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Comfy & Cute Oversized Tees for Layering

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

After sharing my favorite tank tops and long sleeves to go on the bottom layer of your outfit a few days ago, here are some of my favorite cozy oversized shirts to throw on on top!


Cute Girls T-Shirt in Many Styles!

You have to follow the link for this one because there’s a huge selection
of designs to pick for it!  Most of them are pastel and cute~
I really want the anime girl one myself, and the Hello Kitty!

Fashion Lady Asymmetrical Top Dress

Pink Fashion Lady Asymmetrical Top Dress

I don’t know if the lady on this dress is a celebrity I’m supposed to recognize –
I just dig her curly pink hair and other rad accessories!

When tops fall off the shoulder like this, that’s when I really feel
that you want a colorful tank top underneath, to pop some color out there!


Cute Bunny Loose T-Shirt in Many Styles

This is another one with a million different prints to pick,


Pink/Lavender Pastel Star T-Shirt & many more styles

Yet another one with a bunch of prints to choose from~
But I think this pastel star print is the raddest!!


Dutch Bunny in Flowers and Bunnies & Teacups

I saved my absolute favorites for last this time!!
I own the Dutch rabbit one on the left and I want the teacups one sometime. n_n
It’s an extremely soft, comfortable shirt that I love for how loose it hangs!
AND I LOVE THAT BUNNY SO MUCH!!  You don’t really see them in the pics,
but in person you can see all of the cute birds hiding in the border around the flowers~

KOKOkim Store Opening in Shibuya 109 (Video)

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Kawaii ambassador Kimura U launches her own brand called KOKOkim!
And here is the report of the launching event of the SHIBUYA 109 shop!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Season 1 Streaming Online – Full Season 1

Friday, March 20th, 2015

I love Free! so much, it’s just such a wonderful story of friendship. ; 3;  You will get so emotionally invested in this, like, waaay more than you probably anticipated…  I really just want to share it with everyone, it’s one of my favorite anime!

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – Reunion at the Starting Block

Episode 2 – Memories in the Distance

Episode 3 – Theoretical Dolphin Kick!

Episode 4 – Captive Butterfly

Episode 5 – Trial in Open Water

Episode 6 – Shocking no Breathing

Episode 7 – One Style Final

Episode 8 – Revenge in the Medley!

Episode 9 – Hesitant Loosen Up

Episode 10 – Irritated Heart Rate

Episode 11 – Furious All-Out

Episode 12 – Distant Free

Catch the second season over here~!

Lolita Fashion Book Photoshoot with Misako Aoki (Video)

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Making of Misako Aoki’s LOLITA FASHION BOOK !

Exclusive interviews of the main actors in Lolita fashion :
The art director Akio Namiki, confectionery artist KUNIKA, as well as the fashion photographer tAiki !
And of course a message from Misako!

In this book you will find details on the major styles of Lolita fashion, as well as Misako’s makeup and hairstyling tricks. There is also pages on Lolita fashion in the world and the lolita fashion ambassadors !!

More than 20 brands have collaborated with Misako, among them Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Alice and The Pirates, Innocent World, Putumayo, metamorphose temps de fille, MILK, Emily Temple cute, etc…

DIY Pretty Himegyaru Elbow Gloves Tutorial

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Final

It’s been for EVER and EVER since I posted any of my sewing projects~  Here is how I recently frilled up a pair of plain gloves into something perfect for himegyaru (or even a casual outfit if I am just feeling fancy)!

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Supplies

A pair of knit gloves – mine came from Claire’s, I think, but I’ve had them forever so I don’t really remember LOL.
Pink ruffle trim – I have a ton of this that I hoarded from when I worked at Jo Ann – you don’t have to buy nearly as much as I have pictured here, you really don’t need more than a yard!  You also don’t need to buy it pre-ruffled if you can run a thread through one edge and ruffle it yourself.
Lace trim – also came from Jo Ann.  You’ll need roughly the same length as the other trim.

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Planning

This is me trying the glove on and laying my supplies on top of it to see how they look layered together!  I ended up ditching the lace I photographed in the last photo, and went for this narrower lace instead, so that plenty of the pink ruffle stayed visible.  Also, this smaller lace has hearts on it, so that’s always a win. :3

Cutting & Pinning
Cut your trim to a length longer than it would take to wrap around your hand.  Then use the length you just cut to also cut the pieces for the other side, so that they’ll match~
Lay them out on the glove again, just like you did during the Planning step, but more neatly.  I still did this still right on my hand rather than taking the glove off.  Mainly the reason for that was so that the elastic around the fingers would be properly stretched to the size of my hand so that I knew the length of trim was enough.  Pin the trim in place, being careful not to poke your hand because you’re still wearing it at this point LOL.

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Sewing

My sunlight was going away by this point in the project, so this photo is darker haha//
But if you look closely, you can see the pink stitches along the edge of the glove!
I took the glove off for the sewing, the pins keeping the elastic stretched as I needed it,
but I put the glove back on to model it for this pic.

For a small project like this, I like hand sewing (the stitch I used is a normal back stitch)
but if you have a sewing machine then it’s certainly possible to use it!
If it were me though I would have trouble getting through all the layers we’re sewing through,
plus it always feels awkward maneuvering the machine for a project this small,
so I recommend hand sewing unless you’re really confident with your machine!

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Final

Add Details and Finish!
You are pretty much done at this point!
Try your gloves on to make sure that your fingers still go through the elastic,
because in sewing along it the elasticity is likely gone~

You can put any kind of pretty additional details on top!
I like to use brooches or two-way clips rather than permanently affixing anything on them,
so that I can swap them out and mix-and-match however I like!

Here they are with a fluffy white pin and long trailing ribbons!

BonBonBunny Himegyaru Gloves