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How to Make a Pretty Lacy Heart-Shaped Lolita Purse DIY Tutorial (Video)

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

DIY-How to make kawaii heart shape Lolita purse (Easy)

Cute & Comfy Sweaters, Jackets, and Hoodies for Cute Gals!

Saturday, September 19th, 2015

The silver lining of everything getting cooler is that you can snuggle up in cozy Winter wear!!  Biiiiiig sweaters make you feel warm and loved, like you are wrapped up in a hug~ <3  Here is a quick selection of cool and cute jackets, hoodies, and the like to keep yourself toasty!

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (1)

Pink Sakura Sailor-Style Hoodie / Skirt

There is a listing for both this cute pink hoodie
as well as a warm, matchy-matchy skirt at this link!!
The sakura pattern is really pretty and sailor collars always look cute! ^o^

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (2)

Kawaii Printed GOGO Girl Oversized Hoodie Sweater

There are several cute prints to choose from for this listing,
in a variety of art styles!!
I really like the Earth-toned, forest rabbit one~
This is for cozying up and sipping hot cocoa in hehe!

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (3)

Bunny-Eared Lace Gyaru Jacket + Belt-Decorated Skirt

This is a set of both the jacket and matching skirt!!
This jacket would fit right in with my bunny jacket post, haha!
I love how long the sleeves are, with a little hole to stick your thumb through~
And the skirt is adorbs, and has a chain belt decoration.
You could wear it with anything!!
There are more colors this is available in at the link!

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (4)

Pretty Rose Floral Jacket + Skirt Set

Another jacket and skirt set!
When the skirts are separate like this, I can only think about
the other outfits I want to put together for them~
Gooosh the rosy print on this is so pretty and elegant!
This is a simple, wearable jacket design that would be perfect for jogging
or working out in cool weather, or just wearing casually –
but being decorated with roses makes it perfectly elegant!

cute comfy sweaters for kawaii gyaru (5)

Off-the-Shoulder Long Knit Gyaru Sweater

This sweater is so cool!!!
Like totally something a hip and stylish gyaru would wear!!
The ribbon details in it are soooo pretty!
It comes in other stripey colors, too –
I love the white & pink one!

Guide to Basic Hand Stitches for Making Cute Plushes (Video)

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Here is a helpful resource video showing all of the basic stitches you will need to know for crafting your own cute projects!

Basic Hand Stitches for Making Sock Plushie Tutorial!

Pastel Princess Autumn Dresses

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

I don’t like to think about Autumn replacing Summer!!!  But I guess it’s time to stop thinking about sundresses for wearing to picnics outdoors and begin looking at ones with thicker fabric and long sleeves.  Fave brand Candy Rain pulls through for us!!

pastel princess autumn dresses (1)

Pretty Fur-Edged Warm Autumn Pink Dress

Ahhh this white and pink combination remains to be my absolute favorite!!
The fur edging on these dresses is so “Winter Wonderland”~

pastel princess autumn dresses (2)

Soft Pretty Chiffon Light Blue Dress

This one-piece dress is styled to look like it’s two pieces –
the bolero cut around the top has a very cute bow at the back as well!
This pale blue is soft and cloud-like~

pastel princess autumn dresses (3)

Fur-Edged Pink Heart Print Autumn Dress

Eeee, again with the fur trim and pink & white coloration~
Ahhh but the little white hearts on this one are SO sweet!
And the trio of vertical bows in the center are such a charm point!

pastel princess autumn dresses (4)

Long-Sleeve Autumn Blouse + Dreamy Chiffon Pale Blue Skirt

This listing is for both the blouse and skirt,
which are separate items!
The cutout nature of the top around the collar always looks so gorgeous,
and goooosssh that chiffon over the blue skirt makes it so dreamy!

pastel princess autumn dresses (5)

Long Bell Sleeve Flower Embellishment Chiffon Dress

In the particular preview above, it is hard to make out that there are
precious little flower bunches embellishing the wide bell sleeves of this dress!
But you can clickthrough and see them clearer~
Gosh, everything about this dress is gorgeous, but I really fell in love
with the shape of the top too!!

How to Turn a Jacket into a Kawaii Bunny Lolita Jacket DIY Tutorial (Video)

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Easter Bunny DIY –Transform Your Hoodie Jacket to Fleece Easter Bunny Hoodie Jacket (Easy)