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Cutesy Selection of Items from Aliexpress!

Friday, August 21st, 2015

I don’t really have a theme for today’s selection of features, these are just some miscellaneous cute tops, skirts, and dresses!


Pretty Heart-Shaped Keyhole Top

This is!!  So pretty!!!
I have been seeing this top a lot in a lot of bloggers’ outfit posts.
I’d really love to have it myself!!


Pastel Tie-Dye Hoodie Jacket

Ahhh what pretty pastels!
This looks awesome to wear to the beach,
or just to crawl the mall or lounge around at home.


Kawaii Pink Cake & Sweets Fairy-Kei Skirt

These sweets look soooo precious!
And there is a light chiffon overlay to this skirt,
for added dreaminess!


Cute White/Navy Sailor Tie Blouse

A cute variation of the sailor/seifuku blouse theme!


Galaxy Seifuku Top Dress

Speaking of sailor tops, look at this galactic interpretation of the classic sailor collar!
These designs decorated with long tails or cutesy wing shapes
remind me of something that would be a part of a magical girl’s uniform!

How to Sew a Gothic Lolita OP Dress DIY Tutorial (Video)

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Kawaii Scary DIY – How To Sew Gothic Lolita Dress(curtain style front skirt) (Easy)

Pretty New Candy Rain Items, Perfect for Summer!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Yay! \(^o^)/  Here is a selection of soft and pretty styles, typical of my fave TaoBao brand Candy Rain~  Lots of top + skirt sets in this feature!


Sky Blue Plaid Off-the-Shoulder Rosy Ruffle Top

Ahhh!!  The ruffle across the shoulders is SHAPED LIKE ROSES!!
Gosh, this light Cinderella-blue is so gorgeous.
I’m seriously in love with this so much.


Creamy White Lace Shorts with Crystal Bead Accents

The model is wearing the same outfit,
but this listing is for the shorts this time!


Sweet Spring Green Dress + Lace Bolero

Click through to the product listing
to choose from both the adorable green dress
or that light sheer bolero!!


Sweet Pink Skirt with Pearl Beading Accents

The pearls sewn into this skirt are so subtle,
I didn’t notice them the first time!
And though this is unrelated to the product listing,
I really fell in love with the hairstyle the model is wearing, haha///


Short Puff Sleeve Keyhole Shoulder Hoodie Jacket

This listing is for the jacket!
Sometimes I like to cover up with a jacket layer even when it’s warm out,
and this clever type of sleeve make it perfect for those situations~

2 Kimono Hairstyles for Long Hair Tutorial with Yui Minakata (Video)

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

2 Kawaii HAIR STYLES “Long Hair” for Kimono by Japanese model Yui Minakata | 皆方由衣の着物に合うロングヘアアレンジ


Cute & Geeky Skirts and Leggings from TeeFury featuring Zelda, Pokemon, Sailor Moon and More!

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Geek apparel shop Teefury has just started selling all-over printed leggings and skirts!!!  I love the swishy skirts so I am mostly featuring them here, but these prints are also available as leggings, so you can click through any of these to check those out if you’d prefer!


Legend of Zelda Adventure Items Skirt

A cool swishy skirt featuring items and icons from Legend of Zelda!
I REALLY like this design a lot.
From afar, it just looks like a pretty patterned skirt in neat aqua colors.
It’s a subtle way to wear your geekery.


Sailor Moon Wands Leggings

Equip yourself with your favorite henshin sticks
and Sailor Moon weaponry!
I love the bright purple background color
and all of the starry sparkles!


“In the Tall Grass” Grass Pokemon Skirt

I love grass Pokemon!
Such pretty flowers, and there are such cute leafy designs on this!
And the pattern on this is really pretty, it could pass
as just a floral print at a glance from non-geeky observers.


“Too Haute to Handle” Fire Pokemon Skirt

Fire!!!!  Pokemon!!!!
I have a personal rule to pretty much always
go with the Fire starter in every Pokemon game.
And so, I am so ecstatic to see that Cyndaquil and Torchic are on here!
Those were some of my favorites!


“Wave Riders” Water Pokemon Skirt

Okay, I kind of cheated compiling this list
and made the last three features all the Pokemon type designs, LOL.
But look at the pretty Dragonair on this!
When I look at this skirt, I hear one of the Surfing themes playing.