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Watch Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun Episodes Streaming Online

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

(Tbh I am not a fan of the localized title for this show – I think “Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun” is way better! The Japanese title, for those searching for it, is “Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun”~)

This is a comedic sports anime about a mysophobic character, and the incredibly weird characters all around him. Although it’s mostly jokey, I do appreciate that they spend some conversation in the first episode to make it clear that his fixation is a highly inhibiting disability, and how difficult it is that he has to work around it!

Though there is some cool soccer action in this series, there are all kinds of other hijinks going on, and sometimes it seems that Aoyama-kun isn’t even the central character, only showing up and doing something amazing when it’s important, lol!

Also enjoy the super retro thowback-style credits sequence LOL.

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – Aoyama-kun is a Clean Freak!

Episode 2 – Aoyama-kun, Do You Remember?

Episode 3 – The Reason Aoyama-kun Isn’t Here

Episode 4 – Narita-kun Keeps it a Secret

Episode 5 – Tsukamoto-kun’s Life is All About Laughs

Episode 6 – Ozaki-kun Has His Pride

Episode 7 – Odagiri-san Can’t Get it In

Episode 8 – Umeya-kun is Very Patient

Episode 9 – Miwa-chan Wants to Do a Training Camp

Episode 10 – Aoyama-kun Has Many Secrets

Episode 11 – Sakai-kun’s Hairstyle Has Changed

Episode 12 – The Reason Behind Aoyama-kun’s Choice

Cute Pokemon Food & Snacks!

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Do you remember being little and having a bamillion choices of fruit snacks and stuff, and you HAD to get them in your favorite cartoon character shapes??  That’s what these Pokemon snacks and things remind me of, lol!

These have the added bonus of being imported Japanese food, so you KNOW that they are packaged cutely and are a fun novelty to eat!


These are convenient for putting in a bento-style lunch –
they are individually-packaged little servings of jelly,
for spreading on sandwiches or anything else appropriate in your lunch.
There is a different cute Pokemon on each one!

SANYO Sapporo No.1 Pokemon Noodles Seafood Flavor

Instant!!  Noodles!!  Y’all!!
This cup of instant noodles has little Pikachu faces in it,
along with Chimchar in the sample photo (I don’t know
if there are different Pokemon you can get, though)~
It looks SO TASTY!  Oh man, I’m craving noodles now…

TOHATO Pokemon White Chocolate Biscuits

These crunchy-looking cookies are white chocolate flavored
and come in little Pikachu shapes!

MARUMIYA Pokemon Rice Sprinkles Minipack 

You know, I’m not totally sure what these are, but maybe you guys can tell me?
There are a WHOLE BUNCH of individually-packaged servings of “rice sprinkles”
that you get here, decorated sort of like Pokemon cards.
I don’t know if it is flavoring for your rice?  But it seems to be another convenient,
single-serving thing to put in your bento. :3

Pokemon Get Chocolate Maker Tsukuru Oyatsu DIY Chocolate Kit

This is a whole kit for making your own milk + white chocolate Pokeballs,
with Pikachu (and Rowlet!) inside!
I think this is probably the coolest thing in this roundup –
DIY sweets things are just totally my weekness!

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Watch Yuri!!! on ICE Episodes Streaming Online

Friday, September 29th, 2017

This show… is so… GOOOOOOOD!!!! I really think there was no predicting just how emotional and investing this was going to turn out to be.

Figure skating is a beautiful sport to observe (I did ballet as a kid and love seeing ballet show up in this anime, too!), and there is a diverse cast in this show that we get to see performing a variety of routines!! And the friendships and blossoming love between the characters are so, so precious~

Good, GOOD stuff all around! Hope you enjoy it! nn

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – Easy as Pirozhki!! The Grand Prix Final of Tears

Episode 2 – Two Yuris?! Drama at Yu-topia

Episode 3 – I Am Eros, and Eros Is Me?! Face-Off! Hot Springs on Ice

Episode 4 – Like Yourself… And Complete the Free Program!!

Episode 5 – Face Beet-Red!! It’s the First Competition! The Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship

Episode 6 – China’s On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Short Program

Episode 7 – China’s On! The Grand Prix Series Opening Event!! The Cup of China Free Skate

Episode 8 – Yuri vs. Yuri The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Short Program

Episode 9 – Yuri vs. Yuri The Horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Free Skate

Episode 10 – Gotta Supercharge It!! Pre-Grand Prix Final Special!

Episode 11 – Gotta Super-Supercharge It!! Grand Prix Final Short Program

Episode 12 – Gotta Super-Super-Supercharge It!!! Grand Prix Final Free Skate

Watch The Royal Tutor Heine Episodes Streaming Online

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Oushitsu Kyoushi Heine (sometimes also spelled ‘Haine’) has been one of my FAAAAAVORITE anime in recent seasons!! It is SOOOO heartwarmingly sweet and makes you feel sooooooo good, of the warm-and-squishy comfort variety.

And the setting!! WOW!! It takes place in a fantasy version of an Austrian royal palace, and the anime isn’t shy about showing off beautiful royal halls and architecture – and the beautiful princes that live within them. Seriously, this show is SO beautiful! (And, LOL, don’t giggle at their hometown being named ‘Weiner’ – its name is based on ‘Vienna,’ LOL).

Also catch the live-action ending dance at the end of episode 7! Those are the stage actors for the live stage version of the show – they are the same actors who play the voices of the characters in the anime!

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – The Royal Tutor Arrives

Episode 2 – The Prince Interviews

Episode 3 – You Don’t Need to Accept Me

Episode 4 – The Princes Go to Town

Episode 5 – Assailed By the Greatest of Trials

Episode 6 – At Cafe Mitter Meyer

Episode 7 – The Whereabouts of a Dream

Episode 8 – A Timid Heart

Episode 9 – The Price of the Past

Episode 10 – The Professor I Don’t Know

Episode 11 – The Pair’s Promise

Episode 12 – The Last Lesson

Watch Fairy Musketeers Streaming Online (Eps. 27-39)

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

The third and final set of episodes for the fairy-tale themed magical girl adventure anime, Fairy Musketeers!

If you missed them, catch up on episodes 1-13 and episodes 14-26!

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 27 – The Magic Castle

Episode 28 – The Dwarf’s Flowerpot

Episode 29 – Lonely Gretel

Episode 30 – Wiese Forest’s Memories

Episode 31 – Their Bond

Episode 32 – Eternally Bremen

Episode 33 – The Symbol of Friendship

Episode 34 – Hansel and Gretel

Episode 35 – To the Sealed Land

Episode 36 – The Key’s Power

Episode 37 – The Story of Two Worlds

Episode 38 – Door to the Future

Episode 39 – Good Bye Akazukin