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Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!!

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

You know all of those cute makeup and cosplay videos I have shared of supercute model Kimura U?  Well, KOKOkim is her own brand of fashion and accessories, and everything in it is just SO CUTE IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!  These are some of the sweetest and most perfect Larme-kei items ever – just take a look!

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (1)

KOKOkim School Idol Jacket

This looks extremely sharp~
You will be the trendiest schoolgoing idol in this
stylish pastel jacket!!

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (2)

KOKOkim School Idol Skirt

This is the skirt that is meant to go along with the jacket,
like a uniform!!  Just like your favorite animes.
It comes in really awesome pale pastel colors!!

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (3)

KOKOkim XOXO Shorts

I clicked on this because I am in love with that top!!
But this is actually for the shorts. nn;
They are really cute – with a frill along the bottom and ribbon on the sides.

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (4)

KOKOkim Heart Ribbon Blouse

Ahhh the hearts cut out from the collar are sooo cute!!
That’s really clever!!
And vertical rows of bows and lace are always my fave.

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (5)

KOKOkim Dream Land Jumper Skirt

OH MY GOSH!!!  This cuteness!!
With “Dream Land” in its name, I imagine this must be something
that exists in Kirby’s universe.
It’s so sweet!!

5 Winter Holiday Crafts & DIY Projects For You to Try! (Video)

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

5 Holiday DIY Projects! Decorations, Treats & more

List of Danse Macabre Games in Order!! (+ Downloads!)

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015


This post is pretty much like my previous lists for Awakening and Dark Parables!!  Danse Macabre is a series of eerie point-and-click adventure mystery games with beautiful art work and brain-bendy puzzles!  The overarcing theme for this series is theater and drama.  The stories and their intrigue get pretty intense!!

These games don’t have convenient numbers in their titles, so you can get a little lost looking to play them in order.  Well, here is that order!  You can download these for free so don’t be shy about checking them out! nn

Danse Macabre The Last Adagio

Danse Macabre: The Last Adagio

The theme for this one is ballet!
The dance hall you’ve been called to is completely haunted –
this one is so spooky!!

Danse Macabre Crimson Cabaret

Danse Macabre: Crimson Cabaret

Yup, this one is cabaret.
It takes place in Paris – how romantic!
But one of the cabaret dancers has been murdered, and you’ll have to
investigate suspects around the city for evidence.

Danse Macabre Deadly Deception

Danse Macabre: Deadly Deception

Every time I see the title of this one, my brain reads “Deadly Premonition.”
That is… a completely different game…………..

The mystery this time concerns an entertainment academy
where students enroll to become stars.
As it turns out, one student was untruthful about her identity,
and you’ll have to solve the mystery to find out who she truly was
and what happened to her.

Danse Macabre Thin Ice

Danse Macabre: Thin Ice

The theme this time is figure skating!
A murder discovered during the final dress rehearsal portends ominous things
for the star performer – what is the real threat to discover here?

Danse Macabre: Lethal Letters Collector’s Edition

You’ve been called to St. Petersburg to help the Count and his fiancée.
What should be a simple investigation quickly takes a deadly turn.
Now it’s up to you to follow the clues and track down
who’s really behind the murders before it’s too late!

Danse Macabre: Ominous Obsession

Your friend is off to become a star of the silver screen!
What starts as a simple send off quickly takes a dark turn
as she’s kidnapped by an unknown assailant!
Can you uncover the dark dealings of the mysterious kidnapper
before it’s too late?

Danse Macabre: Florentine Elegy

Your beloved musical mentor has dominated his competition
time and time again, but your joy for his achievements is short-lived
when he’s found murdered and you are named as the prime suspect!
Can you track down the real murderer,
or will you be convicted of a crime you didn’t commit?
You’ll soon discover the fate of your beloved city may be at stake as well!
Dodge the police and scour the city to find the clues
in this heart-pounding adventure!

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Make a VOCALOID Hatsune Miku-inspired Daily School Uniform Cosplay DIY Tutorial (Video)

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Back to School DIY: Hatsune Miku Inspired Daily School Uniform (Easy)

These Beautiful Liz Lisa Coats & Cardigans Keep Pretty Princesses Warm!

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Oh, gosh, it’s so cold outside!!  A pretty coat can keep you feeling cute even though you have to cover up your cute outfit.  (This is the saddest part of Winter to me – no one can see the outfit I’ve put together!)

These Beautiful Liz Lisa Coats & Cardigans Keep Pretty Princesses Warm! (1)

LIZ LISA 5-Way Poncho-Style Coat

So versatile!!
The poncho cape is sooo pretty.
I love the shape that capes make.  And this one with fur trim and a row of bows
make it perfectly princess-like.

These Beautiful Liz Lisa Coats & Cardigans Keep Pretty Princesses Warm! (2)

LIZ LISA x Yui Kanno Heart Button Cardigan

Cute cute cuuute!!
These fuzzy textures just look soooo cuddly.
Heart buttons are an instant shortcut to extreme cuteness.

These Beautiful Liz Lisa Coats & Cardigans Keep Pretty Princesses Warm! (3)

LIZ LISA Elegant Winter Coat w/ Ribbon Brooch

Elegant is right!!
My favorite detail on this is the lace trim at the bottom.
But that awesome ribbon brooch and the fluffy fur trim is also amazing.

These Beautiful Liz Lisa Coats & Cardigans Keep Pretty Princesses Warm! (4)

LIZ LISA Peplum Cardigan

Wow!!  This cardigan is pretty enough to be a blouse!!
It has such dainty little details!
I think I am in love with the lace collar.
But also the vertical beaded ribbon down each side.

These Beautiful Liz Lisa Coats & Cardigans Keep Pretty Princesses Warm! (5)

LIZ LISA Floral Poncho

PRET!! TY!!!!
Floral-printed-anything is automatically so pretty and romantic.
This is so soft and light and pink!!
And thick fleecey ponchos are sooo awesome at keeping you warm!!