Pink and Lavender Clothing for Kawaii Pastel Style Sweetness!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Today’s theme kind of accidentally turned out to feature only pink and lavender things, lol!!  I was just looking for cute stuff in general, but we can pretend like I did it on purpose!  It has been a little while since I’ve done pastel Fairy-kei stuff anyway~

Pink and Lavender Clothing for Kawaii Pastel Style Sweetness! (1)

Kawaii Bunny Seifuku Lavender Top + Pumpkin Pants

This listing is for all of the pieces in this set!
This usagi-seifuku is sooo cute… like something a real anime character would wear..
Heck, I want the bunny hair accessories that the model is wearing, too!

Pink and Lavender Clothing for Kawaii Pastel Style Sweetness! (2)

Pink Ruffle Lady Princess Maid Costume

Well, this is definitely more like a costume…
But it is so dang cute and ruffly I really just wanted to include it!!
It’s a very cute shape with a lot of full ruffles
for being a costume. nn

Pink and Lavender Clothing for Kawaii Pastel Style Sweetness! (3)

Pink Sweet Lolita Underbust Suspender Skirt Dress JSK

The shape of this was hard for me to classify as either a skirt or JSK –
oh, heck, we’ll say it’s both!!
A very adorable Lolita item the likes of which can be difficult to find
amidst all of the clothing items that call themselves Lolita without
actually fitting the description~

Pink and Lavender Clothing for Kawaii Pastel Style Sweetness! (4)

Cute Sweet Pastel Gradient Slouchy Sweater

A pastel sweater that somehow didn’t make it into any of my other sweater roundups!!
A very simple shape, no real details here –
just the appeal of three sweet pastel colors and all of that snuggly coziness.

Pink and Lavender Clothing for Kawaii Pastel Style Sweetness! (5)

Bunny-Eared Kawaii Pastel Seifuku Top

Ahhh this looks so comfy and cutsew-y!!
The bows are small and sweet and…
Okay, we all know by this point that bunny ears on anything
is my ultimate weakness.

Cutesy Kiddie Jumpers for Fairy-kei or Everyday

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Well, a lot of my clothing features are for elegant princess styles, but I have great admiration for cutesy juvenile styles as well!  These dresses and jumpers are for wearing when you feel ADORABLE!!


Neko-Eared Sailor Collar Pink (or Blue) Dress

A sweet, simple solid pink with white collar and trim!
Definitely easy to wear and make cute coordinates out of!


Sweet Ruffly Gingham Dress + Bloomers (Blue or Pink)

What wonderfully sweet ruffles!
I’d feel like going on dreamy adventures like Dorothy wearing this~


Simple Sweet Strawberry Gingham Sundress

The tiny strawberry detail in the corner is this dress’ charm point!
I like the simple, easy-to-wear straps.


Kawaii Nautical Sailor Collar Pink Striped Dress

I thought this was similar to the neko-eared one,
but they are actually quite different, aren’t they? ^^
The pink stripe details on the bow and other borders are so cute!!


Kawaii Cherry Print Red or Black Gingham Romper

This is sooo cute and playful!
Something about jumpers like this just look so cool
when a cool girl with a put-together outfit is wearing them.

What Kawaii Stuff is in a Harajuku Fashionista’s Bag? (Video)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

What kawaii stuff is in HARAJUKU FASHIONISTAS’ BAGS? | 原宿のファショニスタたちの鞄の中にどんな可愛い物があるの?