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Cute & Convenient Things For Your Home or Apartment

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Having little things in your living space that are cute will make you smile every time you use them!  Filling your lifestyle with these small happinesses will begin to positively impact your mood.  And yes, even small, unimportant items around your house or apartment like these can contribute to that difference.  Cuteness is that powerful!

cute convenient things for home (1)

Bow-Accent Ruffled Switch Cover

The square cutout at the center of this is sized for Japanese lightswitch plates,
so this may not fit over a vertically rectangular lightswitch, but alternatively
it could be hung over a hook or other small feature on the wall!
This comes in a few polka-dotted colors –
the brown one makes the cute bears look extra chocolatey!

cute convenient things for home (2)

Kitty Cat Hanging Pocket

Omg these cute kitties!!
These look super convenient for tossing things into
when you come in the door, etc etc~
The fabric that the kitties are printed onto,
and the wooden dowel that they hang from
give this a cottage-y, vintage-y look!

cute convenient things for home (3)

Pastel Polka Dot Tape Measure

Ok, I need to have tape measure with me ALL THE TIME,
and especially if I’m going to be carrying it in my purse,
I am going to want it to look cute and colorful!!
I loooove the pastel, polka-dotted colors that these heart-shaped
tape measures come in!!

cute convenient things for home (4)

Water Hourglass

This entry strays from the ‘cute’ them of the rest of my posts –
this one’s just PRETTY!!
The water inside combined with the cut of the glass looks crystalline~
And these hourglasses come in several colors and sizes!
They look pretty displayed in a group like this~

cute convenient things for home (5)

Kawaii Bunny Soap Dish

Okay, back to CUTE for this entry!
Ohhh myyyy goosssssh I would love that pink one!!
The page for these also shows off these cute bunnies
holding convenient items by the kitchen sink
in addition to their obvious use in the bathroom!

How to Make a Kawaii Bear Sock Plushie DIY Tutorial (Video)

Monday, September 14th, 2015

DIY Kawaii Bear Plushie Tutorial !

Fabulously Pink Gyaru Apps for Filling Your Life with Deco!

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

A glamorous gyaru needs every aspect of her life to be equally fabulous, and that includes the simple clock, calendar, calculator, and ESPECIALLY camera apps on her phone!!  Opening up even simple apps like those should give you little bursts of happy, especially if you turn to them a lot!  Everyone deserves little happiness bursts. <3

hime gyaru apps (1)


A decorated calculator app with different face styles to choose from!
The previews show this pink jeweled hime decoden,
a pink sweets version, a vintage Classic Lolita print-like one,
and a jeweled blue undersea design (for you mermaids!).

hime gyaru apps (2)


A very easy, minimal clock and alarm,
again with several border designs to choose from,
such as this rhinestone-covered sweets theme in neutral colors!

hime gyaru apps (3)

Deco Timer

Functions like DecoWatch, where it serves the purpose of a clock and alarm,
but this shows more information on the screen and has a wider selection of themes!
The previews show a traditional pink himedeco theme, a royal blue version,
and this kawaii pink bear + sweets border!

hime gyaru apps (4)


Camera apps are p much mandatory!!!
There are lots of beauty cameras out there,
but only so many allow hime-styled deco,
with lace and rhinestones!

hime gyaru apps (5)

Princess Camera

Princess Camera is another camera option!!
I was drawn to this one for the beauty options listed on this preview –
options to add blush, lashes, and color lenses!!
And all of that in addition to all of the typical cute stamps and doodle pens~

How to Sew a Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Dress DIY Tutorial (Video)

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Fancy anime costume DIY – How to Sew Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler Pink Dress – Part I: Top

Fancy anime costume DIY – How to Sew Ciel Phantomhive Black Butler Pink Dress Part II: Skirt

Kawaii Cozy Seifuku Style!

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Sailor uniforms are almost the DEFINITION of cute!  And a lot of the selection of seifuku sets I picked out today are comfy and cozy, perfect for lounging around in a cute style!

kawaii cozy seifuku style (1)

Flower Print Pastel Sailor Uniform Set

Ohhh the flower print on this is soo cuute!
And it comes in other colors too – pink on light blue
or pink-on-pink!!
The happy pastels are the best!

kawaii cozy seifuku style (2)

Pastel Solid Color Sailor Uniform Set

This is the simplest style of all –
and simple can be the best!!
Cute and wearable, this seifuku set comes in several pastel colors~

kawaii cozy seifuku style (3)

Cozy Knit Pastel Sweater with Silk Ribbon

The ribbon braided into this sweater is so pretty!
I need to learn how to do that myself~
A slouchy sweater like this looks soooo cute over a sailor uniform skirt!

kawaii cozy seifuku style (4)

Nautical Sailor Uniform Dress

This looks especially nautical compared to the others featured today,
and it is a dress rather than a set!

kawaii cozy seifuku style (5)

Cute Sailor Uniform Set

The tiny ribbons on either side of this top are a sweet touch,
and there are even shorts sewn in under the skirt!