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Patreon Monthly Update for July

Friday, July 21st, 2017

Heya!  Although it’s not quite the end of the month yet, I wanted to make this round-up post before July actually ended, because of the time-sensitive bonus that is only relevant before July 31st~

Here is what I have been up to in only the few weeks it has been since diving full-force into creating games!!:

  • The screenshot above shows my most recent update.  If you view the post itself, the screenshot is actually animated, and shows the scene in action!!  There are a whole bunch of colorful little animated icons that serve to show what emotions the character is speaking in a cute and interactive way~
  • In just yesterday’s post, I had most of the icons drawn but not animated yet!
  • From Sketch to Screenshot – This post details how rough and messy my work-in-progress sketches are, where I rough out how I want the UI to look and even scribble incredibly silly placeholder characters LOL.  It’s available to view side-by-side with the finished version of the same screen, just to see the difference!
  • Playing with Particles: Glowy Lights & Fireflies – Fireflies always look so magical in games!  This post, which also has an animated demonstration, shows off how I create pretty, soft, and glowing lights for background detail.
  • Dialog Boxes & Typewriter Text – Another animated demonstration, this time showing the dynamic message boxes and text that appears within them.  It’s a minor effect, but one that is massively engaging for the player!  There is also a sneak peek at some actual code in this post.
  • Animating Game Characters – This post, which includes an animated demonstration AND a look at the code behind it, shows how I get my art work to move around and look alive in a game.
  • Drawing a Game Character – Finally, this post, which is visible for everyone so that they may get a glimpse at what kind of content is available in the rest of the feed, provides an example of how my art work grows from placeholder characters to full-color designs for the final form of the project. 🌟

There are actually a couple of other progress update posts that I didn’t even list just now – you’ll have to check the activity feed over on Patreon to see the rest!

If you’re interested in watching these projects come to life, as well as playing demonstrations as soon as playable builds are available, you’ll need to become a Patron!  Please consider doing so – it is a small investment that is non-figuratively life-changing for me, allowing me to pursue this and create cute and positive games as I have always dreamed of doing.

AND!!!  If I reach my first goal of $150 before July ends, I’ll be able to put those earnings toward upgrading my Game Maker license to allow finished games to be available for Mac and Ubuntu users as well as PC, in addition to being able to make browser-based games that do not require downloading at all and would be available to play freely~!

💟 Thank you so much for taking the time to read my summary of what I’ve been up to over this month, and if you’d like to help in any form, consider the links below to either become a patron or just to donate once through Paypal any small amount~

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Art Academy: Sketchpad Drawing Process Tutorial

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Have you been following my art work, either on Tumblr or Deviantart? :3  Occasionally I have enjoyed drawing using the Wii U app Art Academy: Sketchpad, which has really cool pastel brushes in particular!!



While I was working on this for the Majora’s Mask drawing contest being held on Miiverse, I thought it would be cool to post my step-by-step drawing process when I’m working with Sketchpad, because I’ve never done anything like that before~

Here are my posts on the subject, or you can go to the Miiverse post to read them more easily or zoom in on the pics, and so forth~








Scrapbooking and Papercrafting Goods!

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I did a lot of paper collage work when I was in college! It was just the easiest way to toss big blocks of colors, patterns, and textures around, like I love doing in digital works, translated into traditional media. I’ve never made a typical scrapbook, but there are SO MANY creative things you can do with these papers and tools!

Today’s post highlights Stuff4 again, this time their scrapbooking category!

42 Sheets/Pad All Occasion Glitter Paper Stack

I have this stack!! I used it quite a lot!

The bright colors and fun designs were just perfect for my art projects! ^o^

And everythinnnnng is better with glitter!

Martha Stewart Glitter Glue Set 24/Pkg

And just in case there isn’t enough glitter in your projects, you can always add your own!

Que Sera Sera Decorative Acetate Frames

The designs on these frames are so pretty. o^o

Frames aren’t limited to photographs! Imagine how some colorful art work would look behind these! ^o^

Wild Flowers Martha Stewart Punch-Around-The-Page Large Combo

When I worked at Jo Ann, I always admired how beautiful these punches could make the edge of your paper look, and I always wanted to buy some of the lacy ones like this one. o^o

Baby Boy Page Kit 12″X12″

Nursery stuff is always-always-ALWAYS adorable!!

You can use dimentional stickers on more than scrapbook pages! My laptop has glittery dimensional flowers on it. n_n

The Cutest Colorful Yarn & Crochet Kits

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Learning to knit or crochet can be an integral part of creating your own cute accessories! Crochet has become extremely popular in Fairy-kei especially, as Peter Pan collars in nursery shades of yarn is basically a staple in most coordinates now. Knitted or crocheted purses or brooches are also commonly seen.

Stuff4 is an online store with SO MANY CATEGORIES for all kinds of arts and crafts!! If you couldn’t tell by the little introduction up there, we’re focusing on the knitting supplies today, especially variegated yarn in sweet pastel colors. ♥

Bernat Lavender Lullaby Softee Baby Ombre Yarn

Sooo sweeet!!

These colors remind me of a storybook garden!! n3n

Bernat Tickle Me Pink Pipsqueak Yarn

A chunky, fluffy yarn that looks extremely soft. ♥

Is there anyone that doesn’t love that perfect, rose-petal princess shade of pink?

Bernat Garden Baby Baby Coordinates Yarn Ombre

Ahhhh look at those darling colors. ; 3;

There’s a cute squiggly texture to this one, too!

Bernat Lavender Waverly Yarn

Lavenderrrr… ♥♥♥

What a perfect dreamy shade. And Waverly yarn is so thick and soft. *o*

Beginners Crochet Kit

…And if you haven’t any idea what to DO with all this cute yarn I’ve posted here, this kit will certainly get you started!! There are crochet hooks included in common sizes and even plastic yarn needles.

Happy crocheting!! :3


Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

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November 2011

Sometimes I open up Corel Painter and I’m like “Man, why don’t I use this more often?! It’s great!” and then I’m like “why do these colors turn white when they try to blend with each other” and “why do the edges look awful when I paint on the layer below this” and “why aren’t any of the shortcut keys NORMAL” and other technical things that are annoying…

So here, finally, is my Thundercats fan art. I don’t think Tygra looks quite smug enough. He also has the weirdest hair ever.



Thundercats belongs to Studio 4C I think
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