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Cute & Pretty New JFashion Items For Pretty Pink Souls

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

I picked a few newly-released items from Tokyo Otaku Mode today that all kind of fall into a similar soft pastel, kinda rosy theme! 😀

milklim Ice Cream Skirt

This pale skirt has a border print of soft-serve ice cream,
but most interestingly there is a layer of sheer chiffon over the top
of the whole thing~

milklim Heart & Watermelons Coordinate Set

You get the set of t-shirt + shorts in this coordinate!!
This looks like pajamas to me, or just cozy loungewear for around the house~
This is the kind of thing you would wear to curl up and
watch your favorite cute anime!

LIZ LISA Lace-Up Cardigan

Liz Lisa is a classic, beloved brand!!
This listing is for the sweet, creamy cardigan the model is wearing~

LIZ LISA Cameo Rose Dress

…And this listing is for the dress itself!
I think this is GORGEOUS!!  Such a classical, vintage-like print and style, right?

Secret Door Souffle Mini Backpack

Fuzzy stuff is a popular trend right now, and I think it’s SO cute!!
Everything looks like a fluffy bunny. ;____;
This backpack, even without any bunny-like features,
just strikes me as cuddly and cute and round like a bunny!

There are a few different colors you can pick this up in, so check them out~

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Summer Sandals & Shoes for Sweet JFashion

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

If your Summer outfits are ready to go,
perhaps some sweet shoes and sandals are just the finishing touch!

This round-up covers recent releases from Liz Lisa,
Honey Salon, and Swankiss!

LIZ LISA Frill Lace Wedge Sandals

These sweet, lacy sandals from Liz Lisa are, like, a STAPLE of jfashion!
Perfect for any outfit with neutral Earthy tones or soft pastels,
and anything with lace!

Honey Salon Shell High Heels (Lavender)

These seashell-and-starfish designed shoes come in a couple
of other colors, too!

Honey Salon Big Pearl Sandals (Lavender)

These could almost be mermaid shoes, as well!
The big pearls on the front are like jewels found from the sea~

Swankiss Lace-Up Clear Shoes

For some more wild styles, these MASSIVE platforms
and see-through pink sneakers will perfectly complement your statement!

Swankiss Lamé Flower Sandals

Holy smokes those huge platforms are LOADED with glitter!
If I wore these, I’d want to put an entire outfit of pink glitter together.
That just sounds like a DREAM!

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What are Randoseru and Where can you get a Cute or Pretty one?

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Have you seen randoseru in cute coord pics??  They are sleek, scholarly-looking backpacks, and they are on the rise as a stylish trend, available in some really cute and pretty designs for all ages!

What are Randoseru and Where can you get a Cute or Pretty one (1)

Pastel Princess Bow Randoseru

This listing has each of these bags available in these four pretty pastel colors,
in both small sizes for kids as well as a large size for teenagers and adults!
I looove the pretty gold edging… there’s a really pretty rhinestony/bead
hanging from the bow at the front, too!!

What are Randoseru and Where can you get a Cute or Pretty one (2)

Fashion Schoolbag Randoseru in lots of colors!!

Here is the more generic look that you generally see for randoseru!
You can get this one in a nice neutral color or a pretty pastel!!

What are Randoseru and Where can you get a Cute or Pretty one (3)

Hime Princess Randoseru Backback

A very classic hime gyaru-looking design for these backpacks!!

What are Randoseru and Where can you get a Cute or Pretty one (4)

Star Randoseru in Dark/Neutral Colors

This variation looks very classy,
with the simple added detail of stars across the flap~

What are Randoseru and Where can you get a Cute or Pretty one (5)

Quilted Princess Bow Randoseru & Travel Bag

Another himegyaru-looking design!!
And it comes with a tote bag, too!!
It’s also in pink~

Pastel Princess Bed Sets

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

A pretty place to curl up into is sure to guarantee sweet, princessy dreams!!  I’d love a room that’s soft, a little bit shabby chic, but mostly cute and pastel.  These beautiful bedding sets are sure to get one started on that dream!

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (1)

Huge Selection of Pastel Princess Bed Sets

There are 19 different styles in this listing!!
From pastel contrasting colors with cute moons and stars printed on them
to soft elegant florals, to animal print with pink,
you are sure to find a favorite here!!

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (2)

Pale Pastel Solid Color w/ White Ruffle Bed Set

Pale blue always makes me think of Cinderella,
but this bedding set is also available in pink, lavender, and white
(with the ruffles done in pink instead of white).
It’s a bit simple and flat compared to the other entries here,
but simplicity is certainly pretty!!
Plus, it means there’s more room to throw all your stuffed animals on.

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (3)

Sweet Pink Stripe Country Shabby Chic Bedding Set

This alternating stripe and floral design is so classically shabby chic!!
A bedding set like this is among the easiest ways to make your room
look like a vacationing princess is living in it.

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (4)

Romantic Rose Floral Lace Princess Bedding Set

Pictured in blue above, but you can also get it in pink!!
These clusters of roses are soooo pretty.
I’d feel the need to continue the rose theme throughout the room,
displaying them in vases or just draping floral garland around as an accent.

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (5)

White & Black Lace Bows Bedding Set

Well, I guess black & white isn’t exactly pastel.
But I think this is perfectly workable for a cute princess’ room anyway!!
There is a classical elegance to it, and you don’t have to worry
about making sure that it matches with your other decor.
An excellent starter piece!!

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

I’ve covered printed tights before – we already know that they are a huge trend right now!!  And Lolita isn’t the only style that can incorporate them.  I bet you could put together an awesome look using with any elegant clothes that show one’s legs!!

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (1)

Golden Constellation Printed Tights

Wow!!  I’m pretty sure those are zodiac signs printed on these stockings~
I love the selection of different colors you can get these on.

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (2)

Golden Starry Sky with Planets Printed Tights

This comes on white, too!
A dreamy depiction of the Milky Way,
twinkling above your toes.

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (3)

Music Score with Piano Keys Printed Tights

Musical scores and music notes are a popular and highly workable Lolita theme~
This comes in black or white.
And!!  Easy to miss!  But there’s a very pretty falling-bead-like design
at the bottom of the musical score, near your ankles.

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (4)

Steampunk Gears & Cogs Printed Tights

This variety can be in shiny gold printed on black, white, or brown!
The inner workings of clocks and watches is so mesmerizing.
Do you think that people would be fascinated by your legs if you wore this, too?

Romantic Fancy Printed Tights for Lolita or Other Elegant Coords (5)

Solid Cotton Over-the-Knee Socks

These come in a lot of workable solid colors, like a pretty lavender!!
This is a pretty simple design, but the cute details are the scalloped edge
and beaded ribbon woven through.
Very versatile and wearable with almost everything!