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More Lovely Lolita Skirts on Aliexpress

Friday, July 31st, 2015

Here is another selection of Lolita skirts available from PRO-G Deal, one of the featured sellers from my Favorite Aliexpress Stores guide!  I’m just so excited that they have these!


Colorful Constellation Lolita Skirt

Wow, the art work on this skirt is so vibrant and beautiful!!
The depictions of constellations look like stained glass!


Dusty Pink Bunny Stripe Lolita Skirt

At first glance, this looks to be only a classic Lolita skirt in dusty pink.
But looking closely at the vertical stripes reveals BUNNIES!!
And subtle bunnies are the best bunnies.


Sweet Lollipops Border Print Lolita Skirt

I am falling in love more & more with pink + black designs.
They are so easily wearable!


Vintage Bunnies & Birds Lolita Suspender Skirt

Speaking of subtle bunnies!!
This design has a very vintage, classical motif!
And it’s so awesome that it has suspenders!


Offwhite Cream & Lace Long Classic Lolita Skirt

And after featuring all of those fun prints,
here is something that is simply elegant~
Soft ruffles in this creamy color always makes me think
of buttercream icing on a cake!

Three Simple Tricks to Taking Better Photos (Video)

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

These are good tips for photographing not only human subjects, but smaller subjects as well, such as figures and toys or jewelry!

3 Simple TRICKS to take BETTER PHOTOS Tutorial【もっといい写真を撮る3つのコツ|全端末向け】

Light, background, zoom…
learn the simple trick to take better pictures with any device.

Perfect Princess Beauty with Canmake

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

A princess’ boudoir isn’t complete without crystalline products on their vanity!  The perfectly princessy packaging of Canmake‘s beauty supplies are so pretty, with beveled edges like a diamond~  I would love to have some of these!


Canmake Gradation Wink Eyeshadow – Strawberry Tart

This!!  Eyeshadow!!  Looks!!  Like!!  Pink!!  Chocolate!!


Canmake Glow Fleur Highlighter #01

Wow!!  The floral design etched on here is so gorgeous!
The soft minty and lavender colors are so dreamy~
Even highlighter can be packaged beautifully!


Canmake Cream Cheek Blush #08 Marshmallow Pink

Ummmm yes this color is called MARSHMALLOW PINK!!
And gosh, packaged like that,
it looks like it’s made of rose petals~
(Well, it is just the beveled edges of the compact
making it look like that lol!)


Canmake False Eyelashes – Corner Eye Volume Crossing Type

Cris-crossing lashes are a staple of gyaru beauty!
And I adoooore that this set is thicker on the outer eye~


Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream SPF50

BB Cream is necessary for a gyaru’s beauty routine!
And woooow that pink design on the bottle~
Truthfully I just want all of this stuff
so it looks pretty on my vanity.

How to Make a Pastel Gothic Lolita Dress JSK DIY Tutorial (Video)

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

Easy Kawaii DIY – How to Make Pastel Gothic Lolita Dress

Note from Yumi:

Another DIY tutorial request: pastel gothic Lolita
It is very easy to make. It only took me less than one day. Give it try. The methods of how to make the first part of the dress is in the description box.
It was my first time to wear skull print dress ^^

Pretty, Lacy Lingerie for Princesses

Monday, July 27th, 2015

I for one wholly advocate feeling like a princess from the inside out, including every layer in between!  Knowing that you’re cute even under your clothes is one of the biggest, easiest mood-boosters you can do for yourself. n_n  It’s also wonderful to snuggle up in bed still dressed like a dolly princess~


Lace Ruffle Petal Sheer Teddy

This comes in the dreamiest, softest colors!
I just love the layers of ruffles that fall at angles like that,
like something a fairy would wear~


Soft & Silky Nightdress + Robe

Ahh, I love when cute little robes are included with these!
The ribbon bows and subtle ruffles are the key points of this nightdress~


Sheer Panel Babydoll

This is soft and light enough to be a cloud!! (/*o*\)
The tiny cap sleeves are incredibly cute too!
And I looooove the contrast of having a minty green main color
and pale pink ribbons~


Ruffly Ruffle Set

I don’t know, I’m not sure if there are enough lace and bows on here.


Tulle Peekaboo Panties

Okay, I just thought that image of the butt modeling these was rly cute, lol.


Sweet Soft Pastel Ruffle Camisole & Shorts

Ohhh my gooossssh cutest pajamas ever??!?
The color is so soft and buttery~
Tiered ruffles in multicolor soft pastels are probably among my favorite things.