Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Yo, it doesn’t even matter that no one is seeing your underwear or whether it matches your coord or not.  Wearing cute stuff under your clothes makes you feel so good!!  So here are some simple, cozy, cotton panties that would be so super cute to wear under your favorite soft larme-kei coordinates.  And anything else.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (1)

5-Pack Pastel Lace Panties

Most of my listings here today consist of sets of 5 panties,
whose colors are shipped at random!
The colors for this assortment could be a combination of soft yellow,
pink, and a teal-ish baby blue.
The white lace on the sides is my favorite!!

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (2)

5-Piece Pink & Yellow Cotton & Lace Panties

These two designs are pink and yellow in contrasting colors!
Though they have lace ruffles on them, they are cotton all the way around
unlike the listing above.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (3)

5-Piece Pastel Lace with Ribbon Bows Panties

A set of panties with a panel of lace at the front
(and the pattern is different for each color!)
and a couple of cute ribbon bows!!!
I like this set because it has a pretty minty green color selection!

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (4)

5-Pieces Blue & Yellow Mesh Cotton Panties Set

The colors in this set are a very sweet blue and buttery yellow!
They are mostly a solid color with just a little bit of lacy detail.

Cute Pastel Undies for Lacy Larme Looks! (5)

5-Piece Soft Pastel Cotton Panties Set

This selection has some contrasting ruffle at the front
and a really pretty lace edge!!
I like the lavender purple that’s available in this one, too!

Pretty, Lacy Lingerie for Princesses

Monday, July 27th, 2015

I for one wholly advocate feeling like a princess from the inside out, including every layer in between!  Knowing that you’re cute even under your clothes is one of the biggest, easiest mood-boosters you can do for yourself. n_n  It’s also wonderful to snuggle up in bed still dressed like a dolly princess~


Lace Ruffle Petal Sheer Teddy

This comes in the dreamiest, softest colors!
I just love the layers of ruffles that fall at angles like that,
like something a fairy would wear~


Soft & Silky Nightdress + Robe

Ahh, I love when cute little robes are included with these!
The ribbon bows and subtle ruffles are the key points of this nightdress~


Sheer Panel Babydoll

This is soft and light enough to be a cloud!! (/*o*\)
The tiny cap sleeves are incredibly cute too!
And I looooove the contrast of having a minty green main color
and pale pink ribbons~


Ruffly Ruffle Set

I don’t know, I’m not sure if there are enough lace and bows on here.


Tulle Peekaboo Panties

Okay, I just thought that image of the butt modeling these was rly cute, lol.


Sweet Soft Pastel Ruffle Camisole & Shorts

Ohhh my gooossssh cutest pajamas ever??!?
The color is so soft and buttery~
Tiered ruffles in multicolor soft pastels are probably among my favorite things.