Pastel Nebula Cross T-Shirts, Leggings, Skirts, and Scarves

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Hello friends!  I was surprised while browsing one day by how difficult it was to actually find pastel nebula-printed things on clothes, despite how often they seem to be depicted in soft grunge and pastel goth coordinates and art work!  So I thought I would make some available myself!

I painted this nebula design myself and plan to use it on many more cutesy shapes (like stars, planets, etc), but for today, let’s cover what I have available in this cross design!


In my store, you can find the t-shirts in 3 colors, in mens’ and ladies’ styles!
Pink Cross | Blue Cross | Purple Cross

And if you check out my Redbubble page instead,
there are even more clothing options, additional shirt styles included!
Here are the leggings:
Pastel Nebula Pattern | Pink Cross | Blue Cross | Purple Cross


Pencil skirts are a new addition to Redbubble’s lineup!
I think they are super cute!
Pastel Nebula Pattern | Pink Cross | Blue Cross | Purple Cross


Scarves are also fairly new!
They are sheer and can be worn in many different scarfy ways~
Pastel Nebula Pattern | Pink Cross | Blue Cross | Purple Cross

There are also iPhone cases, laptop covers, tons of other little things,
just follow any of those Redbubble links to see all of them!

Free! Cosplay T-shirts (and hoodies!) from SPLASH FREE ED

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Ok you know those goofy outfits the STYLE FIVE boys are wearing in the credits of the first season of Free!?


A little while ago, I drew up those designs as best I could and put them on t-shirts! :O  Now you can wear them for your cosplay or casual needs~

Free! shirts

As you can see, there are hoodies and school logos too~!  They are all available in my shop!

Oh!  As an alternative, you can also get these on Redbubble, which gives you the option to get the designs on ringer tees, where the collar and sleeves are different colors~  It’s a bit closer to their actual shirts they are wearing in the song. n_n