you… It’s like miles and miles of ruffles stretching out forever and ever on all sides.

This must be what happiness looks like. <3

Sunday, August 28th, 2011   3:33 pm
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16 Responses to “Princess Training: The First Steps”

  1. Olly Says:

    You look lovely. And just to say the blog design is amazing my dear. (The gif is so cute! XD) Hope you enjoy your dress!

  2. Bridget Says:

    Thank you so much! 8D I worked hard on it! And I absolutely will enjoy it. <3 ^o^

  3. kittenfairyface Says:

    very cute doll ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Bridget Says:

    Aw, thank you! ^o^

  5. Delano Says:

    Congratulations on your first lolita dress!! It’s so exciting to finally have something, isn’t it? I remember when I got my first item every 20 or 30 minutes I would FREAK OUT and think I dreamed that I had just dreamed I had gotten it and would have to go check to make sure it was there!
    You look fabulous, and the dress suits you very well!
    I noticed that you had mentioned something about a princess-y lifestyle? I don’t like to self advertise but I am a lifestyle lolita and my blog has a lot aimed at that and I want to start going more in that direction in the future if you want to check it out.

  6. Bridget Says:

    Yes aahh wow the whole dreaming thing is definitely something I keep having!! OAO I’ve put my shoes away under my bed but I keep peeking under there to make sure I haven’t imagined them!! XD

    Thank you soo much for your kind feedback. ; 3;~ I love checking out other peoples’ blogs. ๐Ÿ˜€ I will give yours a look for sure!

  7. Paloma Says:

    Aww, looking through this was like a trip down memory lane! I remember wearing Lolita for the first time and marveling at the amazing amounts of poof and lace and ruffles, though my first dress was black. I’m so happy to see another girl going through the same experience!

  8. Bridget Says:

    Yyyeesssss so magical!! ;A; I am still feeling the magic. <3 I think all girls everywhere deserve to have this feeling during their life. <3 It is seriously that good.

  9. Eddie Says:

    I just saw this on EGL, and I must say, you look quite cute! I love your enthusiasm, and your shoes are to die for! All in all, it is a very good coordinate, especially for a beginner lolita. I love the tiara.

    But as a piece of constructive criticism, I would say the lacey fingerless gloves you are wearing draw away from the princess look, and I think they make it look less elegant. If I were you, I would replace them with some wrist- or elbow-length white, satin gloves! I think it would look much more elegant.

    Keep on doing what you’re doing. You’ve got an amazing start, and you can only get better! You’re already looking beautiful.

  10. Bridget Says:

    Ahh thaaaaank you. ๐Ÿ˜€ I need to build up my glove collection for reals! Someone else suggested lace tights and I was like *O* YES.

    All of this feedback makes me so happy, everyone is so wonderful! owo Thanks again!

  11. Kitt Says:

    Hello !

    I linked here from your comment at egl on livejournal and I’d just like to congratulate you on your first lolita dress ! It’s really great to see how happy you are with your purchase. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Bridget Says:

    Thank you sooo much! ^o^ That’s so nice of you to say. n_n <3

  13. SaraJane Says:

    SO PRETTY!!!!!!!
    I wuv it. I wuv it so much.

  14. Carissa Says:

    I know you’ve already posted something new, but I wanted to say here that I’m really happy for you! You look very nice in your Lolita outfit, and reading about how happy you are is just adorable. ♥ I’m hoping to make Lolita purchases someday, but that’s a long day off!

  15. Bridget Says:

    Carissa: D’awww thank you! ; 3; I was going to wait even longer before making this purchase but everyone around me was like, “Bridget, just DO IT” and I am so glad I listened to them. ;~; Hope you get to make your purchase soon, too~ <3

    Tech: Lol thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. tech Says:

    Bfffff, adorable!!