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Awesome Xenoblade T-Shirts from Artists at Redbubble

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Xenoblade is the definitive JRPG currently, and if you haven’t picked up the HD remake for the New 3DS then you might be stuck browsing the $90-200 listings for the Wii version on Ebay.

Unless you’re already enjoying it, in which case HECK FREAKING YEAH HIGH-FIVE ME MAN!!

Anyway, if you’re the type to wear your love on your clothes, then support some artists on Redbubble by checking out these t-shirts available!!  You can click through to any of these and pick the same designs on other products, too, like ladies’ style t-shirts, phone cases,  hoodies, stickers, and lots others~


Monado Boy

Awesome Shulk pixel art from awesome artist Tecchen!


Monado Abstract

A cool and artsy way to wear your fandom.


The Monado’s Power

The Arts all lined up in a row in the middle of this one are the coolest touch!


Chain Attack

OMG this is so cUUUUUTE!!!
I love this, because all of the characters are featured,
while mostly everything else only features Shulk.


Heropon Training Academy


How to Restyle and Old Skirt into a Lolita Suspender Skirt (Video)

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Yumi King is a Youtuber who frequently posts DIY videos for making your wardrobe cute!  Turn annotations on if they are not showing up by default~

If I had to add anything, my advice would be to fold your edges under TWICE if you try this out yourself, rather than just once as shown in the videos, and backstitch at the beginning and end of sewing every line as well. n_n

Cute Glitter Makeup Essentials at Claire’s

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

If you couldn’t tell from my posts, I can’t recommend Claire’s enough for princesses of any age!  There’s just so much cute stuff there in colors that even big-name makeup stores just won’t stock for some reason.  Today’s post showcases GLITTER!!


Pastel Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

These soft colors are so dreamy!
This is great if you want just a little shimmer rather than full-on glitter.
(…I usually want full-on glitter though owo)


Smooches Bubblegum Glitter Rollerball Lip Gloss

You know, I wonder if I already showed this one in my lip gloss post LOL///
But it’s just so perfectly pink and sparkly, can you blame me for being in love with it?


Bright Eye Glitz Glitter Eye Makeup Set

What a fantastic palette! *o*
They are not pressed powder, instead they are a gummy texture,
which makes their application last for a long time throughout the day,
but I’ve never figured out how to apply it without making a mess. owo;;


Shimmer Eyeshadow

If you prefer single colors in pressed powder form, this is what you want!
There’s more colors if you click through!


Liquid Eyeliner Set of 7

Are you FIERCE enough for glitter liquid eyeliner??
Some of these colors are SO BOLD, I’m not even sure I’m cool enough to wear them.

Little Hello Kitty “Small friends & Big Adventure” Episode 2 (Video)

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Little Hello Kitty “Small friends & Big Adventure
“Episode-2” The heart of Little Hello Kitty
Little Hello Kitty “Small friends and Big Adventure” is a original animation side story about Hello Kitty.
This is Episode-2.

Brief story
Something scary comes closer to Little Hello Kitty, but it was friendly mischievous abandoned dog Harry.
Little Hello Kitty was picked up by Harry. And get a warm heart.
It is a kind of heart warming adventure story.

Even More Cute Anime Games on Steam

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

This week’s roundup for the ongoing series of cute anime Steam games! I’m gonna have to think of better titles for these soon.

As always, buying the Steam keys already in circulation on G2A is my recommendation! Don’t wait for Steam Sales, you can get them for cheap right now!


The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook

From friends at Winter Wolves!  Deji’s colorful art work is always beautiful!
In this VN with farming simulation elements, you play as a male character
romancing the ladies of Fairbrook.

As of the time of me posting this, the listing for this game is only a couple bucks!


The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook

Sequel to the above with a more streamlined farming mechanic,
this time you’re a female protagonist romancing the fellas!
*whispers* go for the glasses one, always go for the glasses one.

As with the above, this normally $14.99 game is only a couple bucks right now at the link above!


Croixleur Sigma

I have to double- and then triple-check my spelling of this one every time LOL.
Coixleur Sigma is an awesome action battle game!
The designs for the fighting girls are so cool!


Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils

An action platform game starring a bunny-eared little lady.
…What else is there to convince you to play it besides that?


Fading Hearts

Oh man, I remember playing demos of this game from Sakura River
back when it was still in production – it is awesome and mysterious,
with deceptive NPCs and twists and turns all throughout the plot. *o*