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Pastel Princess Bed Sets

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

A pretty place to curl up into is sure to guarantee sweet, princessy dreams!!  I’d love a room that’s soft, a little bit shabby chic, but mostly cute and pastel.  These beautiful bedding sets are sure to get one started on that dream!

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (1)

Huge Selection of Pastel Princess Bed Sets

There are 19 different styles in this listing!!
From pastel contrasting colors with cute moons and stars printed on them
to soft elegant florals, to animal print with pink,
you are sure to find a favorite here!!

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (2)

Pale Pastel Solid Color w/ White Ruffle Bed Set

Pale blue always makes me think of Cinderella,
but this bedding set is also available in pink, lavender, and white
(with the ruffles done in pink instead of white).
It’s a bit simple and flat compared to the other entries here,
but simplicity is certainly pretty!!
Plus, it means there’s more room to throw all your stuffed animals on.

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (3)

Sweet Pink Stripe Country Shabby Chic Bedding Set

This alternating stripe and floral design is so classically shabby chic!!
A bedding set like this is among the easiest ways to make your room
look like a vacationing princess is living in it.

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (4)

Romantic Rose Floral Lace Princess Bedding Set

Pictured in blue above, but you can also get it in pink!!
These clusters of roses are soooo pretty.
I’d feel the need to continue the rose theme throughout the room,
displaying them in vases or just draping floral garland around as an accent.

Pastel Princess Bed Sets (5)

White & Black Lace Bows Bedding Set

Well, I guess black & white isn’t exactly pastel.
But I think this is perfectly workable for a cute princess’ room anyway!!
There is a classical elegance to it, and you don’t have to worry
about making sure that it matches with your other decor.
An excellent starter piece!!

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Yo, it doesn’t even matter that no one is seeing your underwear or whether it matches your coord or not.  Wearing cute stuff under your clothes makes you feel so good!!  So here are some simple, cozy, cotton panties that would be so super cute to wear under your favorite soft larme-kei coordinates.  And anything else.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (1)

5-Pack Pastel Lace Panties

Most of my listings here today consist of sets of 5 panties,
whose colors are shipped at random!
The colors for this assortment could be a combination of soft yellow,
pink, and a teal-ish baby blue.
The white lace on the sides is my favorite!!

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (2)

5-Piece Pink & Yellow Cotton & Lace Panties

These two designs are pink and yellow in contrasting colors!
Though they have lace ruffles on them, they are cotton all the way around
unlike the listing above.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (3)

5-Piece Pastel Lace with Ribbon Bows Panties

A set of panties with a panel of lace at the front
(and the pattern is different for each color!)
and a couple of cute ribbon bows!!!
I like this set because it has a pretty minty green color selection!

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (4)

5-Pieces Blue & Yellow Mesh Cotton Panties Set

The colors in this set are a very sweet blue and buttery yellow!
They are mostly a solid color with just a little bit of lacy detail.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (5)

5-Piece Soft Pastel Cotton Panties Set

This selection has some contrasting ruffle at the front
and a really pretty lace edge!!
I like the lavender purple that’s available in this one, too!

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!!

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

You know all of those cute makeup and cosplay videos I have shared of supercute model Kimura U?  Well, KOKOkim is her own brand of fashion and accessories, and everything in it is just SO CUTE IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!  These are some of the sweetest and most perfect Larme-kei items ever – just take a look!

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (1)

KOKOkim School Idol Jacket

This looks extremely sharp~
You will be the trendiest schoolgoing idol in this
stylish pastel jacket!!

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (2)

KOKOkim School Idol Skirt

This is the skirt that is meant to go along with the jacket,
like a uniform!!  Just like your favorite animes.
It comes in really awesome pale pastel colors!!

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (3)

KOKOkim XOXO Shorts

I clicked on this because I am in love with that top!!
But this is actually for the shorts. nn;
They are really cute – with a frill along the bottom and ribbon on the sides.

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (4)

KOKOkim Heart Ribbon Blouse

Ahhh the hearts cut out from the collar are sooo cute!!
That’s really clever!!
And vertical rows of bows and lace are always my fave.

Extremely Cute Larme Brand KOKOkim!! (5)

KOKOkim Dream Land Jumper Skirt

OH MY GOSH!!!  This cuteness!!
With “Dream Land” in its name, I imagine this must be something
that exists in Kirby’s universe.
It’s so sweet!!

Kira-Kira Glitter Christmas Makeup Kawaii Tutorial (Video)

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

【キラキラ】クリスマスメイク♡Glitter Christmas Makeup

Cute Cozy Swankiss Clothes for Larme Princesses!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Ahh!  I only knew of the shopping site Tokyo Otaku Mode for buying anime merch, but they actually have brand name Japanese fashions, too!!  Swankiss is one of the most desirable brands for cute styles like Larme-kei and modern soft/dolly-looking gyaru.  Here are some of the newest items listed!

Cute Cozy Swankiss Clothes for Larme Princesses! (1)

Swankiss Sailor Mouton Coat

This looks super warm and cute!!
I love coats that are nice and long.
And the fur trim on this looks really fluffy!!

Cute Cozy Swankiss Clothes for Larme Princesses! (2)

Swankiss Xmas Dress

This looks like the kind of dresses that Candy Rain does all the time!!
Although, I guess it’s actually Candy Rain that copies Swankiss’ style.
I’d love to wear something romantic and dreamy like this for Christmas!

Cute Cozy Swankiss Clothes for Larme Princesses! (3)

Swankiss Rose Rococo Dresses

This adorable dress has the prettiest little rosebuds embroidered on it!
The detail pics of the embroidery are so pretty –
it’s worth clicking through to check out the detail pics just to see them!

Cute Cozy Swankiss Clothes for Larme Princesses! (4)

Swankiss Twinkle Star Shorts

Well, anything with “twinkle star” in its name is automatically sweet and dreamy.
I love the pretty ribbon details on either side of these shorts!

Cute Cozy Swankiss Clothes for Larme Princesses! (5)

Swankiss Fluffy Tulle Skirt

There’s pretty corset-style ribbon woven through the waistband
of this pretty, dreamy skirt!!
This iridescent type of fabric was called “lamé” at the fabric store where I worked,
and I always associate “Larme” with it because they look so similar!
So in my mind, a skirt from lamé material is the very essence of larme-kei!