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Uta no Prince-Sama

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012


I guess my weakness of bishounen-type characters in anime is stronger than I thought it was, because it only took a few posts of fan art of these characters on Tumblr for my interest to be piqued and I looked into this Uta no Prince-Sama series! And wouldn’tcha know it, it turned out to be something that I think is kinda pretty cool!

So Uta no Prince-Sama (means “Prince of Song” and is often shortened to just “Utapri”) began its existence as an otome game – a dating sim visual novel, a genre I’ve grown fond of recently. (I don’t really actively go out and find new otome games to get into, as I think many of them have less-than-interesting plots and if the artwork is overly-shoujo, I just get turned off entirely. So this series stood out to me because I like the designs of the guys kind of a lot!) The game isn’t available in English (I don’t think??) but it’s been out on PSP since 2010. The anime I’ve been watching is relatively new, as it aired in Summer 2011 and has a second season on its way in Summer or Fall 2012. 😀

I just dove right into it and loaded up the first episode, and the opening dance number pretty much had me sold, as it was immediately clear that this anime is all about shameless eye candy. ARE☆YOU☆READY?

[edit: the video I used to have here was removed from Youtube,
just go check out my post featuring UtaPri episodes here
and click Play on the first one for the same thing!]

When the first word in the opening song is “dokidoki,” that’s kind of your hint as to what kind of anime you’re watching and what to expect from it. It was pretty obvious to me that this was going to become my newest guilty pleasure.

SO JUST WHAT is Uta no Prince-sama all about? Well, I’m still learning the characters myself, but basically, all of the characters are enrolled in an extremely high-profile vocational school for the performing arts. All of the male leads are singing idols or musicians of varying degrees of fame, while the heroine has just enrolled in the school to achieve her dream of composing music, especially for one idol in particular…

Oh, and there’s one special rule that all students absolutely must follow:


Nanami Haruka What’s a poor otome game heroine to do?! Her dreams of achieving the harem ending have been blown to smithereens!

Erm, I mean, her dream of composing for her favorite idol, the famous Hayato!

This is Nanami Haruka, by the way. I always did like characters named Haruka…

Ittoki Otoya Ittoki Otoya is one of the first fellows that we see, as he’s arriving to take the entrance exam at the same time Haruka does, and helps her out a bit.

He’s the super-genki one – energetic and cheerful. Which is in stark contrast to his roommate…

Ichinose Tokiya Ichinose Tokiya. When Haruka first met him, she mistook him for her all-time favorite idol, Hayato. But despite looking similar enough to be his twin, he acts completely differently (kind of a jerk, actually) and doesn’t want to be associated with Hayato at all.


Jinguji Ren Jinguji Ren, another of the guys Haruka met upon arriving at the school for the first time.

Ren flirts with ~allllll the giirls~ and is super rich – the heir to a corporation of some sort owned by his family.

This makes him a rival to another character that happens to be an heir, and unfortunately, they’re roommates.

Hijirikawa Masato Hijirikawa Masato thinks he can rock argyle sweaters, but that in conjunction with his nerdy haircut* just isn’t quite working out.

He is very much the quiet type, possesses crazy smarts, and has a vitriolic relationship with Ren.

*Later edit: I want to take back that remark about his hair being nerdy. It is beautiful hair.

Shinomiya Natsuki Shinomiya Natsuki might be my favorite character so far, but that could be because he looks like Nanaki Kazuaki, right down to being incredibly spacey and secretly possessing a psychotic alter-ego.

He is, however, extremely silly, and gets worked up over things that are cute, which includes Haruka and his unfortunate roommate…

Kurusu Syo …the adorable Kurusu Syo. He’s vying with Natsuki for my “favorite character” slot, and coincidentally they happen to interact a lot… and also have blond hair… I was worried I’d get them confused, but they look different enough that that doesn’t happen (the major height difference is a big indicator). Plus, Syo gets subjective bonus points because I thought he had pink hair at first (check the video above and you might make the same mistake), but it turned out to be mostly blond when he took off the hat. Still, he’s represented by the color pink everywhere else in the show and I can’t complain about that at all.

Also he crossdresses at one point

okay maybe he’s my favorite character and there’s not even any contest with Natsuki


So those are the princes of Uta no Prince-Sama – at least that I know of so far! There maybe a couple more that will be revealed later.

I’m going to keep watching this – the little daily adventures Haruka has with each of the fellows are cute. ♥

And heck, it’s easy on the eyes.

Oh, and the reason we keep seeing this “1000% Love” phrase all over everything is because it’s the name of the song in the video up there, and it’s kind of a recurring theme.

The songs are worth mentioning. I’m only three episodes into this show, and I already want the soundtrack. The JPop songs are nice, if you like the genre, but it’s not just those – the tunes that play in the background during every scene are GORGEOUS. There was a part at the beginning of the school day (actually, the part where I grabbed that “ROMANCE IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN” screencap up there) and I went back and watched it again just to pay more attention to the pretty music that was playing in the background. ♥

Handy-Dandy Links!:

Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% Complete Anime Series DVD + CD (Japanese audio with English subtitles.)
PSP Dating Sim Otome Game Uta no * Prince-Sama: Repeat [Japan Import]
Chara Fortune Series Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% Uranai

Get Your Sailor Moon Fix on Ebay!

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Sometimes I just like to check up on my girl Sailor Moon and see if she has any good stuff listed on the ebays. o^o

Pardon the quality of the photos here, I’m just grabbing them from the Ebay results and you know how those go…

Sailor Moon 6 PVC Figures


These figures are a little on the small side, but they’d make a great display!!

Black Lady is cool I wanna see more figures of her. o3o

Sailor Moon Princess Moon Wand Toy

Man, do I ever regret that I never got these back when they were available in US toy stores.

Thankfully, Sailor Moon being licensed again means that some of these toys are being produced again. n_n

Oh, but this listing looks to be an imported toy, now that I’m looking at the text on the packaging! :O

5 Sailor Moon 6″ Dolls with Vehicle & Motorcycle Moon Cycle

Ah, yes, the Moon Cycle. How fondly we all recall that most faithful vehicle and the copious amount of screen time it had.

I actually had two of these bizarrely-molded little dolls. :O Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter are sitting right on my bookshelf. 😀 They were among the only merch that was within my parent’s price range at the time. ;3;

We’re not even going to touch on the Pink Ranger’s motorcycle pictured there.

Sailor Moon Henshin Wand, Pen, and Stick Cosplay Props (Sailor Mercury)

These are NOT licensed products, but are replica props made by someone named Moon Justice. They’re very accurate! If I were cosplaying Sailor Mercury, I would totally love to have this set! :O

Sailor Moon Collectible Doll Set


I have never seen this set before, ever!

Those are some mighty fancy-looking uniforms!

Glamorous Ageha Yukata from Sweet Angel

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Yukata and kimono styles have changed a lot from Japan’s traditional days, as you’ll see in this post where several of them are given an updated Ageha look! I’ll also be sharing some GOR-GEE-USS traditional sets, which are sometimes worn for weddings, graduation ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremonies… If you clickthrough to those, you will see that they are veeeerrrrry expensive!! @_@

These are all from the Rakuten shop Sweet Angel, which specializes in these super-feminine, Ageha-style yukata. They also have elaborate headpieces (lots of flowers and combs!) and obi in tons of colors and styles.

Satomi Yakuwa Lavender Floral Ageha Yukata

Ooooohhh how prettyyyyyy. ; 3;

The flower print and colors are so soffft. ♥

Sayaka Araki Black Ribbon Ageha Yukata

The darker colors on this one make it a little edgier than the lavender one!

You’ll have to clickthrough to see photos of it from the back, but it’s worth looking at to see how the obi falls in poofy layers of lace!

Black-and-White Traditional Kimono

This one is VERY toned-down compared to every other thing I’m featuring here. XD

There is an elegance in simplicity, however, and the flash of white at the bottom adds some excitement. But it’s still overall very tranquil.

White-Pink Rose Full-Sleeved Kimono Set

…And we’ll jump right back into the elaborate designs with this!

This is the REAL DEAL. This kimono set is serious. It’s for weddings and ceremonies.

Weddings and ceremonies where you want to truly bedeck yourself in massive pink flowers. Go wild.

Mint + Pink Traditional Hakama Set

Mint and pink is one of my MOST FAVORITE COLOR COMBINATIONS!

Look at how sweet and lovely it is! The blossoms trailing from the shoulders down the sleeves are sooooo pretty! ; 3;

Treat Your Feet with this Shoe Candy

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Today’s post finds us browsing ModCloth again. The cutest selection of kicky shoes is featured below! n_n

Special Treat Wedge

Okay, so sandal wedges are probably my favorite style of shoe.

And I love polka dots.

And I love big fluffy flower accents. o^o

You Candy Do It Heels

Guess what I love even more than polka dots. GINGHAM!

And bright colors!

And bows!

And bright colors on bows! O^O

Scent a Signal Wedge

Aww how prettyyyy!!

What a lovely floral design. ♥ Like picnics in the park.

Rachel Antonoff for Bass Vice Versa Wedge in Black

More polka dots!! ^o^ I just… I just love polka dots a lot. ;_;

And as if these weren’t cute enough already, look close at the cutout little shapes at the heel. They’re hearts! Omg!

Cedar Forests Sandal

How prettyyyyy!! I just adooooore shades of neutral green. Natural is lovely!

And a floral print again. . 3. Because they’re so girly and sweet!

Be Kawaii Even in Your Underthings

Sunday, May 13th, 2012




Hello Kitty Colorful Bunny Boyshorts

The Colorful Bunny series is one of my FAVORITE THINGS HELLO KITTY HAS EVER DONE. O_O

Boyshorts are so RIDICULOUSLY comfortable.

Basically these are perfect and if I had them I would never need any other thing for the rest of my life.

Dainty Lace Ribbon Bow Trio Panties

Sooooo cuuuute!!

This store has SO MANY TONS of adorable panties in so many different styles, it was hard to pick one to feature here. ;_; I picked these because I love the selection of pastel colors all arranged together there. ♥

Annnnnd the trio of teensy little ribbon bows is just precioussss!! ^o^

Strawberry Stripes Bra Set

Ahhh how beautifullll!! oAo Vertically-arranged stripes in pale colors always looks vintage-y and elegant to me. ;^;

This is just an incredibly lovely bra set. This would be what you wear underneath your Summer dress when you go out for afternoon tea. ♥

Polka Dot Soft Panties

These sweet panties are the same soft fabric that “roomwear” is made from, which is very popular right now! Roomwear is for indulging yourself in. Stepping out of a hot bubble bath and slipping into something warm, cozy, and CUTE like these.

Roses & Lace Petticoat with Garters

And now we step away from cute and right into sexy with this hot little number! o3o~ I like it a lot. The roses and lace keep it super girly and elegant, and of course I would not accept anything less! n_n