Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

A whole new update of Wintery pieces from Candy Rain (one of my fave TaoBao brands) was just listed by BOBON21 (one of my fave Aliexpress stores) and oh my gosh they are SO dainty and princess-like!!  While being made of thick, fluffy material that will keep you warm on chilly Winter days!!

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (1)

Candy Rain Pink-White Gradient Ribbon-woven Lace Detail Sweater

Oh gosh, there are sooo many detail points to this that are SO pretty.
The soft gradient from pink to white, the ribbon woven through the front
to make a bow, the sleeves hollowed out and covered with lace,
the lace edge at the end of the sleeves~
It is like wearing a PRECIOUS MARSHMALLOW.

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (2)

Candy Rain Soft Pink Winter Ruffle Skirt

This is the listing for the skirt from the same picture. nn
The intense ruffles look like flower petals!!
You would have to clickthrough to see the more zoomed-in detail pics,
but the material of the skirt is fluffy and woolly!!

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (3)

Candy Rain Soft Woolen High-Waisted Suspender Skirt

Ok, this is the ONE non-pink item in this roundup.
It is another super fuzzy and warm-looking material~
Even though the white embroidery is flowers,
it looks like snowflakes in the Wintery context~
I love the heart-shaped belt buckle!!

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (4)

Candy Rain Warm Pink Hearts Overlay Himegyaru Hoodie

I know this isn’t the best detail pic, but you can click the link
to see it more closely – the sleeves and pocket of this hoodie
have a sheer white overlay fabric with hearts on it!!
And the hood and its drawstring ties are fluffed out
with the softest white faux fur ever!!
There is also a listing for those leggings, too~

Warm Winter Skirts & Sweaters for Pretty Pink Princess Gals (5)

Candy Rain Empire Waist Princess Pink Sherpa Fleece Skirt

This skirt is deceptive in appearance – it is SUPER thick and warm,
and is hiding fluffy sherpa fleece on its underside!!  WOW!!
And besides all of that, its design is just simple and prettily princess-like.

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses!

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

I think you can tell this just from browsing this blog for any amount of time… but my absolute favorite thing is clothes that are slouchy and comfy while still being cute and pretty and girlish… especially if they are pink!

So here is a selection of cozy sweaters suitable for pink princesses!

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (1)

Candy Rain Fluffy Pink Sweater with Bows and Pearls

Ohh the bows and pearls make for small details,
but they are SO lovely!!
I love also that this sweater hangs off the shoulders,
which is always stylish~

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (2)

Candy Rain Pink Batwing Sleeve Bow-Shaped Cardigan

The whoole front of this sweater is shaped like a bow!!
But I think my favorite parts of it are the doleman sleeves,
and the dainty lace that hangs from the bottom edge.

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (3)

Candy Rain White/Pink Speckle Fluffy Sweater

The white and pink on this almost looks like an animal print,
but I think that they are just speckles!
These fuzzy sweaters look super soft. :3

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (4)

Candy Rain Fur Trim Pom-Pom Sweater

This is a “pinker” pink than the above photo shows,
it was just taken in warm lighting!
The giant pom-poms on the front are super cute,
and fur trim is instant Winter glam.

Pretty Pink Sweaters for Princesses! (5)

Candy Rain Pink, White, and Blue Fluffy Winter Coat Dress

OMG!!  The tri-colors on this are awesome!!
It looks like marshmallows!!
And I can’t believe how pretty the shape of this coat is.
It looks more like a dress!!
This is how I want to look in the Winter!

Pastel Princess Autumn Dresses

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

I don’t like to think about Autumn replacing Summer!!!  But I guess it’s time to stop thinking about sundresses for wearing to picnics outdoors and begin looking at ones with thicker fabric and long sleeves.  Fave brand Candy Rain pulls through for us!!

pastel princess autumn dresses (1)

Pretty Fur-Edged Warm Autumn Pink Dress

Ahhh this white and pink combination remains to be my absolute favorite!!
The fur edging on these dresses is so “Winter Wonderland”~

pastel princess autumn dresses (2)

Soft Pretty Chiffon Light Blue Dress

This one-piece dress is styled to look like it’s two pieces –
the bolero cut around the top has a very cute bow at the back as well!
This pale blue is soft and cloud-like~

pastel princess autumn dresses (3)

Fur-Edged Pink Heart Print Autumn Dress

Eeee, again with the fur trim and pink & white coloration~
Ahhh but the little white hearts on this one are SO sweet!
And the trio of vertical bows in the center are such a charm point!

pastel princess autumn dresses (4)

Long-Sleeve Autumn Blouse + Dreamy Chiffon Pale Blue Skirt

This listing is for both the blouse and skirt,
which are separate items!
The cutout nature of the top around the collar always looks so gorgeous,
and goooosssh that chiffon over the blue skirt makes it so dreamy!

pastel princess autumn dresses (5)

Long Bell Sleeve Flower Embellishment Chiffon Dress

In the particular preview above, it is hard to make out that there are
precious little flower bunches embellishing the wide bell sleeves of this dress!
But you can clickthrough and see them clearer~
Gosh, everything about this dress is gorgeous, but I really fell in love
with the shape of the top too!!

Stay Warm With These Perfectly Pretty Princess Coats this Autumn and Winter!

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Ahh, it’s so sad to think about the wonderful warm weather of Summer coming to an end!  But if you need some new outerwear for the upcoming cooler months, now is when you want to be shopping for on!

This selection of Candy Rain coats from the Aliexpress seller BOBON21 will keep your dainty princess shoulders covered and cozy! (*^ε^ ノノ゛☆

Candy Rain princess coats (1)

Pastel Pink Winter Lolita Coat with Fuzzy Heart Pockets

Ohhhh this is pretty much my FAVORITE look for Winter coats ever~
I honestly just want everything that I own to be in this shade of baby pink.

Candy Rain princess coats (2)

Red Lace & Fur-Trimmed Winter Poncho Cape

Biiiig warm capes for wearing as it gets cold are the BEST!!!
Like walking around wrapped up in your favorite blanket!
I’ve got to fashion one of these for myself one of these days.

Candy Rain princess coats (3)

Classy Peach Fur Collar Skirted Coat

Coats with a skirted piece like this at the bottom are awesome,
because I don’t know about you guys but MY BUTT GETS COLD,
and having just a bit more length to your coat makes a HUGE difference.

Candy Rain princess coats (4)

Classy Scalloped-Edge & White Pearl Embellished Lavender Coat

Haha, this could have gone into my lavender roundup from just a couple days ago!
Those big chunky white pearls I think add the cutest look to this.

Candy Rain princess coats (5)

Elegant White Autumn Suit Jacket

This one is a little thinner than the rest featured here,
good for those somewhat-cool days that aren’t full-on freezing yet!
The fluffy flower embellishment on the shoulder is its charm point!

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Lavender is one of those colors that’s easy to provoke a synesthetic response – the soft, relaxing scent of lavender.  Just browsing these beautiful, softly ruffly ‘casual princess’ clothing pieces is like aromatherapy~

All of these come from the TaoBao brand Candy Rain, and are listed by LoliLoli Shop for Lolita Princess!

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (1)

Soft Chiffon Princess Overlay Lavender Skirt

Ahhh, lately I have been trying to look up what that draping ‘princess bustle’
is called by name, and can’t seem to find it!
There are definitely some sewing projects I want to do that include it. c:

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (2)

Soft White Chiffon Overlay Lavender Blouse with Big Bow

That’s a BIG!!!  BOW!!!
And gosh wow the loose and ruffly chiffon sleeves are heavenly.

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (3)

Chiffon Lavender Mermaid Embroidery Skirt

*gasps and points in excitement* Mermaid shell motif!!
You could wear those pretty pastel mermaid shoes with this!

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (4)

White & Lavender Sailor Collar with Candy Rain Embroidery Blouse

I love when bow tails are cut like that!!
This is a perfectly nautical-themed top to go with that mermaid skirt~

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (5)

Soft Floral Chiffon Ruffle Skirt (Lavender or Pink)

Have I featured this skirt already? oAo
It’s so beautiful, like soft flower petals~
Really, it couldn’t hurt to cover it twice, could it?
Edit:  Oops, I also told a little lie in the intro. nn;
This skirt is from BoBon21, not Candy Rain~