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Betsey Johnson Cute & Girly Intimates

Monday, April 30th, 2012

I just showcased Betsey Johnson recently, but I had to go back to that store for more!

I’m not embarrassing anyone by posting lingerie and stuff, am I?? WE ARE ALL ADULTS HERE, COME ON.

I got nothing to hide here, man, I freaking love cute underwear and pajamas – and I love it because it’s girly and lovely~ Just a small indulgence you can treat yourself to at the end of the day, you know? 😀

CHIFFON ROMPERAhh so cute!! o^oThese would be really comfy pajamas. ; 3;

Rosy floral patterns are always elegant and princessy to me~ ♥

“I DO” LOOP TERRY ROBEWahhh this is so cute. I loooove that baby blue color! And it looks sooooo soft waw. And it’s just a little bit ruffly. ; 3;Sooo sweet. A princess would wrap up in this when she steps out of her bath~
CHIFFON AND LACE BABYDOLLNooow we are getting into the sexy things, ehehehe.Babydolls are my favorite intimates~ ♥ I usually avoid black, but the lacy details and little pink bows drew me to this one.
FLOCKED HEART SHIRRED GARTERAgain with the black-and-hot-pink, sorry.Buuuut!! I like this piece because of the ruffly skirt and motif of cute hearts.

Look at those precious little heart buckles!!

CHIFFON BABYDOLLAnd back to my sweet pastel colors, yaaaay!The site lists this cutie-patootie babydoll as blue, but it looks lavender to me!

Let’s just settle for periwinkle, because it’s a fun word.

Cute Tamagotchi Finds on Ebay!

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

You remember Tamagotchi, don’t you?? What you might not have known that it’s still around, and has quite a franchise running for it in Japan! Not only are toys (including virtual pets) still in production, but there are also a couple different anime series and a movie!

I just adore these cute critters and the crazy, colorful world they live in. o^o I really admire the art style in their toys, Flash game spaces, and cartoons. I hunted down a handful of items available on Ebay to showcase just how fun these little Tamas are!

We are also trying something new layout-wise here! Love it? Hate it? Comment and let me know~ o3o

(Also available in lavender!)This is the ultra fabulous Tamagotchi ID L, the latest toy available in Japan. The screen is in full color and there are more characters available than everrrrr before!

Note that the language will be in Japanese! Take care when thinking about buying it.

Hopefully we’ll see a color Tamagotchi on our shores someday soon. :3 And hopefully it will be as blinged-out and fab as this.

Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3There have been several Tamagotchi video games, and this one on the Nintendo DS is the most recent.

The Corner Shop games are mainly mini-game driven, but there is quirky craziness to the art style as is the norm in Tamagotchi land.

Hmmm… I might have to check this game out. It’s giving me inspiration to do another This Game I’m Playing… :3


Lovelitchi is one of my absolute favorite characters in the Tama universe. She has a super secret magical idol identity named Lovelin, which is what this is a plush of. :3

IT TALKS APPARENTLY… I wonder what it says?? :O

I want this really bad. ;__;

Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go Memetchi Purple VersionThat is a mouthful. @_@

Anyway, this is the most recent English-version virtual pet toy. They were available in stores like Toys R Us pretty recently, but I haven’t seen them there lately. ;_;

Sadly they don’t have a color screen, but there are tons of characters you can get plus a whole lot of random events that can trigger.

The cool/unique thing about the Tama-Go was that you could collect these Gotchi Figure toys that clicked on to the top of the device, and each character unlocked bonus minigames and a shop where you could buy unique items. I have a blue Memetchi Tama-Go and Gotchi Figures of Violetchi and Chamametchi – I have had hours of fun playing with them!! ^o^

Tamagotchi Tamatown Full Set of Gotchi FiguresAnd heeeeere is a listing for every single Gotchi Figure ever!! @_@

I didn’t even know about some of these! I would love to get Makiko and Kuromametchi. :O

Woo hoo!! Looking up these items was fun.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you now that Tamagotchi is totally adorable. :3

Sweet Homewares from Littleleaf

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Littleleaf is a Rakuten shop that sells mainly the Le Sucre brand of homewares, a category that includes kitchen supplies, storage & organizers, stationery, and a few cute plushes here and there.

Le Sucre items boast sweet designs, with soft colors depicting cute animals (often bunnies) and nature.

The store just makes me all ooey-gooey in adoration. Let’s see if I can showcase a few favorite items without just melting.

Le Sucre Tin Cases

This is a good example of the kinds of designs the store specializes in.

These colors. ;_; They’re so… gentle.


and we know how I feel about bunnies.

Le Sucre Sandwich Box

I think these look big enough that you could fit some other snacks besides sandwiches in there. n_n

I wanna go on a little picnic or something carrying my lunch in this. ; 3;

It also folds up to be really compact once you’ve emptied the contents – clickthrough to see!

Le Sucre Page Markers

I wish I had these in college. They’re waaaay cuter than using sticky notes to mark textbook pages and study notes!

Le Sucre Mascot Phone Strap


if I ever get a nice phone, I am going to just pile on the ridiculously cute phone straps.

Rilakkuma Bento Bag Drawstring Purse

Okay, so here’s a non Le Sucre thing just to show that Littleleaf sells other brands, too.

Rilakkuma is a kawaii icon on par with Hello Kitty, and this print is featured on a drawstring bag you’d use to carry your bento around in.

Once again, feeling very tempted to go on a kawaii-themed picnic…

Cute Craft Books

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Maybe you’ve noticed that I like sewing cute things with felt. I wouldn’t have gotten started with this craft if I never read about it first!

Here’s a collection of books that will more than get you started on your own cute, cuddly crafting. You’ll learn all of the techniques and equip yourself with more patterns than you can shake a needle at!

Big Little Felt Universe: Sew It, Stuff It, Squeeze It, Fun!This is a great introductory felt sewing book. There are more than 70 projects in here including food and toys, such as cakes with removable decorations!

The techniques are simple enough that beginners can pick up on them easily, but there’s so much packed in here that experienced crafters will find tons of inspiration as well.

My Favorite Felt SweetsThe book offers detailed, easy-to-follow directions, as well as life-sized patterns, for 106 different projects! o_o

Sheets of colored felt and basic sewing skills (and sometimes a little glue for the final, decorative touches) are all that are required to whip up these luscious-looking and guilt-free confections.


Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted ProjectsFelting is a bit different from the typical sewing-with-felt that I’m into, but thanks to the difference in technique there is potential for creating new and different things!

This book encourages using old wool sweaters – a trip to the thrift store could supply you with everything you need. There is no knitting involved!

Aranzi Aronzo – Cuter BookThis wouldn’t be a proper cute sewing post if Aranzi Aronzo weren’t included here!

The Cuter Book is a follow-up to The Cute Book, and between the two of them are patterns for hundreds of unique cuddly characters. There’s a special flair to Aranzi Aronzo’s projects… there’s a simplicity to the characters’ designs, but SO MUCH FUN to them, too!

Super-Cute FeltAnd this is a great finisher to this post, thanks to the huge variety of simple projects it includes.

The categories in Super-Cute Felt include Accessories (think brooches and small purses!), Gifts (pincushions!), Homewares (coasters and tea cozies!), and Celebrations for holiday-themed cuteness.

This is all reminding me that I need to get back to work on my own instructional sewing book! o^o

Cute Desktop Accessories from ModCloth!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time on the Internet on the prowl for cute things, you probably already know about ModCloth.

While ModCloth started out specializing in vintage fashion and decor, nowadays their online store showcases tons and tons and TONS of adorable modern accessories!!

I’m a huge sucker for adorable stationery and small decor stuff, so this post will highlight some of my favorite desktop accessories of theirs. c:

Mushroom Kingdom Eraser Potoh mY GOSH SEE THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.


Maybe you can relate to this, but I just have this need to surround myself with cute things. And fun pastel colors on inanimate objects with cute little faces – that’s just

that’s just a recipe for pure unbridled love.

Hops and Dreams Tape DispenserBUNNIES
they are only among my most favorite things on this PLANET.

How could I possibly resist a precious little ceramic bunny on my desk, so perfectly willing to hold my tape for me?

Stick Out Paper Tape Set…And here is some pretty, girly decorative tape for loading into your tape-dispensing bunny. c:
What I Wore Today by Gemma CorrellI love-love-love-LOVE doodle diaries!!

Keeping track of what you wear is a great way to take pride in the way you present yourself, and helps you develop new ideas for great outfits!

I just love the whole concept of this book. ; 3;

Tracing Rainbows Pencil and Eraser Set…And this cheerful little pencil/eraser set is just perfect for drawing in your fashion doodle diary!!