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Wigs for Cosplay and Every Day

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Zephyr1 is a wig shop on Rakuten that sells hairpieces in bright fantastic colors as well as for every day.

Wigs have made their prevalence known in Lolita fashion – when was the last time you saw a photoshoot that didn’t include perfectly-curled pastel pigtails? And it’s not that natural colors are an oddity either. Cascading hair extensions are almost essential to Himegyaru style. And what’s more, Zephyr1’s selection of wigs are available in enough colors and basic styles that you’re sure to be able to find one that you can style to match a favorite character you choose to cosplay.

Of course, even if you don’t follow any of these street styles, wigs are great for just giving you a new everyday look to try out without fear of dying or cutting your hair. They’re really not such an oddity nowadays!

So let’s check out a few of them!

Long Wavy Wine Red Wig

Here’s a good start for this post – this wine red color is romantic and just-natural-enough that you could get away with wearing it with any everyday outfit. 😀

The length and waviness of it is great, too! c:

Straight Shaggy Rose Pink Wig

This is suuuuch a great rosy color~ ; 3; Usually I’m all about pastel princess pink, but this shade is more neutral and would work with more outfits, I think!

I wanna put a BIG OL’ BOW in it!!

Short Tussled Lavender Wig

This style is just REALLY fun!!

Lavender is always such a sweet color, but this style makes it wild!

Long Wavy Gold Wig

One more natural color to even this post out! And that’s quite a gorgeous gold.

The soft curls would fall so prettily over your shoulders~ o^o I really just love this wig a whole lot.

Long Straight Glass Green Wig

Ohmygosh that shade of green is SOOOOOO GOOD wow!!

Soft pastels just work so great in the fashion styles that I love the best… but green is a color that often gets left out amidst all of the pink and baby blue and lavender.

I really am seriously pining away for this color, and dreaming up ways to incorporate it into outfits. It would add a very different kind of “naturalness,” haha!

Betsey Johnson Bags

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Betsey Johnson is a big-name designer that I just adore! Her designs cater to those a little outside of the mainstream, and would fit perfectly in the arms of one who follows Japanese street fashions.

Today’s highlighted Betsey Johnson products will be purses and bags!

QUILTED LOVE HEART WRISTLETBRIGHT pink, wow!! I love anything with hearts. And bows.

So this little handbag is a winner!!

There are a few other colors available as well. n_n

BETSEYS BOUQUET XBODY BAGThis blingy design definitely reminds me of Hime or Ageha looks and would be FABYOOLUSS with any of those formal dresses I posted a few days ago.

Basically just slap a big bow on anything and I’ll love it.

LOVE FOLDS FRAMEDesigns like this that are simultaneously elegant and cute are the reason I went ahead and categorized this post under Lolita as well.

This is the sort of bag a princess would carry around on her night out on the town.

FLORAL WRISTLETAnd here’s a sweet piece to round off the end of this post with. Black looks good with everything and a floral design will keep you look girly and elegant.

The lacy-ish design in the corners is what really won me over, though!

Betsey Johnson’s stuff may be leagues out of my price range, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire them from afar!

And that’s just what I’ll do.

Probably forever.


Newest Barbie Dolls

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Barbie is a lady I spent an awful lot of time when I was growing up. :3 In my adult years, I appreciate her all the more! I haven’t stopped admiring Barbie dolls at all, and always make a trip down that shockingly pink aisle whenever I’m paying a visit to the toy store.

Here are the latest listings on Amazon showcasing the newest dolls in the lineup.

Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 Merliah Transforming Doll

Mermaid Tale 2 is the newest CG Barbie movie that’s been released. And yup, I’ll admit it… I watch them sometimes. . 3.

I like the warm sunrise-y colors of this doll! Especially the streaks in her hair! n3n

Barbie In a Mermaid Tale 2 Mermaid Doll and Sea Lion Pet Set

Another doll from the new movie. The mold of her face is different, but kind of cute!

And I thought the sea lion coated in glitter was just fabulous.

Barbie Flower ‘N Flutter Fairy Barbie Doll

The colors!! *o* THOSE WINGS!!! *O*

Okay so the fantasy and fairy scenarios are my favorites if you couldn’t tell…

But the details are what’s important! I thought her face sculpt was super pretty and… LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!

Barbie Princess Fantasy Dress Up Doll

Wuahh if I still played with Barbies, I would soooooo be all over this little collection. ;~; The designs of those dresses are just perfect.

Reminds me so much of the fantasy adventures I’d come up with for my dolls. This one wardrobe inspires so many stories for adventurous fairy princesses~

Barbie Princess Unicorn – Purple
(There is also a pink one)


gwhfwgszfwgggggggggggghhw unicorns.

You guys. You don’t even know. O__O


Okay that was almost too exciting for me.

Now I need to take a Barbie break before I just… spend all of my money. oAo

Maybe I’ll watch another one of her movies…………………….

Gorgeous Ageha Dresses from Jewels

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Ageha and Gyaru are tricky styles to shop for. Thankfully, there is Rakuten, a network of tons of Japanese stores, most of which are perfectly willing to ship internationally.

Jewels is a store that specializes in formal dresses, especially those in the elegant and often blinged-out Ageha fashion style. If I were a schoolgoing ladychild, I’d definitely be wishing for these to wear for prom.

…Prom season isn’t over, is it? I have no idea what you kids are up to these days.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites dresses from Jewels!

Lavender Swallowtail GownGosh so beautiful wow. oAo

I am in love with the train~ Just a cascade of ruffles behind you.

And the lavender + pink color scheme is soooo sweet.

Ageha Goddess-Wrap Watercolor DressThis “watercolor” effect is something I see on almost all of Jewels’ dresses. It is AMAZING. You should definitely clickthrough to see the other photos of different angles. The wraps and ties look spectacular from the back, too.
Satin Laced-Up Ageha GownWaaaaaoww those rufflesss!! I am in awe. I want to know who designs these dresses so that I can give them THE BIGGEST HUGS.

The laced-up effect on the front is just spectacular!

Kimono-Sleeved Ageha DressThe other thing I love about Jewels is the gorgeous photography… Really just accentuates the elegance of their dresses all the more.

This dress has long, flowing kimono sleeves. *o* You can see them a bit better if you clickthrough and look at other pics of them.

They’re actually not attached to the dress – just worn over the shoulders like a bolero. So they can be removed and give the dress a whole new look!

Red Kimono-Print Balloon DressThat bright red and brilliant blue are such spectacular shades!!

I’m usually not crazy about that poofy balloon hemline on dresses, but this one pulls it off in a totally unique way!

Wuahhh they’re all so pretty. ;A; Now I just need an occasion on which to wear them…

Cute Cinnamoroll Finds on Ebay!

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

As I promised yesterday, from here on out we’ll be seeing daily posts from me as I venture ’round the Interwebs in search of THE CUTEST FINDS.

And idk man there aren’t many characters that are cuter than Cinnamoroll, so this seemed like a really good starting point for this new endeavor of mine.  Here’s a handful of merch I found on Ebay! Click the images to go right to their listing.

These listings are fairly time sensitive!  If you like them, snatch them up fast! X3

Cinnamoroll PlushCUTIE!!

A perfect little plush like this is a great kick-off for this post. X3

Look at that little face. o^o

Cinnamoroll Memo PadI have a massive weakness for cute stationery, you guys.

This one has four different paper designs, and they’re all in sweet pastel hues that Cinnamoroll is known for. Clickthrough to see them all. 😀

Cinnamoangels Bedding – Fitted Sheet & Pillow CasesAhhhhh this bedding is so cute, I am dying. oAo

These are the Cinnamoangels, a small spin-off of Cinnamoroll’s character.

Oh, and this listing is only for a fitted sheet and pillow cases! But there are three different styles to choose from (it was hard to pick just one to show a picture of!).

Fluffy Cinnamoroll PlushesFLUUFFFYYYYYY… @3@

These plushes are actually slightly larger than the first one I posted on this page. And this is just my opinion, but I think they’re cuter, too.

Look at those little bows. ; 3;~

Cinnamoroll Tote BagAnnnnd we’ll finish off this post with this very cute tote bag.

As if I need another bag!!

B-but look at the teacups… oAo

…And thus ends today’s little shopping feature!! Now wasn’t that painless? I’ll be back tomorrow with more. :3