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Patreon Monthly Summary – November 2017

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017


Creating all of that art for the interior of a cozy little house was so much fun, and produced such a lovely result!

And then, there was the actual creation of the Welcome Video, which was finished and made available for download and everything!! 🎀💝🎀

And THEN, work was begun on the NEXT GAME!!  Fans of cozy, homey simulation games should love Cute Town Sim~ 🏘️

Here’s what was accomplished this month:

  • New Moods & Attitudes: This post is the first one to show off the different animations and expressions that the heroine shows in the video~
  • Super Rough Sketchbook Pic;;;: Here, you can see the early sketchbook version of the illustrated art work that’s also shown at the top of this post!
  • New Art Underway~: The next stage of the WIP for that art again~ 🎨
  • Last Little Flavorful Touches for the Interior Map~: Cool little dust particles and flavor text for lots of examinable items were implemented in this post!
  • Neato Screen Wipe Transition: It is seriously pretty neato.
  • SECRET ART: The Welcome Video has several little screenshot mockup art works, and this post is the first one to show off a couple of them. 🖼️ There is also a nice list of other achievements I also worked on around the same time.
  • !DOWNLOAD! Welcome Video (yes, it’s playable!): THE DOWNLOAD FOR THE GAME THE WELCOME VIDEO WAS CREATED WITH!!  Check it out!! 💫💞💫
  • Next Project Under Way! Cute Town Sim!!: This is the introductory post for the next game (which is free and publicly-viewable), listing all of its anticipated features~ 🎵 What do you think of it? 🤗
  • Super Preliminary Map Drawing: The beginnings of what the explorable maps will look like are shown in this post, with lots of little details for what you might find in each! 🏞️
  • A New Heroine: The first new character for the new game is shown here, and it is the one that you play as! 💜 Do you like her lavender hair?

In December, I will keep showing new things for Cute Town Sim, such as new characters! 🙋 Getting introduced to your new neighbors is a good way to learn your way around a new town~ 🏘️

…Which is actually relevant to me, because I am in the process of moving to a lovely new living space, too! 💖 I will do my absolute best to keep up the pace of creating art work.  I’m not terribly worried about losing much time, since I thought that I wasn’t doing well at the beginning of November, and yet it turned out SO productive!! ✨💖✨

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Cute & Geeky Ugly Christmas Sweaters, 2017 Edition!

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

This post from 2015 gets circulated every holiday season….. here’s an updated one, with products that are actually available!

Yuri!!! on Ice Ugly Christmas Sweater

What!!!  Yuri on Ice is well-known enough to have merch sold
in geek stores and stuff?!
That is crazy to me, but I love it!

Final Fantasy Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is an odd mix of Final Fantasy VI + Final Fantasy I,

Sailor Moon Pixel Senshi Ugly Christmas Sweater

OMG, the pixel art for these characters

Bubble Bobble Ugly Christmas Sweater

I am……. SOOOO tempted to get this for my boyfriend.
Bubble Bobble is one of his fave old games!

Yoshi’s Woolly World Ugly Christmas Sweater

What!!  This is, like, illegal levels of cute.
If I get this, I would wear it all year, and lose all of my friends.
And it would be worth it.

Thank you so much for reading,
and if you enjoy this post, consider supporting BonBonBunny~
I’m so grateful for you! ❄️

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First Game Download is Now Available!

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

MY!!!! DUDES!!!!!

My first completed game project created while I’ve been on Patreon IS NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD!!

The footage above is recorded directly from the game – it’s a good summary video of the visual style that all of my game projects will have~ 🎀

It also goes over what plans I have for future projects (0:20) and what games I have done in the past (1:00).

If you’re willing and able to help me make these games come to life, get all the deets here on my Patreon!!  (If you’d rather not subscribe for monthly payments, a single donation through Paypal is also perfectly sublime!)

Thank you so much for following me while I have worked on this!  I will only be creating more games!! 🤗

Watch Cardcaptor Sakura Episodes Streaming Online (Eps. 37-48)

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Here is the fourth set of episodes for this super classically retro magical girl series, Cardcaptor Sakura! Check out the cool new OP, and then an entirely new season beginning with the last couple of videos on this page!

Check these links for:
episodes 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, 37-48 (you are here), 49-60, and 61-70.

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 37 – Sakura and Tomoyo’s Lost Voice

Episode 38 – Sakura’s Strawberry Picking Adventure

Episode 39 – Sakura’s Dizzy Fever Day

Episode 40 – Sakura and Her Dream Self

Episode 41 – Sakura, Xiaolang, and a Sea of Sand

Episode 42 – Sakura and the Arts Festival Blackout

Episode 43 – Sakura and Meiling’s Farewell

Episode 44 – Sakura, Kero, and the Mysterious Teacher

Episode 45 – Sakura and the Final Clow Card

Episode 46 – Sakura and the Final Judgment

Episode 47 – Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student

Episode 48 – Sakura and the Awakened Star Key

Check these links for:
episodes 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, 37-48 (you are here), 49-60, and 61-70.

Watch Cardcaptor Sakura Episodes Streaming Online (Eps. 25-36)

Monday, November 13th, 2017

The third set of episodes for this cute and sweet magical girl classic~

Check these links for:
episodes 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 (you are here), 37-48, 49-60, and 61-70.

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 25 – Sakura and One More Sakura

Episode 26 – Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher

Episode 27 – Sakura and the Shrine of Memories

Episode 28 – Sakura and the Charm Cards

Episode 29 – Sakura’s Sweet Cooking

Episode 30 – Sakura and the Injured Card

Episode 31 – Sakura and the Nameless Book

Episode 32 – Sakura, Kero, and Xiaolang

Episode 33 – Sakura’s Frozen Ice Skating Trip

Episode 34 – Sakura, Yukito, and the Midday Moon

Episode 35 – Sakura’s Wonderful Christmas

Episode 36 – Sakura and the Snowy New School Term

Check these links for:
episodes 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 (you are here), 37-48, 49-60, and 61-70.