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Watch B-Project: Kodou* Ambitious Episodes Streaming Online

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Read about this anime written up in my List of Idol Boy Anime~!!

Tragic backstories abound in this series, although there’s plenty of fun scenes and cute friendship interaction between them, too~!  These are some of the most EXTRA dudes and it will amaze you how frequently opportunities come up for them to throw off their shirts.  There is a very cute and pretty heroine in this series, too!  She is a beginner in the industry, so the viewer gets to learn about the conflict-filled path to stardom alongside her~

The art style for this show is really nice; the boys’ eyes always look so beautiful and I love their colorful hair!  For some reason I really love when they are shown in profile??  The characters have, like, chunky lips and cute pointed-up noses in profile.  Is it weird to appreciate that??  I just do, okay?!

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 1 – Boys Meet Girl

Episode 2 – The Bad End Isn’t So Bad

Episode 3 – Let’s Go With Brilliant

Episode 4 – Break Out Star

Episode 4.5 – Special Episode Premium

Episode 5 – Back to the Baby

Episode 6 – Sixth Sense Blade

Episode 7 – Bullet of the Heart

Episode 8 – Bye-Bye Yesterday

Episode 9 – Flirtatious Play Boy

Episode 10 – Birthday

Episode 11 – Beyond You

Episode 12 – Boys Be Ambitious

For more idol boy anime to watch, check my list of faves!!

Haikyuu!! Episodes Streaming Online – Season 2 (Eps 14-25)

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Aaa I took a way-too-long break from posting, but here, finally, is the second half of Haikyuu’s season 2!!

If you missed them, episodes 1-13 are over here~

These are official, legal streams from Crunchyroll – watching them here helps support the anime industry!

Episode 14 – Still Growing

Episode 15 – Place to Play

Episode 16 – Next

Episode 17 – The Battle Without Will Power

Episode 18 – The Losers

Episode 19 – The Iron Wall Can Be Rebuilt Again and Again

Episode 20 – Wiping Out

Episode 21 – The Destroyer

Episode 22 – The Former Coward’s Fight

Episode 23 – Team

Episode 24 – The Absolute Limit Switch

Episode 25 – Declaration of War

Season 3 is coming soon~!

Cute & Ever-so-Handsome Bishounen/Ikemen Figures, Newly-Released!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

As of the time of this post being written,
these five adorkable dudes are BRAND-NEW LISTINGS,
available for pre-order!

Grab them while you can, and surround your home and your heart
with the anime boys that you love.

Touken Ranbu -Online- Mikazuki Munechika:
Awakened Ver. 1/8 Scale Figure

HWZAGFHFGHSWG have you guys SEEN this??
Look at that battle damage!!
He is SO cool!!!!!

Nendoroid Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric

OMG he so small!!!!
As with most Nendos,
he comes with a lot of little accessories and interchangeable parts~

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Kamina 1/8 Scale Figure

Okay, this is the part where I admit that I haven’t watched Gurren Lagann.
I’m sorry!!  But the figure of this be-sunglass’d dude is very cool,
I can appreciate that.

figma Haikyu!! Shouyo Hinata

AHHHH Hinataaaaaaa!!
I picked the “action pose” pic to feature here,
but there are so many cool poses showing off his cool accessories
at the link, it was a tough choice!!

IDOLiSH 7 DXF Figure Vol. 4: Tamaki Yotsuba

There is a full line of Idolish 7 boys wearing bunny hoodies,
and, you know what?
I have GREAT appreciation for that.

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EXTREMELY Cute, Cuddly, and Huggable New Plushes from Japan!

Monday, July 24th, 2017

I could not believe my eyes when I found these plushies today.

These are seriously SO cute you might explode.
At the thought of having one of these and hugging it…
I just might… melt………….

Kirby 25th Anniversary Bon Voyage Big Plush

This is a special plush released just for Kirby’s 25th anniversary!
He is ready to set sail for adventure and eat probably everything.

Pote Usa Loppy Denim Rabbit Plush Collection

Hsfwghfhsfghg they are wearing little DENIM OVERALLLLLLLLS.
Dude, I freaking love Pote Usa Loppy… this is for real one of the cutest
bunny plushes you can get your hands on nowadays…
Can you imagine having one this big and cuddly…

Neko Atsume Giant 12″ Guy Furry Plush

Neko Atsume has so many plushes and other adorable merch now!!
This new one  is for the chef character.
…You know, I played through this game back before it had an English translation,
and I… had no idea that this guy’s name became “Guy Furry”……………..

Daramofu-san Minna Nakayoshi Plush Collection

Omg!!  Doesn’t their round, tummy-laying shape remind you of Tsum-Tsums?
…Or, well, I guess they aren’t little at all, are they??

Pote Usa Loppy Baby Rabbit Plush Collection

More!!!!  Giant!!!!!!  Loppies!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh… my… GOSH these ones are so sweetly pastel!!
That one with the pacifier is…….. so cute…………

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The Newest & Cutest Yuri!!! on Ice Merch for Your Ice Skating Soul

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

The only cure for YoI Fever is merch.
You can trust me on this, I am a doctor.

Yuri!!! on Ice Official Fan Book Go! Yuri! Go!

This fan book filled with art and fun stuff
also comes with a poster!!

Nendoroid Yuri!!! on Ice Yuri Katsuki

Baby.  Baby boy.
This is the face of innocence.
…Until he goes Eros.

Yuri!!! on Ice Niitengomu! Box Set

A collectible set of rubber straps.
These poses, though…. why are they like this.

Nendoroid Yuri!!! on Ice Victor Nikiforov

Listen you can’t get the Yuri nendo without Victor to match.
Who will encourage him to perform at his best,
sitting on your collection shelf??

Mochi Mochi Mascot Yuri!!! on Ice Vol. 2 Box Set

These Mochi Mochi Mascots are meant to emulate the cuddly squishiness
of Disney’s Tsum Tsums.  Personally, I would go for these instead,
because you can get all of your favorite anime characters!!

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