Soft & Sweet Candy Rain Dresses for Summer

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

This is my first Candy Rain post since returning to regular posting~
It makes me so glad to see this beautiful brand flourishing
and continuing to produce and endless supply of soft princess dresses.

Candy Rain – Pink Short-Sleeve Chiffon Dress

The beautiful lace collar around the top of this dress
is my favorite charm point~!

Candy Rain – Peach Embroidered Short-Sleeve Dress

The soft, creamy orange color of this dress is so perfectly Summery!

Candy Rain – Long-Sleeve Chiffon Dress

I’m completely in love with this dress’ wide bell sleeves!
Nothing says “princess” more than that style of sleeve~

Candy Rain – Print Cutout Shoulder Short-Sleeve Dress

The off-the-shoulder flouncing sleeves are an incredible beautiful charm point!

Candy Rain – Mock Two-piece Cutout Shoulder Short-Sleeve Dress

I’m absolutely in love with the unique shape of this dress!
Not only is the top shaped so incredibly cute with braided ribbons
on either side, but is also has a sweet pastel printed design
in the center!

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Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses

Friday, December 11th, 2015

A lot of the latest listings for new Winter dresses were blue and/or flowery, so I decided to work with that as my theme for today!!

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (1)

Elegant Navy Blue Shoulder-Ruffle Dress with Wide Waist Tie

This is SO! ELEGANT!!  Shoulder ruffles like these always look Victorian to me.
The wide waist belt and ties are super classy, too.
And finally, the flocked dots on the fabric are a very cute detail, too.

It also comes in a dusty pink color!

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (2)

Rose Princess Navy Blue Onepiece Dress

Look at those cute little puffy sleeves!!
The bunches of roses printed on this dress are pretty as a painting.
This also comes in a creamy white and pink variation!

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (3)

Pink Flowers Printed on Blue Princess JSK Dress

I like the sheer organza that the pink flowers are printed on,
making them hang above the pale blue fabric!
There are cute vertical rows of buttons going up the front of the bust, too.

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (4)

Pale Blue Underbust Skirt Dress

The sheer stripes and background in the lower half of this dress
are I think its biggest interest points!!
But the lacing under the bust is always a really pretty charm point.

Pretty Blue Floral Dresses for Winter Princesses (5)

Pink & Offwhite Roses & Strawberries Autumn Himekaji Dress

Ok…………….. i lied and snuck exactly one pink dress into this roundup.
But look at how beautiful and himekaji it is!!
I think this may be a Liz Lisa replica?  But I do not know the exact design.
The check print along the bottom border is my favorite.

Pastel Princess Autumn Dresses

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

I don’t like to think about Autumn replacing Summer!!!  But I guess it’s time to stop thinking about sundresses for wearing to picnics outdoors and begin looking at ones with thicker fabric and long sleeves.  Fave brand Candy Rain pulls through for us!!

pastel princess autumn dresses (1)

Pretty Fur-Edged Warm Autumn Pink Dress

Ahhh this white and pink combination remains to be my absolute favorite!!
The fur edging on these dresses is so “Winter Wonderland”~

pastel princess autumn dresses (2)

Soft Pretty Chiffon Light Blue Dress

This one-piece dress is styled to look like it’s two pieces –
the bolero cut around the top has a very cute bow at the back as well!
This pale blue is soft and cloud-like~

pastel princess autumn dresses (3)

Fur-Edged Pink Heart Print Autumn Dress

Eeee, again with the fur trim and pink & white coloration~
Ahhh but the little white hearts on this one are SO sweet!
And the trio of vertical bows in the center are such a charm point!

pastel princess autumn dresses (4)

Long-Sleeve Autumn Blouse + Dreamy Chiffon Pale Blue Skirt

This listing is for both the blouse and skirt,
which are separate items!
The cutout nature of the top around the collar always looks so gorgeous,
and goooosssh that chiffon over the blue skirt makes it so dreamy!

pastel princess autumn dresses (5)

Long Bell Sleeve Flower Embellishment Chiffon Dress

In the particular preview above, it is hard to make out that there are
precious little flower bunches embellishing the wide bell sleeves of this dress!
But you can clickthrough and see them clearer~
Gosh, everything about this dress is gorgeous, but I really fell in love
with the shape of the top too!!

Cute & Pretty Dresses from Dream Vision!

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

I’m featuring Dream Vision/Yumetenbo again, because I found a lot of cute dresses that they were featuring! \(^o^)/

dream vision dresses (1)

Long Sleeve Fairy Tale Dress with Cape

Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest, most Red Riding Hood-like dress!!
This is for going on your own adventures through the woods in~

dream vision dresses (2)

Classic Gingham Flower Garden Picnic Dress

Soooo pretty!!
This looks like the kinds of dresses I’ve fallen in love with from Candy Rain!
Pink and soft blue is probably among my favorite color combinations.

dream vision dresses (3)

Pastel Chiffon Mermaid Dress

For the sweet mermaids out there!
You know what would be perfect with this?
These soft pastel mermaid shoes in the same colors!

dream vision dresses (4)

Blue Stripe Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Dress

This looks a little nautical!

dream vision dresses (5)

White & Pink Floral Cocktail Dress

This looks ‘dressier’ than the other dresses featured here.
It would be classy and pretty for an agejo style!

Soft and Sweet Candy Rain Dresses Perfect for Princesses

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Summer is in full swing, and princesses need attire for their busy schedule of garden tea parties!

Oh, what the heck.  I’d just wear these around the house or to the grocery store, too.


Sweet Pink Floral Fairy Princess Dress

Oh my gosh, I am IN LOVE with this.
The subtle floral print on the sheer skirt is like heaven!
And the soft ruffles as sleeves are like something a fairy would wear.


Sweet Soft Mint Lace Ruffle Fairy Dress

If the other dress didn’t send images of dancing fairies in my head,
this one certainly did!!
And it’s such a refreshing and soft shade of green!


Big Bow and Princess Sleeve Candy Rain Dress

There are bows printed on the fabric of this dress!


Soft Blue Cinderella Lace Candy Rain Dress

Oh my goooossssshhh this is so soft and wonderfully sweet,
like something a luxuriously vacationing princess Cinderella would wear!


Pretty Pink Princess Cake Candy Rain Dress

Did I include too many pink dresses in this update?

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