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Easiest, Cutest Ponytail Holders into Two-Way Clips DIY

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Hello!!  Let’s do another DIY today!!

I have these ponytails I got for super cheap (I love browsing the girls’ hair accessories section of EVERY STORE), look at how cute they are with a plastic flower in the middle (a little hard to see ’cause it’s transparent), fluffy fuzz, and long trailing ribbons!  They have always looked ballerina-like to me~


The problem is, I never wear my hair in ponytails!  So these have just been sitting in my hair accessories bin (I have a medium-sized basket full of them on top of my dresser oAo), completely unused, which is a crime considering how cute they are!

So… simplest solution ever.  I turned them over, snipped off the elastic part, and hot glued a two-way clip there instead.


With the hair clip part, they can still be clipped in to the hair in front of ponytails if I ever do decide to wear them that way!!

But they’re so much more versatile now, too!  You don’t need your hair in ponytails in order to wear them any more.

And with the brooch pin part, you can pin them on anything – like a brooch on your top, on either side of your socks (if you are like me and wear knee socks a lot), on a canvas bag or purse that you have, anywhere that you want to have pretty trailing ribbons!

Here’s a pic of me (first posted over in my other DIY post about making those elbow-length gloves) using them clipped on the gloves as well as one on the hat!

BonBonBunny Himegyaru Gloves

Yes, that’s a white one!  I was so excited when I found these in the store, I picked up both pink ones and white ones. o_o


They got the same two-way clip treatment~

I have been enjoying incorporating all of these into all kinds of cute outfits!!

DIY Pretty Himegyaru Elbow Gloves Tutorial

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Final

It’s been for EVER and EVER since I posted any of my sewing projects~  Here is how I recently frilled up a pair of plain gloves into something perfect for himegyaru (or even a casual outfit if I am just feeling fancy)!

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Supplies

A pair of knit gloves – mine came from Claire’s, I think, but I’ve had them forever so I don’t really remember LOL.
Pink ruffle trim – I have a ton of this that I hoarded from when I worked at Jo Ann – you don’t have to buy nearly as much as I have pictured here, you really don’t need more than a yard!  You also don’t need to buy it pre-ruffled if you can run a thread through one edge and ruffle it yourself.
Lace trim – also came from Jo Ann.  You’ll need roughly the same length as the other trim.

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Planning

This is me trying the glove on and laying my supplies on top of it to see how they look layered together!  I ended up ditching the lace I photographed in the last photo, and went for this narrower lace instead, so that plenty of the pink ruffle stayed visible.  Also, this smaller lace has hearts on it, so that’s always a win. :3

Cutting & Pinning
Cut your trim to a length longer than it would take to wrap around your hand.  Then use the length you just cut to also cut the pieces for the other side, so that they’ll match~
Lay them out on the glove again, just like you did during the Planning step, but more neatly.  I still did this still right on my hand rather than taking the glove off.  Mainly the reason for that was so that the elastic around the fingers would be properly stretched to the size of my hand so that I knew the length of trim was enough.  Pin the trim in place, being careful not to poke your hand because you’re still wearing it at this point LOL.

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Sewing

My sunlight was going away by this point in the project, so this photo is darker haha//
But if you look closely, you can see the pink stitches along the edge of the glove!
I took the glove off for the sewing, the pins keeping the elastic stretched as I needed it,
but I put the glove back on to model it for this pic.

For a small project like this, I like hand sewing (the stitch I used is a normal back stitch)
but if you have a sewing machine then it’s certainly possible to use it!
If it were me though I would have trouble getting through all the layers we’re sewing through,
plus it always feels awkward maneuvering the machine for a project this small,
so I recommend hand sewing unless you’re really confident with your machine!

DIY Himegyaru Gloves - Final

Add Details and Finish!
You are pretty much done at this point!
Try your gloves on to make sure that your fingers still go through the elastic,
because in sewing along it the elasticity is likely gone~

You can put any kind of pretty additional details on top!
I like to use brooches or two-way clips rather than permanently affixing anything on them,
so that I can swap them out and mix-and-match however I like!

Here they are with a fluffy white pin and long trailing ribbons!

BonBonBunny Himegyaru Gloves

Cute Craft Books

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Maybe you’ve noticed that I like sewing cute things with felt. I wouldn’t have gotten started with this craft if I never read about it first!

Here’s a collection of books that will more than get you started on your own cute, cuddly crafting. You’ll learn all of the techniques and equip yourself with more patterns than you can shake a needle at!

Big Little Felt Universe: Sew It, Stuff It, Squeeze It, Fun!This is a great introductory felt sewing book. There are more than 70 projects in here including food and toys, such as cakes with removable decorations!

The techniques are simple enough that beginners can pick up on them easily, but there’s so much packed in here that experienced crafters will find tons of inspiration as well.

My Favorite Felt SweetsThe book offers detailed, easy-to-follow directions, as well as life-sized patterns, for 106 different projects! o_o

Sheets of colored felt and basic sewing skills (and sometimes a little glue for the final, decorative touches) are all that are required to whip up these luscious-looking and guilt-free confections.


Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted ProjectsFelting is a bit different from the typical sewing-with-felt that I’m into, but thanks to the difference in technique there is potential for creating new and different things!

This book encourages using old wool sweaters – a trip to the thrift store could supply you with everything you need. There is no knitting involved!

Aranzi Aronzo – Cuter BookThis wouldn’t be a proper cute sewing post if Aranzi Aronzo weren’t included here!

The Cuter Book is a follow-up to The Cute Book, and between the two of them are patterns for hundreds of unique cuddly characters. There’s a special flair to Aranzi Aronzo’s projects… there’s a simplicity to the characters’ designs, but SO MUCH FUN to them, too!

Super-Cute FeltAnd this is a great finisher to this post, thanks to the huge variety of simple projects it includes.

The categories in Super-Cute Felt include Accessories (think brooches and small purses!), Gifts (pincushions!), Homewares (coasters and tea cozies!), and Celebrations for holiday-themed cuteness.

This is all reminding me that I need to get back to work on my own instructional sewing book! o^o

MLP Custom Plush Commission: OC Pony – Gemdas

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

View on DeviantArt

November 2011

Gemdas is an OC Pony by Roundrockb!

I like the colors a lot. @3@ Like chocolate with vanilla frosting… I am told by Roundrockb that the colors are inspired by the Pokémon Eevee.



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MLP Custom Plush Commission: OC Pony – Sky Charmer

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

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November 2011

Sky Charmer is an OC Pony by Kaasha56!



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