‘Bunny’-inspired Simple & Sweet Makeup Tutorial with Yui Minakata (Video)

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Turn closed captions on if no subtitles show up~

Japanese Trend BUNNY MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Kawaii fashion model Yui Minakata

Sewing a Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt DIY Tutorial

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

In just a single day, I sewed this extremely cute and pretty skirt in a dusty pink color and classical, vintage-looking print – I thought it would be perfect for wearing on Thanksgiving!

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (7)

Here is the finished skirt!!
It has a high waist and is incredibly full in shape.

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (1)

This is a close-up of the fabric –
a classical-looking toile print covered in BUNNIES!!
From afar, you can hardly tell that there are bunnies there at all.

They are secret bunnies.

Now I’ll let you know how I made it!!

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (2)

These three incredibly simple, rectangular shapes are all you need to cut out.
Cotton fabric comes in aboout 45″ wide, folded at the middle.
For rectangular pieces like these, all you do is measure the length down for each piece
and cut allllll the way across that 45″-ish width.

Using twice the amount of length that the waistband has
is what makes the skirt so fluffy and full!!

I like this method more than making a circle skirt pattern,
because the entire cut of fabric gets used without ANY scraps,
AND you don’t have the problem where your print is upside down at the back.

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (3)

The front & back panels get seamed together to make one huge “tube”-like shape,
then hemmed along the bottom.
In the above picture, I’m using lazy box-pleat-like gathers to match up the width
of the front + back skirt pieces with the waistband.
However, I do not iron the box-pleats down,
because I want it to fall like ruffles and not actual pleats.

Oh, and I always sew wrong-sides-together first, since I use French seams all the time
so that all of the seams are extremely sturdy and finished-looking on the inside.

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (4)

Here is the “after” of the above picture – the waistband
and the two skirt panels all attached!!
The waistband is about to be folded over at the top,
with a channel for elastic to go through ONLY on the back.
The front will be laying flat – that’s what gives it the high-waisted skirt appearance!

You can also see in this picture that while I am spending all of these hours sewing,
I keep myself entertained by watching Youtube vids of video games. :p
For this particular project, it was the Best Friends playing Super Mario RPG.

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (5)

In just one afternoon, I had finished practically an entire skirt!!
The lace details are simple – just lengths of lace sewn on in easy straight lines.
Actually, in the above pic, the bottom row of lace is pinned on
and not actually sewn yet.
The buttons are sen on by hand.  By the way –

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (6)

Look at these tiny bunny buttons!!!

Himekaji Pink Bunny Toile Skirt (7)

Since I took a little break after making so much progress in the above pics,
it gave me time to decide that I wanted to scoot the bottom row of lace
up by a couple of inches before finally sewing it in place.
Stepping back for an hour (or day) is usually so beneficial!!

I’m so excited to have something this classical-looking and cute.
It looks like something that Liz Lisa would produce, and I never thought
that I’d own anything as pretty as anything of theirs.
I’m so excited to wear this for Thanksgiving
and any other coords I want to create with it!!

Kawaii Plush Bags, Backpacks, and Purses!!

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Ohmahgosh!!  That recent Aliexpress find Meow Girl has some of the cuuuutest plush bags~  I remember years ago, before I was sewing seriously but had a bamillion ideas to sew anyway, I drew up plush bunny backpack designs to make.  Now there are plentiful plush bunnies available as bags and I don’t have to make one, lol!

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (1)

Mischievous Kitty Plush Crossbody Bag with Tail Zipper

Hahaha oh my gosh look at that naughty kitty face! >:3
The plushie tail zipper pull is such a cute extra charm point!!

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (2)

Poteusa Loppy Giant Plush Bunny Backpack

Poteusa Loppy is another plush character from the Arpakasso folks –
this is probably a remakey knockoff though.
Ahhh the pink one has a little bow!!

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (3)

Poteusa Loppy Giant Plush Bunny Crossbody Bag

Like the knockoff backpacks above, but this one is a crossbody bag!
Those biiiiig squishy heads can probably hold a ton of little things from your purse!

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (4)

Giant Squishy Plush Hamster Backpack

Omg those cheeks are soooooooooooo big!!
Ahhh I wouldn’t be able to carry this around as a backpack,
because I would be squishing its cute little toes all the time
and it would distract me from functioning in any other way.

kawaii plush kitty bunny bags purses (5)

Fat Fluffy Sheep Bag Backpack

FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extremely Cute Pastel Sneakers + Bunny Dress Shoes for Being Cute Every Day

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Today I was browsing for cute things to feature and found a new Aliexpress seller that I like: Meow Girl!  They have a wide selection of cutesy clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories, although you have to dig for it through anime stuff and dakimakura girls. n_n;  Anyway, I was surprised by their selection of awesome shoes!!!  Most of these are kawaii sneakers but then I also found some more dressy shoes with BUNNY MOTIFS!!!


Dream Vision Honey Bear Sweet Sneakers

I have seen these on DreamV’s store before and I fell in love with them!!
There are so many details of this that are cute –
the plush bear, the embroidered bee, the scalloped edges…
But ohmygosh, I love that the laces are that wide, sheer ribbon!


Pastel Heart Harajuku Sneakers

Awwwww yissss THIS is what I am talking about!!
Ideal for fairy-kei coodinates, chunky pastel sneakers are a must!!
This color combination is awesommmmme!


Little Twin Stars Pastel Sneakers

Oh my gosh these are so cute too!!!
Less bright and vibrant than the previous, this Little Twin Stars pair
is softer colors, in the sweetest cotton candy color scheme ever~


Dream Vision Bunny Motif Chunky Heel Shoes

I.  Love.  These.  So.  Much.  I NEED THEM!!!
They’re cutesy, yes, but also SO PRETTY???
A little bit elegant??  And can be worn with dressier coordinates??


Bunny Ear + Bow Flat Dress Shoes

I love these tooooooo!!
They appear to be a soft material, like suede.
And I appreciate cute shoes available as flats,
since I cannot go all the time wearing heels.
The bunny ears are just subtle enough to be cute but still a little classy!

How to Turn a Jacket into a Kawaii Bunny Lolita Jacket DIY Tutorial (Video)

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Easter Bunny DIY –Transform Your Hoodie Jacket to Fleece Easter Bunny Hoodie Jacket (Easy)