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What Kawaii Stuff is in a Harajuku Fashionista’s Bag? (Video)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

What kawaii stuff is in HARAJUKU FASHIONISTAS’ BAGS? | 原宿のファショニスタたちの鞄の中にどんな可愛い物があるの?

How to Sew a Kawaii Wa Lolita Yukata DIY Tutorial (Video)

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Kawaii DIY-How to Sew A Fancy Lolita Kimono/Yukata for Special Occasions

Part 1:

Part 2:

Fantastical Fabulous Unicorn Fabric for Crafts & Sewing

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

Ok so you probably already know that I have been sewing a lot lately… so browsing fabric is something I have been doing of late as well~  And is probably the easiest place to search for unique stuff!  On a whim I happened to find some FANTASTICAL MAGICAL fabric with unicorns on it, and then I realized that they have an ENTIRE CATEGORY on the subject, so HERE ARE SOME OF MY FINDINGS!!

unicorn fabric (1)

Timeless Treasures Unicorn Sky Fabric

This reminds me of the book covers from fantasy series that I would get
from Scholastic book fairs in the 90s.

unicorn fabric (2)

Michael Miller Unicorn Princess Unicorn Frolic Opal Fabric

More whimsical and cute, these pudgy ponies come on a couple
of different background colors!

unicorn fabric (3)

Timeless Treasures Glitter Unicorns Multi Fabric

Did you hear that??  GLITTER!!!
Glittery fabric is 300x better than regular fabric!
And ohhh my gosh I love the pastel colors in this one,
and all of that artsy foliage and background work.

unicorn fabric (4)

Michael Miller Princess Charming Unicorn Town Brite Fabric

This one is cute!!! and!!! colorful!!! and!!! fun!!!
Haha I just fell in love with all of the polka dots and
fancy little castle spires!

unicorn fabric (5)

Heather Ross Far Far Away Unicorn Blue Fabric

This brings to mind a famous unicorn tapestry, the Hunt of the Unicorn.
It features a unicorn sitting similarly to the one
laying down in the middle of this fabric!
So, this fabric would make a cool project for an art history buff
that is also a unicorn fan~

Creamy Mami Cosplay Makeup Tutorial with Male Idol Model Ryouhei (Video)

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

Male Creamy Mami COSPLAY MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese Crossdressing RYOHEI |メガマソ涼平のクリーミーマミコスプレメイク

Pink Princess Bunny Plush and Pattern!

Friday, August 21st, 2015

This past week, I sewed a pretty pink princess bunny plush for myself!  I really haven’t made a plush for myself in ages~
She is covered in glittery fabric (the pink inside her ears & the cupcake print for her dress are coated with glitter) and lots of lace, pretty trailing ribbons and pink flowers!

pinkprincessbunny (17)

Here is the pattern I followed to make this, a reprint of a vintage sewing pattern!:

simplicity 2595 vintage bunny angel

Simplicity 2595 Vintage Angel Bunny Plush Sewing Pattern

However, I did not follow the last steps of the pattern 100%…
I did my own thing for the bunny’s pinafore rather than using eyelet lace,
and I did not give her angel wings…

Now I shall share some process pics!

pinkprincessbunny (1)

Laying out the pieces and just getting started~
These are all on white fabric, but you can see the pink ear piece
I already cut out on the left

pinkprincessbunny (2)

Getting ready to start sewing is always so exciting!

pinkprincessbunny (5)

Here is the bunny body mostly sewn up, but not stuffed yet!

pinkprincessbunny (6)

The bunny is looking slightly less dumb but its arms are still unstuffed
and it looks SO DOOFY.  I put extra weight into its butt and feet
with weighted stuffing pellets~
A plush Harvest Moon chick is helping to support it to sit up.

pinkprincessbunny (7)

Here is the face embroidered with sweet pink eyes and ribbons and flowers
over her ears!  I think this is the first pic where you can actually tell
that the pink fabric is sparkly.

pinkprincessbunny (9)

With the bunny’s body done, it’s time to make a cupcake dress!

pinkprincessbunny (11)

There are soooo many small, meticulous stitches required to make clothes for plushes…
making those sleeves was super hard. ; ^;

pinkprincessbunny (12)

The main dress is finished!  This bunny is a good model.
I also skipped several steps involving making a slip and petticoat netting
for under the dress.  That skirt is sooooo ruffly (it’s only slightly under
the amount of fabric I would use to make a skirt for myself!)
so I did not think the extra volume was needed.

pinkprincessbunny (13)

More small, tedious sewing for the bodice of the pinafore.

pinkprincessbunny (14)

At this point, I started straying from the pattern’s instructions and
started doing my own thing, adding lace and decorations where I liked~

pinkprincessbunny (15)

And she is done!  Manymany hours went into this project,
but I’m so happy to have such a pretty, sparkly bunny princess
who is covered in cupcakes and ribbons and flowers.

pinkprincessbunny (18)

I’m really happy with her!
If I wanted to, I could even make new dresses for her~
But, I think I will take a break from making tiny sleeve stitches for a while!