Glamorous Agejo Gyaru Black/Pink Clothes from GOLDS Infinity

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

Black and pink infallibly look soooo glamorous and pretty!!  It’s getting a bit harder now to find clothing in agejo style, or that classic gyaru style that MA*RS used to excel in, but I found this secondhand shop on Rakuten that stocks classic pieces from notable brands!!  Today’s roundup features GOLDS Infinity items, which are slouchy and comfy while looking trendy and beautiful!

golds infinity agejo gyaru blackpink clothes (1)

GOLDS Infinity Black Lace Pink Dress with Gold Chain

Gold chains are a staple of classic gyaru,
and lace makes all things look elegant!!
This has a cute, bubble-dress shape to it. c:

golds infinity agejo gyaru blackpink clothes (2)

GOLDS Infinity Pink/Black Sweeping Braided Dress

I love the half-and-half black and pink color blocks of this dress!!
The sweeping shape of the braid in the front
is an eye-catching detail!

golds infinity agejo gyaru blackpink clothes (3)

GOLDS Infinity Pink Lace Detail Black Long-Sleeve Bubble Dress

I’m seeing a similar shape in all of these dresses,
but it’s such a cozy-looking design that still looks stylish,
and so I’m absolutely in love with it~

golds infinity agejo gyaru blackpink clothes (4)

GOLDS Infinity Silky Pink Patterned Top Dress

The vague animal print on this makes it look wild!!
I love the pink in it~
Can you imagine walking by, wearing this on a breezy day?
You would look ethereal~

golds infinity agejo gyaru blackpink clothes (5)

GOLDS Infinity Gold Chain Detailed Collar with Sequin Belt Top

I feel  like I have seen this piece in a million coord pics!!
Twelve bucks for this is amazing! (/*o*\)

Gorgeous Ageha Dresses from Jewels

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Ageha and Gyaru are tricky styles to shop for. Thankfully, there is Rakuten, a network of tons of Japanese stores, most of which are perfectly willing to ship internationally.

Jewels is a store that specializes in formal dresses, especially those in the elegant and often blinged-out Ageha fashion style. If I were a schoolgoing ladychild, I’d definitely be wishing for these to wear for prom.

…Prom season isn’t over, is it? I have no idea what you kids are up to these days.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites dresses from Jewels!

Lavender Swallowtail GownGosh so beautiful wow. oAo

I am in love with the train~ Just a cascade of ruffles behind you.

And the lavender + pink color scheme is soooo sweet.

Ageha Goddess-Wrap Watercolor DressThis “watercolor” effect is something I see on almost all of Jewels’ dresses. It is AMAZING. You should definitely clickthrough to see the other photos of different angles. The wraps and ties look spectacular from the back, too.
Satin Laced-Up Ageha GownWaaaaaoww those rufflesss!! I am in awe. I want to know who designs these dresses so that I can give them THE BIGGEST HUGS.

The laced-up effect on the front is just spectacular!

Kimono-Sleeved Ageha DressThe other thing I love about Jewels is the gorgeous photography… Really just accentuates the elegance of their dresses all the more.

This dress has long, flowing kimono sleeves. *o* You can see them a bit better if you clickthrough and look at other pics of them.

They’re actually not attached to the dress – just worn over the shoulders like a bolero. So they can be removed and give the dress a whole new look!

Red Kimono-Print Balloon DressThat bright red and brilliant blue are such spectacular shades!!

I’m usually not crazy about that poofy balloon hemline on dresses, but this one pulls it off in a totally unique way!

Wuahhh they’re all so pretty. ;A; Now I just need an occasion on which to wear them…