Commission info / Donation FAQ

Commissions are always open! Check my portfolio for samples of my work!

Please read this whole page before ordering, especially if you have any questions! You might find it’s been addressed already. c:

What I’m willing to draw & for what prices are as follows (click them to make your order!):

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Important: There’s a tiny link during checkout that says “Click here to tell me what you want~!” When you click on it, it expands a text box where you can input what character (and from what series) you’d like me to draw for you (or a link to a reference image of any original character or anything). Oh, and d on’t stress out too much if you accidentally skip this step – you’ll get an e-mail back from me right away and I’ll just ask what it was that you wanted me to draw. :3

Overview of Each Commission Option:

Anime Headshot – Simple Colors:

These tend to have a ‘soft’ look to them, but it depends on what colors are used. The image will be largely white, and colors only go in the “shaded” areas. The result is rather neat, I think, and my watchers seem to like it too, so that’s why I’ve made this option available here. c:

Anime Headshot – Detailed Colors:

These are fully-colored and with multiple depths of shading. I tend to go wild with colors on these and have a lot of fun with them. The linework on these is thinner and relatively neater than my simple-colored pieces, too.


Full-body of a cute little character with a big, round head, a cute face, and noodly arms & legs.


An adorable, softly-textured crayon-like drawing of any nonhuman animal or object. (For anything humanoid, just order a Chibi and if you like, you can specify that you’d like it done in this crayon-y coloring style. :3)

Additional Information:

These will all have transparent backgrounds (with a wide border around them if they look better that way), but if you want a simple background instead (such as some kind of texture of splash of color), just say so!

You’ll get a high-resolution image (usually larger than 2000 by 2000 pixels) e-mailed to you at the address your Paypal order came from.

All completed art work will be displayed in my online portfolios on this site, DeviantArt, Tumblr, etc. If you don’t want your art shown anywhere, just let me know. If you leave me some kind of url that belongs to you (any Web site or blog you own, your DeviantArt page, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.), I’ll even link back to you. Yay backlinks!

I also make a lot of my art available as prints or on t-shirts and other products. This works out great for characters from popular series or random kawaii images, but I’ll never do this for portraits of people or original characters. If you’re ordering an existing or random character and ARE NOT okay with me making a print out of it or using it on products, tell me and I’ll make sure I never do so!

For group pictures: I’m willing to do these, but be prepared to wait longer for me to finish the drawing for you. If you specify wanting a group shot in that “Click here to tell me what you want” box (anything involving more than one character depicted in the image), I’ll send you an invoice requesting $5 for each additional figure in the image.

For anime art besides headshots (such as full-body or waist-up): The reason I’m hesitant to take these on is because, in the past, I just took FOREVER to finish them for folks, and had them waiting for several of weeks or more. If you don’t mind waiting so long, go ahead and specify either full-body or waist-up in that “Click here to tell me what you want” box and I’ll send you an invoice for the additional payment. For simple colors, the invoice will be for $10 (making your total payment for the commission $15 since you already put $5 toward it). For detailed colors, the invoice will be for $15 (making your total payment $25).

The commissions on this page are for non-commercial use only. If you want a logo designed, contact the artist. Pricing for logos start at $30. Here’s a page describing other things you can (and can’t) use my commissioned art work for.


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