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Super Duper Cute Dresses and Skirts on Aliexpress

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

This roundup comes from the store Pro-G Deal, which is one of my recommended shops in my Favorite Aliexpress Stores writeup!!


Music Note Salopette

Ahhh look at how cute the musical score along the bottom of this dress is~


Baby Blue Salopette + Top Combo

You can buy these pieces separately or get them together!
I love how simply cute the baby blue skirt it~


Sheer Overskirt Apron

This is a cute, dreamy detail to be worn over other outfits!


Brown or Dusty Peach Long-Sleeved Dress

I have been in love with brown and neutral colors lately,
so finding this sweet long-sleeved dress is a dream!


Ruffle High-Waisted Suspender Skirt

OH GOSH I love the sheer overlay this skirt has,
it makes it look extra ruffly!!

Simple Pretty Sweet Lolita Headdress DIY Tutorial (Video)

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Easy Kawaii DIY – How to Make Sweet Lolita Headdress – Designs By Yumi

Yumi King is a Youtuber who frequently posts DIY videos for making your wardrobe cute!  Turn annotations on if they are not showing up by default~

If I had to add anything, my advice would be to fold your edges under TWICE if you try this out yourself, rather than just once as shown sometimes in the videos, and backstitch at the beginning and end of sewing every line as well. n_n

Favorite Miiverse Posts (Art Academy Edition)

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

There is SO MUCH talent on Miiverse!!

Here is a small handful that stood out to me from Art Academy: Sketchpad and Pokemon Art Academy as I browsed through my favorites!  There will likely be more of these kinds of posts in the future, because so many of these are so great~

This artist draws so many cute scenarios involving Princess Peach and Toad!
I adore Toad so I love seeing them~

Who’s the cutest heropon?? WHO IS??!?

I think this is a Vocaloid character, but I just love it for the vibrant colors!

Getting all dolled up for Pokemon Super Contests!!!

A slumber party for the Super Smash Bros cuties!!
The colorful rendering of Ness’ hair really stood out to me as being so cute~

Three Japanese Schoolgirl Hairstyle Tutorials with Yui Minakata (Video)

Monday, May 18th, 2015

by fashion model Yui Minakata
– 制服に合うヘアアレンジ講座 –

In collaboration with the Kawaii schoolgirls uniforms LUCY POP, Yui Minakata shows different hairstyles that fit Japanese schoolgirls uniforms.

Pastel Nebula Cross T-Shirts, Leggings, Skirts, and Scarves

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Hello friends!  I was surprised while browsing one day by how difficult it was to actually find pastel nebula-printed things on clothes, despite how often they seem to be depicted in soft grunge and pastel goth coordinates and art work!  So I thought I would make some available myself!

I painted this nebula design myself and plan to use it on many more cutesy shapes (like stars, planets, etc), but for today, let’s cover what I have available in this cross design!


In my store, you can find the t-shirts in 3 colors, in mens’ and ladies’ styles!
Pink Cross | Blue Cross | Purple Cross

And if you check out my Redbubble page instead,
there are even more clothing options, additional shirt styles included!
Here are the leggings:
Pastel Nebula Pattern | Pink Cross | Blue Cross | Purple Cross


Pencil skirts are a new addition to Redbubble’s lineup!
I think they are super cute!
Pastel Nebula Pattern | Pink Cross | Blue Cross | Purple Cross


Scarves are also fairly new!
They are sheer and can be worn in many different scarfy ways~
Pastel Nebula Pattern | Pink Cross | Blue Cross | Purple Cross

There are also iPhone cases, laptop covers, tons of other little things,
just follow any of those Redbubble links to see all of them!