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Birthday Shenanigans

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

August 17, 2011

My birthday was yesterday~ And I celebrated by having the most Hello Kittiest birthday ever.

Oh, it is so on. Let’s Kitty up this place.

First, I wanted to use up those icing decorations, so I made a small amount of cupcakes.

But the main course was definitely this cake.

Sprinkle overload!! I created this by cutting my own stencil of Hello Kitty’s face out of wax paper, then placing the stencil over the icing and proceeding to sprinkle all the heck over the place. A sprinklesplosion, if you will.

I lost some definition of the outline, especially in and around the bow, but that was sort of my own fault for making a too-intricate stencil. c: What matters is the super-sugary sprinkly taste. And that was definitely achieved.

And when I finished the cake – this part was totally a surprise to me – my mom appeared with presents in tow. ;____; I totally wasn’t expecting anything. My gifts? Fluffy pink Hello Kitty slippers, a Hello Kitty bag, some other small goodies, all complete with a Hello Kitty birthday card. It plays a song when you open it, which I totally recognized as a track from Hello Kitty Hello World.

I might have a problem??

My problem is that I don’t have enough Hello Kitty things.

Clearly I need another birthday to remedy this.

Princess Training: Foundations

Friday, August 12th, 2011

August 12, 2011

There were some delays, but my princess dress is scheduled to arrive within the next week! It actually totally coincidentally just happened to coincide with my birthday! 😀

I had to hurry up and finish these projects I had lying around!

No self-respecting Lolita coordinate is finished (or started, for that matter) without the very important…

…bloomers! XD

These I was very good about not procrastinating on. I actually finished them in only a couple of days, not long after placing my dress purchase.

I LOVE how they turned out. White fabric with pink polka dots = omg perfection. Add pink chiffon ruffles and little pink bows and you’ve just taken several steps beyond perfection. The bows are actually detachable – they have brooch pins on the back – and the main reason I stuck them on there was so I could tell which side was the front! XD

I followed the pattern with virtually no changes from Simplicity 3618. Here, I’ll include a link so you can check it out for yourself. 😀

Cute costumes. XD; The bloomers are short, but I like them that way since it makes them more versatile. I’ve already worn them under some skirts I own, and they are SO comfortable. Plus, I’ve never liked just wearing skirts with nothing underneath, especially concerning the length most skirts are available in nowadays. My self consciousness virtually evaporates when I wear these, since I no longer have to worry about modesty and can just enjoy wearing a cute skirt. c:

Okay! Moving right along to the project-I-totally-procrastinated-on-for-two-months-and-only-finally-finished-yesterday!

A petticoat! Absolutely necessary for that perfect princess poof. I didn’t use a pattern for this at all, only using information I’ve garnered from dozens and dozens of petticoat tutorials I’ve read online. I definitely made some mistakes, but I know exactly what to do next time to make an even better petticoat.

This provides some substantial poof, but the next one I’ll make will have twice as much material and ruffles. 8D Just because that’s what Lolita is all about!

All right, that’s about enough of my gushing over my sewing projects. n_n I am just really proud of them, since I’ve never sewn garments before these, and I love how they turned out! AND NEXT WEEK MY DRESS AND SHOES AND SOCKS ARE GETTING HERE YOU GUYS OMG 8D 8D 8D

Update: Okay so it wasn’t exactly the next week lol but here’s Princess Training: The First Steps. c:

Lowered 3DS price!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

August 10, 2011

Wellllllllllll you probably knew about this already.

The 3DS handheld console is going from its initial price of $250 down to $170. c: It’s a really good time to get one!

To do so, you should use these super convenient links!

And if you’ve already shelled out $250 for the system, don’t worry, you’re being compensated. With 20 free downloadable games, in fact!

I’ve been holding off on buying one due to the lack of games that are really wowing me (yet!), plus I currently just do not have the funds. But news of a price reduction is really reassuring!

Happy gaming!

Dream Vision Shoes Feature

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

August 4, 2011

Woo! All right! Here we go! A shopping review post, just as promised!

Today I would like to talk about shoes. My reasoning behind choosing this particular category is because there’s this store, see, and it’s got these pretty mind-blowing shoes.

See what I mean?

Anyway, this store is called Dream Vision. I have in the past always referred to it as “Dream V,” because that’s what’s in its url. It is also commonly referred to as “Yume Tenbo,” but I think it might be more commonly made one word as “Yumetenbo.” This store has a lot of names. The main thing you need to know is that you can shop its overseas shipping page here.

I’ve briefly mentioned Dream Vision before, in my Rakuten Shopping Guide. c: Furthermore, almost all of the shoes I’m going to spotlight in this post have already been posted on my Kawaii Shopping Tumblr, an experimental blog I set up in catalogue format, because I thought Tumblr was very well suited to that sort of thing. Unfortunately I haven’t been updating Kawaii Shopping very frequently, but, I’d love to change that. c:

So let’s move on with the feature. I’m just going to quickly highlight some of my very favorite shoes Dream Vision offers!

WAH look at those!! @3@They’re frilly and dainty and have a big bow on them.

I don’t know how comfortable it is to have a ring around your toe that’s attached to your shoe, but it’s a really unique touch.

I am of course partial to the ones available in white and pink.

These are super elegant.Plus they have bows on them! With hearts in the middle of the bows!

This is how you take girliness and turn it into elegance.

These are slippers eeeee!!I am always wearing SOME kind of footwear around the house – I just can’t go around barefoot, or even just with socks on!

I would totally love to own these, they would make me feel princessy and girlish even when I’m just chillin’ at home.

More super elegant pumps.These get major bonus points for having the heel shaped like a heart!!
Fun furry boots!!My favorite colorway is the pink boot with white fur.

These would look awesome with a feminine coat.

These are SO feminine and cute.They have just a bit of a wedge, which I just love.

Don’t you love the sweet colors they come in? n_n

Ahhhh more slippers!!FLUFFY BOWS!! 8U

I just get really excited about some things, okay??

Did someone ask for massive flowers on their sandals?’Cause we’ve got massive flowers on our sandals.
Massive flower x3 combo
Let’s finish off this feature with these gorgeous things!That floral print looks like something vintage.

Extremely ladylike. These are for going on picnics in.

I LOVE the minty green colorway.

That’s all for now, but I’ll probably feature Dream Vision’s shoes again in the future, because there are just SO MANY amazing ones.

By the way, if you didn’t notice, you can click any of the images here to be brought straight to the page where you can plop them right into your shopping cart. 😀 None of these shoes are over $30, isn’t that AWESOME?! So go indulge yourselves. 8D

Shop Dream Vision now!

Effective Time Management :D

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

August 2, 2011

Hey, all!

Man, I have still not gotten myself into the habit of blogging here frequently. I’m working on it!

I spent this past weekend working on SO MUCH STUFF. <3 The commissions and Fiverr gigs have been going great. Keep it up, people! I LOVE doing this stuff for you, and I also don’t mind the contributions going toward putting food on my table.

EXCELLENT PROGRESS ON THE BOUTIQUE FRONT, YOU GUYS. I know it seems like zero progress is happening related to the Boutique, but it’s because all of the pages I’m working on are set to Private since I’m still working out kinks and stuff. Things are coming together really smoothly though and I would LOVE to have the shopping cart up and running on this site before the Summer is up!

This post probably doesn’t mean much of anything to anybody reading this, but I just like to post every once in a while just to keep this place alive. WHEN ALL SETTLES DOWN I cannot wait to start using this blog to post shopping excursions and reviews and talk about clothes and makeup and 8D

Yeah, I really need to work on filling out these posts, since a few of the categories on the Home page still just lead to 404 pages. I AM FAILING MY DUTY AS A BLOGGER. ;^; I’m trying to do better!

Maybe I’ll talk about, like, shoes or something before the week is up.


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