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Cute & Pretty Games on Steam You Might Not Have Heard Of

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

It’s been a little while since my last Steam game roundup!  Here is a selection of games I’ve discovered recently that are widely varied, but the connecting thread throughout is that they have cool or pretty art work!

As with all of my Steam recommendations, G2A is the preferred method for getting Steam keys on the cheap!  You don’t have to wait for the games to go on sale, just pick up a key from there for a couple bucks!

cute and pretty games on steam (1)

Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Regia

That’s quite a title! oAo
Littlewitch Romanesque is a sim game reminiscent of Princess Maker!!
The art is sooo beautiful, and scenes play out in comic panels and speech bubbles
for a very artistic effect!

cute and pretty games on steam (2)

Audition Online

This is an MMO from the early oughts, so if you are/were a fan
of games like Mabinogi or Dream of Mirror Online,
then its visual style will look about comparable!
This is a rhythm game where you can customize a cute anime character
and compete (or cooperate) with others online!

cute and pretty games on steam (3)

Treeker: The Lost Glasses

This is a mysterious and meditative adventure/puzzle game.
I was drawn to it because I looooove the lowpoly environments –
awesome abstracted trees like those in the above screenshot
are my absolute weakness!

cute and pretty games on steam (4)

Journey of the Light

Another adventure puzzle game, this time with an overhead view
and beautiful painted natural environments!
The color scheme is cool and blue~

cute and pretty games on steam (5)


This one is a high-paced action platformer!
The characters in the art work look so cyberpunk-y and cool!
There are some very imaginative environments for blasting through! *o*


The Most Adorable Pet Games on iOS

Monday, June 29th, 2015

I have featured dating sims and RPGs a lot – let’s give super cute pet-raising sims a chance in the spotlight!  The selection here is various in terms of how much “raising simulation” you’re allowed.  Some are very ‘sit back and watch’-y and others are very much into the stat-raising to grow into different pets.  I figured I’d cover different types so that everyone could pick a type that they’d enjoy playing!



Although this game is in Japanese, it is simple and intuitive to play
so you can pick it up and play right away!
You decorate your room space with cat toys, then close the app.
When you return later, cute kitties will have shown up,
which you can take pictures of to fill up your albums!
It becomes a fun game of switching up what toys you have out
to see all of the different and rare cats,
and photographing each of them to remember their cute poses forever.



Because you can never, ever have too many cute kitty games.
In this one, the cat that you raise grows various different kinds of hairstyles
based on its level, what toys you have it play with, and how much wool
you’ve collected from a herd of sheep you also apparently own.
It’s adorable, don’t question it.

Personally, I love the soft pastel color palette AfroCat uses!



Another super kawaii game with a sweet, soft color palette~
In Koke-O, you raise a moss ball by choosing a food item to start with
(choosing no item is also an option) and watering it.
The pets grow quickly – within minutes –
so the fun comes from trying different combinations of starting items
and how much water you give it.
There is also a decoration mode where you take photos of your moss ball pet
along with different backgrounds and stickers – they would make
cute wallpaper backgrounds for your phone!


Fairy Doll

If this one looks familiar, it’s because I wrote an entire feature
for it because I so quickly became so enamored with it when I played!
This might be the most ‘stat-raise’-y of all of the games here,
where your objectives are to work toward different personality types
for your Fairy Doll and collect lots of cute outfits.
What’s most pleasing about it is
how much content is available for free players!


Mandrake Girls

Featuring a moe anime style like Fairy Doll,
this time the cutie pies you are raising are adorable plant girls!
If there’s anything I love as much as fairies, it’s flowers,
so the theme and setting of this game is SO EXCITING to see!
Now, if there were an anime bunny-raising sim out there,
I would be pretty much set for life.

Extremely Kawaii Fairy-Raising Dress-Up Game, Fairy Doll!

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Okay, I just discovered this game today while searching for other games to feature, and I fell so deeply in love with it I am going to give it its own feature rather than listing it among others~

Fairy Doll on iTunes!


A cute cinematic at the beginning of the game details that fairies came to the human world, but many people could not see or interact with them.  So, fairies took the form of dolls, so that they could live among people.

You get to name your personal Fairy Doll as well as input a name for yourself as well.  None of the pronouns are gendered, so you are allowed to imagine yourself as any gender.  And while all of the customization options for your Fairy Dolls are feminine in appearance, again, there are no gendered terms used, so you are allowed to think of your Fairy Doll as any gender as well~


Gameplay is mainly in the form of doing Work and Study tasks to increase certain personality traits for your Fairy Doll.  It is a bit like Princess Maker in that regard.  However, you are allowed to look at what the requirements are for each of the target personalities, so you are free to see beforehand what personality stats you need to be building toward and schedule your Work and Study tasks accordingly.


Additionally, Fairy Dolls have not one, but two personalities – one to act as their main type, and the other to be a secondary one.  I am working on making mine a Sweet Angel, so she needs a ton of Kindness!  Other personalities include Tomboy, Tsundere, Cool, Gentle, Demon, Princess, Warrior, and Yandere, among others.  You are even allowed a preview of what kind of dialog your Fairy Doll will use when they are attributed to any of those personalities!


Fairy Dolls talk a lot, not only specifically in conversation when you choose to chat with them in their room, but they will also comment on whatever tasks you are currently working on.  A lot of the dialog is cute, cheerful, encouraging words!  It just feels really good and happy to be playing this. Such a good feel-good, pick-me-up game!


The game is free to download and it seems that it is very generous about rewarding you with currency, outfits, accessories, and upgrades, without requiring you to put real-currency investment into it, but the option is there if you choose to.  I am surprised by the customization options available for free and after only playing it for a short amount of time today!  I’m pleased with the presentation of my cute pink-haired Fairy Doll in a frilly fantasy maid outfit, surrounded by flowers and magical mushrooms – which is a goal that would almost certainly require days of grinding or shelling out for premium items in other mobile games.  And several gacha items are available every day, too – and I’ve managed to get some valuable, cute items from them, not just junk!

That’s about all I have to write up about Fairy Doll for now~  I’m enjoying it, it’s just so cute!  It’s really exciting seeing adorable anime fantasy fairies in the itunes marketplace, and the fact that it’s actually a decent game experience is sugary sweet icing on the cake.

Do look into Fairy Doll on iTunes if you are as smitten with this cuteness as I am!

More Cute Anime Games on Steam

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Now an ongoing series! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

As usual, I recommend getting Steam games through G2A, where you can buy Steam keys for much cheaper!


Fairy Bloom Freesia

A super fun action fighting game in an adorable package!
You will pretty much win me over any time “fairy” is in the title of something.


Magical Diary

From friends over at Hanako Games!!
I think this is actually the only dating sim on the list for once.
You can customize a character at the beginning!!
And the revealed identities for the characters are super twisty,
this game is overall just a great experience.


Eryi’s Action

This takes place in a magical fantasy setting like Fairy Bloom Freesia –
I personally am IN LOVE with the color palette of this game,
and how soft and round and cute all of the characters and critters are!
It’s an exciting action platformer!


Cherry Tree High Comedy Club!

Capcom published this seemingly out of the blue, I had to check it out!
The girls are really cute, the humor is fun and kooky.
I love walking around the town area just talking to all the weird NPCs.
Weird NPCs are the best part of any video game.


Fortune Summoners

This comes from the makers of Recettear!
Like Eryi’s Action, it’s a sidescrolling action platformer!
I like the characters in this a lot, especially how they talk among one another
RPG-style, with very nicely-drawn portraits.

Cute Anime Games on Steam

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Hey you!  Are you friends with me on Steam? ^w^

Here is a small handful of cute anime games I like~  I will definitely be making more posts on this subject, too!

I recommend buying Steam games through G2A, where you can buy keys for MUUUCH cheaper than their listing on Steam’s store!  Much easier on the wallet and takes the stress out of building up a cute games library for yourself! n_n  (If any of the pages linked here are sold out of keys, bookmark them and check back! :O)

Nameless the one thing you must recall

Nameless ~the one thing you must recall~

Just LOOK at how beautiful this game is!!
Cheritz is also responsible for the equally beautiful game, Dandelion,
and this new story from them is even more emotional
(but with plenty of fun parts, too~).
It is fully voiced with Korean voice acting, too!

Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend

Okay, I have written about this game OVER AND OVER.
But that’s because it is seriously one of my favorite games ever,
and in the time it’s been since I last wrote about it, it got an updated HD release on Steam!
Now it’s accessible to even more players, and the pigeons are sparklier than ever.
Here’s a link to the Collector’s Edition, which includes bonus manga and yearbook extras~

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Okay, this is probably a game you’ve already heard of.
But it’s so cute, and I like it so much!  I especially appreciate the intro
where a small homage to Dragon Quest III (one of my favorites ever) plays out.
I love the fusion of shop simulation combined with action RPG dungeon exploring!
The NPCs you can pair up with are all so cool!



A game from our friend Zeiva!  Her art is always so beautiful.
This one is about the heroine Essi and her mysterious travels through time~
There are MAAAANY cute boy characters in this one. ; 3;

This is also one of the instances were you REALLY see the advantage of G2A
over buying these regularly.  As of the time of me posting this,
you can get this $20 game for 60 cents!! *O*

Forward to the Sky

Forward to the Sky

Looook at how cute and pretty this is!  I actually just discovered this game while I was compiling this list.
It looks to be a very cute little action RPG game, with this precious sword-wielding heroine~

Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen

This game is eeeeveryone’s favorite!  It’s similar to the old Princess Maker raising sims,
with the added twist that the humor hits hard and dark in this one –
you will die over and over!  A lot of people have fun getting through this one,
because it’s so hard to reach a successful end, but it’s so awesome
watching your fledgling queen grow and conquer her foes LOL!