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Soft and Lovely Lolita Blouses on Aliexpress

Saturday, October 31st, 2015

After I got so excited about actual Lolita skirts being listed in some of my favorite Aliexpress stores, it was mandatory that I also share these beautiful blouses once I discovered them listed as well!!  I love how soft and flowing Lolita blouses are nowadays.  I would be uncomfortable all the time if I had to wear constricting clothes!

Soft and Lovely Lolita Blouses on Aliexpress (1)

Soft Chiffon Flowing Lolita Blouse in Mint

See, this is what I mean when I’m so happy about looser clothing!!
Ahh it looks so breezy and comfy~
And that mint color is beautiful!!
It also comes in the classic white or black.

Soft and Lovely Lolita Blouses on Aliexpress (2)

Soft Chiffon Bell-Sleeve Lolita Blouse with Halter Ties

The soft ribbon ties around the neck make the preeeettiest bow at the back!
And OMG!!  Wide bell sleeves are probably the loveliest thing in the world.
On a breezy day, you would look like a heavenly, angelic creature wearing this.

Soft and Lovely Lolita Blouses on Aliexpress (3)

Short Puff Sleeves with Peter Pan Collar Lolita Blouse

This one comes in pink!!  And is COVERED with lace!!
Also available in white and black for a more classical look~

Soft and Lovely Lolita Blouses on Aliexpress (4)

Beautiful Flowing Chiffon Ruffles Pastel Lolita Blouse

I am IN LOVE!!! with this!!!
It comes in the softest pastel colors – mint green, creamy ivory, lavender, and dreamy blue-white.
I love that it’s open and loose around the tummy, it looks so comfy!!
And the ruffles EVERYWHERE look sooo dreamy~

Soft and Lovely Lolita Blouses on Aliexpress (5)

Dark Dramatic Color Long Sleeve Lolita Blouse

This comes in deep colors like this navy blue,
such as chocolate brown and royal red.
The big bow at the neck looks SUPER classy,
and check out those cuffs, too!

How to DIY a Purse, Backpack, and Luggage into a Kawaii Lolita/Hime Accessory (Video)

Friday, October 30th, 2015

DIY Cute Purse + Backpack + Suitcase

Beautiful Princess Kurhn Dolls

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Maybe this name isn’t new to serious doll collectors, but for me, learning about Kurhn dolls was really exciting because I got to browse all of these beautiful princess dolls that I have never seen before!!  And their faces are so preciously sweet – it’s redundant to call a doll “doll-eyed”, isn’t it?  But they really do have the sweetest, clearest eyes!

Beautiful Princess Kurhn Dolls (1)

Blue & Pink Rose Lace Princess Kurhn Doll

Ahhh oh my gossssh this baby blue + baby pink is my favorite color combination!!
And there are dainty roses and bows around her collar~
This is maybe the prettiest doll I’ve ever seen! *o*

Beautiful Princess Kurhn Dolls (2)

Pink Lolita Nightgown with Bonnet and Bunny Kurhn Doll

Pink florals – omg!  Pink florals AND a bunny – OMG!!!!
This dolly’s sweet lace all over makes her extra elegant~
Gosh, that is a lavish nightgown to sleep in!

Beautiful Princess Kurhn Dolls (3)

Floral Classic Lolita with Bonnet Kurhn Doll

What a perfectly pretty classic Lolita dress!!
I love the huge frilly bonnets that all of these dolls wear, hehe.

Beautiful Princess Kurhn Dolls (4)

Pink Fur-Trimmed Stylish Princess Kurhn Doll

The little pillbox hat and satin purse make this princess look a bit more modern!
The fur trim over her dress looks so soft and fluffyyyyyyyyyy~

Beautiful Princess Kurhn Dolls (5)

Minty-Haired Pink Princess Kurhn Doll

Oh my gosh this doll’s hair looks like MERMAID HAIR!!!
And with that brilliantly rosy pink dress –
there’s an anime character with this coloration, isn’t there?
She looks so much like a magical girl from the Creamy Mami era,
maybe I’m thinking of some combination of Persia the Fairy or Magical Emi!

Gyaru Hairstyle Tutorials for Work and School with model Arisa Kamada (Video)

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Kawaii HAIR STYLE TUTORIAL for Work & School by Japanese Gyaru model Arisa Kamada|鎌田安里紗の清楚ギャルヘアアレンジ

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

After a bout of cold, grey days, it feels really good to browse soft and cuddly plushes and blankets and stuff like these!!  Ohhhh I just want to wrap up in them and have hot chocolate!!

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (1)

Hello Kitty Pastel Soft Backpack (4 Colors)

The other colors that this soft plush backpack comes in
have different fruit motifs!!
Big, soft backpacks like this can hold a lot more goodies inside
than you’d think – I carried around a plush Hello Kitty-shaped
backpack during a beach trip once and it held EVERYTHING
from my purse. o_o

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (2)

Hamtaro or Bijou Giant Stuffed Plush

Ahhhh Hamtaro is SOOO CUUTE!!
And Bijou’s little ponytails are so precious!
These look so big and huggable!!

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (3)

Soft Sherpa Sheep Pillow Blanket

Ahh sheepies are so sweet~
This one looks so dreamy and extra soft!!
Now THIS is the kind of blankie I am talking about
when I say I want to cuddle up and sip hot chocolate.

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (4)

Soft Snuggly Paw Mittens

I wouldn’t be able to wear these in Winter,
because the tips of my fingers are always the first to go freezing,
but in Autumn these would be adorable additions to a snuggly outfit!!
They come in other colors!!  I like the creamy and brown one!!

Kawaii Soft Chouchou Plushies and Accessories (5)

My Melody, Kuromi, Rilakkuma, or Kutusita Nyanko Stuff Pillow Blankets

This selection of Sanrio and San-X character pillows actually open up
into blankets, just like the sheepy blanket earlier in this roundup!!
And the designs on them are really cute – click through
and check them out to see how they look unfolded~