Cute, Funky, & Fashionable Bags & Backpacks

Saturday, July 15th, 2017

There is some serious personality behind these cute bags I was browsing today –
in this roundup, we’ve got rainbows, glamorous pink backpacks, and
PURSES shaped like CACTI.

Kate Spade New York Adalyn Mini Wallet

Check out this cute wallet!!
Bright, fun, colorful flowers always look awesome
on a black background.

Kate Spade New York 3D Cactus Coin Purse

Listen.  Ok.  I know you’re not going to believe me, but….
And there are???  Shiny gold rhinestones “potted” inside????

Kate Spade New York Cactus Bag Clutch

This is UN-BE-LIEVABLE!!!!!!!
For real, are you seeing this.
The awesome sparkly gold rhinestones are way more visible on this version.

Las Bayadas El Pablo Tote

And look!!!  RAINBOWS!!

MCM Dual Stark Backpack

This is a super glamorous and pretty pink backpack!!
I’m in love with the gold diamond studs all over it.
The awesome diamond pattern that they make at the top is FAVE!!

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Kawaii Plush Bags, Backpacks, and Purses!!

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Ohmahgosh!!  That recent Aliexpress find Meow Girl has some of the cuuuutest plush bags~  I remember years ago, before I was sewing seriously but had a bamillion ideas to sew anyway, I drew up plush bunny backpack designs to make.  Now there are plentiful plush bunnies available as bags and I don’t have to make one, lol!

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (1)

Mischievous Kitty Plush Crossbody Bag with Tail Zipper

Hahaha oh my gosh look at that naughty kitty face! >:3
The plushie tail zipper pull is such a cute extra charm point!!

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (2)

Poteusa Loppy Giant Plush Bunny Backpack

Poteusa Loppy is another plush character from the Arpakasso folks –
this is probably a remakey knockoff though.
Ahhh the pink one has a little bow!!

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (3)

Poteusa Loppy Giant Plush Bunny Crossbody Bag

Like the knockoff backpacks above, but this one is a crossbody bag!
Those biiiiig squishy heads can probably hold a ton of little things from your purse!

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (4)

Giant Squishy Plush Hamster Backpack

Omg those cheeks are soooooooooooo big!!
Ahhh I wouldn’t be able to carry this around as a backpack,
because I would be squishing its cute little toes all the time
and it would distract me from functioning in any other way.

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (5)

Fat Fluffy Sheep Bag Backpack

FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!