Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

BoBon21 and Candy Rain are some of the prettiest Taobao brands a princess can treat herself to!  These listings are brand spanking new and show off a few incredibly pretty sweaters and coats available now~

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (1)

Candy Rain Pink Princess Lace with Fur Collar Coat

This nice, thick coat looks like it will keep you sooooo warm!!
The fur collar is decorated with pearls and pink ribbon bows.
Easy to miss, but there is a white floral lace overlay in the sides!!
It’s also in the ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves
(which always looks super elegant around your hands).

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (2)

Candy Rain Long White Fur Coat with Pink Strawberries

The loooong length of this coat, flared out like a dress, is so elegant!!
And it’s covered in soft fur~
Detailed around the collar, along with white pearl beads,
are cute little pink strawberries!!

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (3)

BoBon21 Fur Heart Applique Sweater

This comes in a few colors – the others not pictured are pastels!!
I like that the cute hearts appliqued on here are fluffy!

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (4)

BoBon21 Sweet Woolly Sweater with Silver Beading

The dainty beaded designs along the collar are so pretty!!
The texture of this sweater is fluffy and woolly.
It comes in two colors – pink and white.

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (5)

BoBon21 Cute Waffle Texture with Pom-Poms Sweater

Ahhh the little pom-poms at the collar of this sweater are so cute!! ^^
This comes in blue as well~
I thought it was a gingham design at first,
but this sweater is actually a knit waffly texture.

Cozy, Sweet, & Girly Sweaters from BoBon21

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

I forgot that I just covered a bunch of hoodies and jackets last week when I rounded up these for today’s post…….  But I didn’t show off these pretty, girly sweaters from BoBon21 last time, so this selection is different!  Completely different!

Like most BoBon21 items, these sweaters are soft pastels and completely adorable!!


BoBon21 Fuzzy Fluffy Sweater with Pom-Pom Bows

Ohhhh!!  It’s soooo fluffffyyyyyyy!!
Wearing this would be like being enveloped in a warm marshmallow hug!!
And the lace around the collar is so pretty,
and I love the pom-poms in the bows~


BoBon21 Soft Sweet Knitted Cape

Throwing something warm over your shoulders
is my favorite way to combat the col!
This is soooo soft, and such a warm buttery color!


BoBon21 Rosebud Cable Knit Sweater

The tiny rosebuds on this sweater are sooo sweet!
Even the design in the cable knitting looks like roses!


BoBon21 Kitty Shoulder Knit Sweater

omg this SWEATER has a KITTY draped over your SHOULDERS.


BoBon21 Sweet Fur Sweater

Fur trim screams Winter Wonderland to me,
and the pretty ruffly rounded collar of this shirt is soo cute!
I love how soft and fluffy the texture is~

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Lavender is one of those colors that’s easy to provoke a synesthetic response – the soft, relaxing scent of lavender.  Just browsing these beautiful, softly ruffly ‘casual princess’ clothing pieces is like aromatherapy~

All of these come from the TaoBao brand Candy Rain, and are listed by LoliLoli Shop for Lolita Princess!

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (1)

Soft Chiffon Princess Overlay Lavender Skirt

Ahhh, lately I have been trying to look up what that draping ‘princess bustle’
is called by name, and can’t seem to find it!
There are definitely some sewing projects I want to do that include it. c:

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (2)

Soft White Chiffon Overlay Lavender Blouse with Big Bow

That’s a BIG!!!  BOW!!!
And gosh wow the loose and ruffly chiffon sleeves are heavenly.

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (3)

Chiffon Lavender Mermaid Embroidery Skirt

*gasps and points in excitement* Mermaid shell motif!!
You could wear those pretty pastel mermaid shoes with this!

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (4)

White & Lavender Sailor Collar with Candy Rain Embroidery Blouse

I love when bow tails are cut like that!!
This is a perfectly nautical-themed top to go with that mermaid skirt~

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (5)

Soft Floral Chiffon Ruffle Skirt (Lavender or Pink)

Have I featured this skirt already? oAo
It’s so beautiful, like soft flower petals~
Really, it couldn’t hurt to cover it twice, could it?
Edit:  Oops, I also told a little lie in the intro. nn;
This skirt is from BoBon21, not Candy Rain~

New Kawaii Aliexpress Seller Discovered! BOBON21!!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

“But Bridget, why are you freaking out?!  You’ve featured BoBon21 Aliexpress sellers plenty of times!!”  NO THIS IS DIFFERENT! BOBON21 is actually the name given to this newly-discovered store, although they sell many TaoBao brands besides BoBon21, such as Candy Rain (which is MY FAVE btw).

I’ve added them to my Favorite Aliexpress Stores guide!  Now, let’s go over a few of their cute items!


Cute Woolly Fluff Stripe Dress

This dress has horizontal rows of fuzzy fluff that is kind of sparkly!!
It also comes in pink and white!


High-Waisted Chiffon Skirt with Cris-Crosses and Polka Dots

It’s so rare that I feature clothes in black, huh?
And here are two in this same feature!
I think the cris-crosses along the top of this skirt were cute!


Embellished Kitty Candy Rain T-Shirt

Okay, I clicked on this one thinking it was for the cute suspender shorts!
But the t-shirt is okay too!  The kitty design on it is precious,
and I love the keyhole cut into the sleeves, which are super ruffly~


BoBon21 Plaid & Lace Cute Cupcake Skirt

These just look adorably schoolgirlish!!


Plaid Crop Top with Sheer Overlay Top

The flouncy sheer overlay part of this top is so cute,
I didn’t even realize the tank top underneath is midriff-revealing!
I don’t mind it so much, its overall look is very nice!

A Guide to All Those Kawaii Brands You See on Ebay, Storenvy, and Aliexpress

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

When you’re browsing for cute clothes in the style of Lolita, gyaru, mori girl, fairy-kei, and others, you may find in your searches through Ebay, Storenvy, Aliexpress and others that you begin to recognize certain pieces listed!  Maybe you’ll recognize the model wearing the fashions, or something about the photography will look familiar to similar listings you’ve found.  You have the vague idea that they’re probably TaoBao brands, but what are their names, and where do these listings originate from?

The thing about these marketplaces is that they very rarely actually list these items by name!  Knowing the originator of these pieces can help you shop around for them and get them at a fair price.  Plus, it’s just good to know where the things you’re buying come from.

Here is my quick guide to my favorite brands that I’ve encountered across these marketplaces!  It’s certainly not a comprehensive list, but maybe it can help you find some direction with your own browsing. :3


Candy Rain

This is my favorite of all of the TaoBao brands available –
everything is lacy and ruffly, with light floral patterns and soft pastels!
Candy Rain models are usually posed around rich-looking rooms
set with flowers, tea or cakes, or outdoors in a garden setting.

Candy Rain’s YesStyle Brand Page
LoliLoli Shop for Lolita Princess 
– an Aliexpress seller
BOBON21 – another Aliexpress seller that stocks Candy Rain
Candy Rain’s TaoBao Page



I hope I have the name of this brand correctly;
I only have their YesStyle page to go from.
It doesn’t refer to this brand by name on its TaoBao shop as far as I see. nn;

GOGO Girl is a very widespread brand on marketplaces
that features this model who is doll-like in cuteness!
She is posed against a wall in a cutesy interior room.
Again is the recurring theme of pastel colors and soft fabrics,
like sheer chiffon overlays.

GOGO Girl’s YesStyle Brand Page
 – Aliexpress seller that features GOGO Girl heavily
MONGPING finery – another Aliexpress seller
GOGO Girl’s TaoBao Page
Another TaoBao Page for this seller because who knows??



That’s BO-bon, not BON-bon, like a certain bunny-related URL you might know of.
This brand surfaced as a cheaper alternative to Liz Lisa.
Many of their pieces are similar to Liz Lisa stylistically.
They are not listed on YesStyle.
Their usual model has the light strawberry-blonde hair pictured above.
She is usually posed against a blank wall, but as with all of these guidelines,
there are variations sometimes.

LoliLoli Shop for Lolita Princess – again!  Such a reliable seller for cute clothes.
BOBON21 – A seller that shares the name, but may not be officially connected.
BoBon21’s TaoBao Page


Pink Doll

Pink Doll is also Dabuwawa, and it features mature and elegant clothing!
Their models look older and more mature than the previous featured
kawaii brands, to match the look of their clothing line.
There are also often non-Asian models featured sometimes,
such as the blonde woman in the center above.
They are usually posed in interior spaces against curtains or similar.

Dabuwawa’s YesStyle Brand Page
One, Two, and Three different Aliexpress sellers for Pink Doll
Pink Doll’s TaoBao Page

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