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Mouse Woes

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

May 12, 2011

Today would have been awesome if my bunny hadn’t chewed through my mouse cord. :,c

Mannnnn why does this keep happening?  I guess it’s safe to assume that he’s responsible for my tablet, too. u_u

Well, these are all lessons.  Need to keep a closer eye on this rabbit and keep cords wrapped up and out of his reach at all times.

RIP pink mouse with cute little flowers that lit up in different colors. ;0;


So anyway this seems like a good time to further promote my big honkin’ Donate button. It’s in the sidebar on the right. Can you see it? I just want to be sure.

Anyone who wants to contribute to my Replace Electronics my Bunny Ruined fund can give it a big ol’ click and I will freaking love you forever.  I’ll draw art of any kind for anyone who donates, more info on that right here.


And today’s comic was going to be introducing my bunny, too. :c But he’s been a BAD BUNNY, so NO COMIC FOR HIM.

Agh! Noooo!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

April 27, 2011

Ohmygosh you guys. D:  I came home from work last night and found that the cord for my tablet had been severed in half!

I’m not totally certain how it happened, but my theories are 1.) My bunny chewed through it.  Seems the most likely, but I dunno, the break is like a clean cut, so maybe not?  Or, 2.) The cord was tugged hard enough that it snapped somehow. O_O

My mom was doing cleaning and vacuuming, so I suppose it’s a possibility from that (I don’t blame my mom at all, she isn’t likely to do something like this even by accident, and even if she did, pulling a cord so hard that it broke would have been something that she noticed and she didn’t say anything about it to me when I got home, and was surprised when I told her about it).

It could also have been entirely my own fault, ’cause sometimes I’ll sit down at my computer or move and just tug on wires all the time accidentally.  Still, it would take some serious force to pull a cord in half, and I think I would have noticed, I guess?

So anyway, I’ve already ordered a new one and it’s on its way (Amazon is actually selling them right now for cheaper than Wacom’s listed price, plus there just happens to be a deal going on with free shipping), but I’m still bummed about this because it puts a damper on my plans to get some introductory comics and doodles churned out for this place within its first week of opening.

Talk about poor timing, huh?!

BUUUUUT all is not totally lost.  I’m going to be spending the next few days filling up the art and portfolio pages with older art and fan art (previously, I had not shared fan art on this site at all, so I’m going back through allllll of my old art to make thumbnails and pages for each of them).  So we’ll be seeing an influx of that going on!

So, this ended up being a blessing in disguise, because catching up on all of my art that I hadn’t added here yet was probably going to be something I would have procrastinated on for weeks if this didn’t happen! XD

Let’s hope strokes of bad luck like this don’t turn out to be a regular thing!

‘Till next time, sweeties! xoxo

Wow! First post ever! Hi!

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Woo!!  Welcome, everyone!!  I’m super psyched about getting this new site under way.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m putting new emphasis on blogging!

From now on, I’ll be sharing all kinds of writing! \(•ヮ•)/  I’ll be using this as an art blog and sharing all kinds of little doodles and comics!  I LOVE feedback – feel absolutely free to comment on anything!

ALSO, I modified this layout myself, and I’m a little anxious about any errors popping up!  If you land on ANY pages where backgrounds aren’t repeating properly, text looks squished or otherwise difficult to read, or anything that looks out of the ordinary at all, I would massively appreciate if you left a comment on that page (or anywhere, as long as you link me to the problem page) describing what you see!  I’ve browsed this place with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer and, while there were minor variations, did not encounter anything that looked broken.  BUT STILL, that doesn’t mean little errors didn’t slip by me!  That’s why I’m counting on your expertise and patience~

THANKS SO MUCH for dropping by!  I’m so happy to see you all here!  *HUG*