Welcome Autumn with Sweet & Pretty New Arrivals from Candy Rain!

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

We’ve just entered Autumn, although at the time that I am writing this, it is still HOT enough to be Summer!! oAo

This selection of new arrivals from Candy Rain is almost perfect for this time!  They are light and flowy as usual, but with cozy, knit sweater details!

Candy Rain – Off-shoulder Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt

The long, loose sleeves on this cozy, embroidered top
actually have a layer of chiffon over them, with dainty little details!

Candy Rain – Fray Spaghetti Strap Dress

Okay, maybe this one isn’t warm enough for the weather as it gets cooler,
but it was in the new arrivals and I really wanted to share it!
It’s such a perfectly sweet pink color,
and the playful overall look is in right now!

Candy Rain – Bow Mock Two-piece Long-Sleeve Top

Look at this super smart-looking top!
I love the mini tie.
This brings a school uniform to mind!

Candy Rain – Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt

The super smart skirt that matches the blouse!
I would feel like I have to be studying and reading
the whole time I wore this.

Candy Rain – Mesh Panel Spaghetti Strap Knit Dress

Look at the pretty pink sweater part of this dress!
This is exactly what I’m talking about when I speak of
a fusion of Autumn elements with Candy Rain’s usual pretty,
princessy fashion~

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Perfectly Pretty Princess Dresses from Candy Rain

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

A new round of Summer items was just added to Candy Rain’s lineup~

For real, you guys know by now that this is one of my favorite brands of all time.
It sure ain’t a secret!

But, really, when you look at how incredibly pretty these dresses and soft blouses are,
who wouldn’t fall in love?!

Candy Rain – Open Shoulder Chiffon Short-Sleeve Dress

I love the open keyhole shoulders!!
And the length of this dress, in such a super soft pink color,
is so gorgeous!

Candy Rain – Mesh Panel Short-Sleeve Top

There are cute pastel kitties in a melty design on this top!!
This is a more casual piece as far as Candy Rain usually goes,
so it’s a bit more wearable for your general day-to-day
than all the floofy dresses and things they usually do~

Candy Rain – Open Shoulder Lace Short-Sleeve Minidress

OMG I love pale blue and buttery yellow together!!
It’s such a perfect, delightfully Summer-y combination.
And, it’s kind of uncanny that the model is holding a cake…
because that shade of yellow always makes me think of cake, too!

Candy Rain – Spaghetti Strap Minidress

Haha omg look at how crazy cute this suspender dress is?!?
This is almost kind of a casual piece, too.
Actually, it almost looks a bit punk-y???
It’s definitely a piece you can dress up or down
to suit your style the best!

Candy Rain – Mock Two-piece Short-Sleeve Minidress

I believe that the model is mid-twirl in this pic, haha. c:
But, seriously, OMG, how pretty are these flowy side panels?????
This is a light and airy dress MEANT for strolling through a breezy meadow
or by the beach!

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Soft & Sweet Candy Rain Dresses for Summer

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

This is my first Candy Rain post since returning to regular posting~
It makes me so glad to see this beautiful brand flourishing
and continuing to produce and endless supply of soft princess dresses.

Candy Rain – Pink Short-Sleeve Chiffon Dress

The beautiful lace collar around the top of this dress
is my favorite charm point~!

Candy Rain – Peach Embroidered Short-Sleeve Dress

The soft, creamy orange color of this dress is so perfectly Summery!

Candy Rain – Long-Sleeve Chiffon Dress

I’m completely in love with this dress’ wide bell sleeves!
Nothing says “princess” more than that style of sleeve~

Candy Rain – Print Cutout Shoulder Short-Sleeve Dress

The off-the-shoulder flouncing sleeves are an incredible beautiful charm point!

Candy Rain – Mock Two-piece Cutout Shoulder Short-Sleeve Dress

I’m absolutely in love with the unique shape of this dress!
Not only is the top shaped so incredibly cute with braided ribbons
on either side, but is also has a sweet pastel printed design
in the center!

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Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

BoBon21 and Candy Rain are some of the prettiest Taobao brands a princess can treat herself to!  These listings are brand spanking new and show off a few incredibly pretty sweaters and coats available now~

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (1)

Candy Rain Pink Princess Lace with Fur Collar Coat

This nice, thick coat looks like it will keep you sooooo warm!!
The fur collar is decorated with pearls and pink ribbon bows.
Easy to miss, but there is a white floral lace overlay in the sides!!
It’s also in the ruffles at the bottom of the sleeves
(which always looks super elegant around your hands).

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (2)

Candy Rain Long White Fur Coat with Pink Strawberries

The loooong length of this coat, flared out like a dress, is so elegant!!
And it’s covered in soft fur~
Detailed around the collar, along with white pearl beads,
are cute little pink strawberries!!

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (3)

BoBon21 Fur Heart Applique Sweater

This comes in a few colors – the others not pictured are pastels!!
I like that the cute hearts appliqued on here are fluffy!

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (4)

BoBon21 Sweet Woolly Sweater with Silver Beading

The dainty beaded designs along the collar are so pretty!!
The texture of this sweater is fluffy and woolly.
It comes in two colors – pink and white.

Sweet Princess Winter Sweaters and Coats Brand New from BoBon21 and Candy Rain (5)

BoBon21 Cute Waffle Texture with Pom-Poms Sweater

Ahhh the little pom-poms at the collar of this sweater are so cute!! ^^
This comes in blue as well~
I thought it was a gingham design at first,
but this sweater is actually a knit waffly texture.

Pretty White Winter Dresses for Snow Princesses

Monday, December 7th, 2015

(/*o*\) Wow, it is very definitely a snowy, Wintery wonderland outside now!!  Pretty princesses need Winter dresses to wear, and that’s what this roundup is for!  Candy Rain has always got our back for things like this.

Pretty White Winter Dresses for Snow Princesses (1)

Candy Rain Sweet Princess Lace Onepiece Dress

This whooole dress is covered in beautiful lace!
It’s sheer on the sleeves, creating a magical look~
The edge lace and beaded ribbon is brown, making a pretty contrast!

Pretty White Winter Dresses for Snow Princesses (2)

Candy Rain Thick Winter High-Waisted A-Line Long Sleeve Dress

The texture of this long-sleeved, onepiece dress looks so soft!!
And fur trim around the collar looks like a delicious marshmallow~

Pretty White Winter Dresses for Snow Princesses (3)

Candy Rain Princess Jacquard Ribbon Beading Dress

This dress creates the illusion of being in two pieces~
The soft contrast of the ribbon beaded through the bodice is so pretty!

Pretty White Winter Dresses for Snow Princesses (4)

Candy Rain Keyhole Shoulder Lace and Ruffles Dress

The sleeves are so full and bell-shaped,
and their light material means they will be light and breezy, like wings~
I looove how pretty open shoulders look,
even if it isn’t ideal for cold weather, hah!

Also comes in a darker under-color, which shows the lace contrasting more clearly on top!

Pretty White Winter Dresses for Snow Princesses (5)

Candy Rain Long Sleeve Vertical Stripe Knit Dress

This just looks like a comfortable dress to wear!!
It’s kind of a simple design, but that can be just fine!
The laced-up ribbon in the front is the pretty charm point~