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Nendoroid Figures on Play-Asia

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Nendoroid figures by Good Smile Co. are sooooo cuuuute! Their chubby chibi bodies make them just so endearing and lovable.

These are really popular among collectors of anime goods and will add some serious adorableness to your display shelf. n3n

Oh, and I’m also trying out a different layout for these posts today, with larger images! :O

Nendoroid Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Hercule Barton

I watched a little bit of this anime after I learned that it’s a magical girl inversion of Sherlock Holmes (with some other literary detectives thrown in for good measure). It is exactly as crazy as it sounds, and then some.

The character designs are really cute though, and Hercule is one of the cutest!! She’s the shy one of the group and her powers grant her SUPER-HUMAN STRENGTH hahahahahaha


Nendoroid Sonic the Hedgehog Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Sonic

Sonic! He can really move! Sonic! He’s got an attituuude! Sonic! He’s the FASTEST THING ALI-III-II-I-IVE!!

And now that I’m done showing my age…

This figure comes with a lot of cute little accessories, so you can make some cool little scenes on your display shelf out of it. n_n


Nendoroid Petit Magical Girl Lyrical The Movie 1st: Nanoha and Fate Summer Memories

I’ve never seen Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, but I’ve sort of always wanted to. :O

Mostly because I love all magical girls, and because I see characters from this one a lot.


Nendoroid Sengoku Basara Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Sanada Yukimura

Another series I’m unfamiliar with, unfortunately… but I thought that this little guy was cute!!

Most anime figures are girls so I like to see some cool guys mixed in there, too!

Look he comes with cool weapons and everything. :O


Puella Magi Madoka Magica Non Scale Pre-Painted Soft Vinyl Figure: Madoka Kaname

Who’s that chick?? 😯


Random Cutesy Novelties~

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

We find ourselves featuring ModCloth once again today~ They have a Toys & Novelties category, which I browsed today and found this adorable little things!

No real theme here, just CUTE STUFF!

Cotton Candy Chronicles Bead Set

Oh my gooosssh look at how precious!! The FANTASTIC illustration on the front is simultaneously vintage-looking and Japanese-inspired.

And the pastel hues of the beads! Soooooo cuuuuute! Look at the little bow ones. ; 3;


Make Your Own Robot Kit

ROOOBOOOOTS!! I have always been fascinated by them. ♥ These little guys are a little colorfuller and cuter than what I remember from the sci-fi b-movies.

I think my favorite part of this kit is that there’s a few blank templates that you can draw your own robot designs on. ♥

Darcie Dot Momiji Doll

Momiji dolls have an open slot on the bottom where you can hide secret messages inside. ♥

I thought Darcie Dot was so adorable and colorful. ; 3;

Momiji Doll Keychain – Book Club Collection: Alex

Another Momiji doll~ They’re just so sweet!!

I want to give special attention to the Book Club collection, because the girls in it were designed by my buddy LuliBunny. n_n

Tokidoki Stellina Plush

I am not the hugest Tokidoki fan in the world, but I can totally acknowledge how freaking cute Stellina is.


And look at those cute little wiiiiings

Cute Simple Clothes from YesStyle

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

YesStyle is an awesome source for Japanese (and Korean!) fashion! While a lot of what I’ve been posting has been Japanese niche fashions, these are more inside the norm. That doesn’t mean they’re not cute! In fact, you’ll see it’s quite the opposite. :3

SUVINSHOP Polka Dot-Trim Gathered-Waist Dress

Look at this sweeeeeet little dress. ; 3;

I loooove polka dots!

And it’s kinda cute how there’s like a faux sweetheart top going on. 😀

SUVINSHOP Contrast-Collar Sheer Top

I had to pick this particular close-up picture so that you could see the cute little pearls! ^o^ This top is so sweet. ;_;

The other colors it comes in are so nice, too! There’s a light pink top with darker pink collar, and yellow top with blue collar. n_n

SUVINSHOP Tie-Waist Shirred Wrap Minidress

Wahhhhh this dress is so cuuuuute. ;_____;

It’s so flouncy and fun and Springy! ^o^

It’s also in a lovely pastel lavender color. ♥

SUVINSHOP Flat-Front Skirt

I know I go on and on about full skirts, and ruffly skirts… and poofy skirts… and flouncy skirts…

BUT I ALSO HAVE a lot of appreciation for pencil skirts!! They’re comfortable and slimming in a way that is totally unique to them. ♥

This comes in a few other colors, but really this sweet mint shade is just the best. ; 3;

IZABEL Pintuck-Detail Sleeveless Dress with Sash

Another super sweet dresssss!! Look at how precious. ; ^;

It only comes in pink and ivory, two super soft and dainty colors. ♥ Perfect for this style of dress, i think.

Gyaru & Ageha Shoes at Moery

Friday, May 18th, 2012

These kitten heels from popular gyaru shop Moery are made to turn heads!


Clear Rose Heel Sandals

Here’s a great pair of shoes that would complement any girly coordinate – there are tiny roses embedded in the clear heels!

These also show off a feature that’s very common in Moery’s shoes – the strap that holds your foot in is completely clear, fully showing off how cute your feet are with no strappy distractions! ♥

Slightly Sweet Platform Sandals

This design almost matches what you’d see in Lolita fashion, although thin, tall heels like that are a little outside of the norm.

Which makes them great for princesses who like to wear a lot of girly things!! ^o^

Dice Heel Shoes by Ellie

Here’s something a little edgier than the other shoes featured here – the heels are sculpted into little dice!! For all the gambling vixens out there.

Lace & Ribbon Heels

And we’re back in the realm of girly & sweet with these cuties!

Bows. ; 3;

Thick Clear Pastel Platforms

I loooOOOOOVE these!!

The color is just hinted at in those thick platforms.

You’d look like you’re walking on air~

Cute & Girly Bags and Accessories from Dream Vision

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Dream Vision is also sometimes known as Yumetenbo or DreamV, and it’s one of my most FAVORITEST STORES EVER!! It’s just stuffed full of sweet and girly clooooothes!! ;^;

However, I shall save actual clothing items for another day! Today, we feature bags and purses, and a hat snuck in here too. XD

Rose Hime Basket Bag


Ahhhhhh ;~~~~~~~~;

Can I just

put giant flowers on EVERYTHING

Floral Ribbon Scallop-Edged Hat

Wuahhhh how prettyyyyyy. ;_;

I loooove hats! I have a whole bunch of them!

These are so elegant and girlyyyy. ; 3;

Antique Book Purse



As a bibliophile, I would just love to have a bag that resembles one of my favorite things. ;_;

You’d feel so classical wherever you go!

Picnic Princess Basket Bag

Another super precious interpretation of a basket as a purse.

Who could resist that perfect oversized bow??

I sure can’t, let me tell ya.

Neko-chan Bag

Nyan!! OwO

Okay this

this is just really freaking cute