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Back from Break! Now Back to Work!

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

January 5, 2012

Hello once again, all of you lovely persons!! I hope that all of you had fantastic holidays and a wonderful New Year, and haven’t broken any resolutions yet!

I posted a small announcement on my commission page that I was going to be on break for a couple of weeks there, and had every intention of writing a full blog post announcing my absence as well, but then an INCREDIBLY-POORLY-TIMED INCIDENT OCCURRED: the charger for my laptop shorted out and so I had no power and could not access anything. D8 So, I am terribly and deeply sorry if anyone tried to contact me and I could not get back to you.

Right now, however, it’s time to go through all of my messages and comments and get back to everyone!! And then it’s back to work on sewing up everyone’s ponies!!

FURTHERMORE, what with it being a new year and all, it’s time to pave a new path for myself and really offer some substantial things to this blog. I know I keep talking and talking about this Boutique idea of mine, and it was my resolution last year to get it going. I still wanna do that, but we’ll likely see some other immediate things I can offer here before then. c: I’m thinking of downloadable packages of icons and desktop themes, some with licenses included so you can use the graphics in your own design endeavors – Web design of your own, independent games, and the like.

Would you believe that I intend to publish a book soon, too?? I’ll self-publish a physical copy through Lulu but also have a downloadable PDF ebook available on this site (cheaper alternative). It will be on the subject of sewing cute, tiny things.

Other thing I need to do on this site: post the photos of finished ponies that I’ve already submitted to DeviantArt.

*cracks knuckles*