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Kawaii Cell Phone Charms

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Strapya-World is one of THE resources for getting your hands on cute Japanese merchandise!! They have a variety of products, including cool little gadgets and stuff, but cell phone accessories are their main thing!

Lovely Princess Corsage Cell Phone Charm




The glitter on the edges of the petals OH MY GOSH


Meow! Kitten (& Doggy) Paw Keychains

Nyan! o3o

There’s a few different varieties of this one that you have to clickthrough to see, including a soft version you can use to wipe the screen on your phone lol!


Cute Characters Lipbalm Cell Phone Charm

Wahhh! There are so many cute characters available on these. ;_; Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Rilakkuma…

And lip balm, readily available and attached to your phone! o_o How… convenient??


Happy Spoon x Macaroon Cell Phone Charm

It’s so tiny and precious!! ; 3;

How perfectly girly and sweet. ♥


Super Cute Clay Robot


Little robots. ; 3; I can’t. They have such a wonderfully sweet handmade-looking charm to them. Their tiny little designs are SO CREATIVE!

I want to amass a tiny army of them.

Is that normal??


Lovely Licca-chan Dolls

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Licca-chan is a noteworthy icon in Japanese youth culture – she’s essentially as popular over there as Barbie is here.

When I see Licca dolls, I see her cute little face ; 3; pretty hairstyles ; 3;~ and REALLY CUTE OUTFITS ;O;~~

Licca-chan Cinderella Doll + DVD


I wonder if that wand really has magical properties……. *o*

… ._.

In any case, you get a cute little animated short on DVD along with this doll. LOOK AT HOW PRECIOUS THE ART IS.


Licca-chan Pet Shop Clerk

That uniform is sooooo CUTE!!

There’s a whole huge line of this pet store collection… you can get a playset of the pet shop itself, and there are tons of little sets of cute puppies and kitties you can get as accessories, too!


Licca-chan Doll & Dresses Set

A super sweet gift set with three different dresses. ♥

That pink one she’s wearing is the one you usually see in illustrations of her on the official Licca-chan site and stuff.


Licca-chan Color-change Pink Polka Dot to White Dress

This pink polka dot dress is so cute, I was all set to share it before I even knew that IT CAN CHANGE COLORS!!

The description for it says it turns white when it gets warm. That might mean it changes outside in the sunlight, or maybe if you just warm it in your hands for a while.

The outfit is totes adorable either way.


Licca-chan Sweet Check Dress Doll

Aww look at that little sweetie. ;~;

I think I’m totally living vicariously through these dolls…

I would love to have all of her outfits for myself…


More Cute Undies & Roomwear

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

I just really love cute underthings. o^o And I have like four shops on Rakuten bookmarked that specialize in them, so that’s how we end up with so many posts on the subject…

Today I’m showing a bunch of cute babydolls!! ^o^

Ruffled Sheer Flyaway Babydoll

Flyaway style tops are always soooo pretty. ; 3;

This is sold out in most of its colors but I still want one!!


Lacy Elegance Babydoll

This is REALLY pretty!! I love the sweetheart neckline and the double tiers of ruffles at the bottom. ♥


Soft Tulle Contrast Color Babydoll

The color combinations for this one are SOOO CUTE! White with pink accents is one of my favorite color combinations on anything, and the blue-on-pink one here looks really nice, too~


Ribbon Princess Babydoll

Ribbon Princess Babydoll?? I love ALL THREE of those words!! ;___;

This is just soooooOOOO pretty and elegant-looking. ; 3; Going to bed wearing this would be absolute bliss.


Dot & Rose Babydoll Set


What with this one being opaque and all, it’s one of the most modest ones I’ve posted here today… XD

Roses always make things pretty and girly~ ; 3;


Cute Disney Fairies Stufffff!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

You guys. ;_;

I loooooove the Disney Fairies line… like, maybe more than Princesses. The movies are just REALLY pretty and the characters are so cuuuuuute.

When I set out to do this post I tried to find some of the other fairies besides Tinker Bell to feature, but I wanted to stick to the Disney Store’s site and they don’t seem to list toys or anything for anyone besides Tinker Bell. I’ll revisit this theme again though and feature some of the other characters, for sure. n_n

POP! Tinker Bell Tee

Aww cuute!!

This is in girls’ sizes unfortunately, but I can get away with buying kids’ clothes in the largest size and can fit into them. n_n;

The doodles and designs on this are SO CUTE. Look at that pudgy little Tink, d’aawww.


Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Doll

This is really pretty. oAo Look at those wings!

There’s nothing saying this doll is meant for display as opposed to being a toy, but honestly it’s so pretty that I would just have to display it on a shelf~


Disney Fairies Tinker Bell Wings

And if you’re in the mood to don some pretty, glittery fairy wings and go running around the neighborhood, you can do that, too!


Tinker Bell Figurine Fashion Play Set

Oh wow there are SOOOO many little accessories packed in there!! @_@

I’m counting five cute dresses in there, plus her little main green one. That’s a pretty nice variety.



Personalized Tinker Bell Snowglobe

And I thought I’d wrap up this post with this gorgeous little thing!!

Look at that detailing. o^o The flowers are SOOO PRETTY.


Hello Kitty Plushes and Toys

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

[pinit count=”vertical” float=”right”]

All hail our Almighty Lady of Kawaii, the Hello Kitty. *o*

Ty Beanie Buddy Hello Kitty – Cupcake

This plush combines three thoroughly amazing things.

Hello Kitty, rainbows, and cupcakes.

Is there ANYTHING ELSE that you need in life??


Hello Kitty Ultimate Creative Art Kit

oAo When I was little I would have diiiiiiiied to have this! I just loved getting arts and crafts sets!

Oh man there is so much cool stuff packed in there. Ermmm… I might just have to… you know, sample this. To make sure it’s safe. Yes.


Ty Beanie Buddy Hello Kitty – Pink Overalls

Awwuuuu look at the sweet pastel colors. ; 3; Mint and pink are AMAZING TOGETHERRR!!


Megabloks Hello Kitty House


A cuuuute little Hello Kitty house to play in. ; 3;

It’s soooo precious! All of the little furniture pieces ahhhhh I can’t take it. @_@


Ty Beanie Baby Hello Kitty – All Pink

Needs more pink.