BonBon Bunny Angelic Pretty Print?!?! 🍬🐇😱🐇🍬

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

OMG you guys, LOOK AT THIS!!

The beautiful Lolita brand Angelic Pretty made a print JUST FOR ME!!!

…Just kidding, it just has the same name. :p

But, it’s kind of amazing how closely even the color scheme matches my faves!!  Pink + vanilla cream + chocolate brown are exactly the colors of this Web site, even, lol!!  (Though the emphasis seems to be on the red colorway in the preview image above).

Here is a handful of the products available in this line:

Shop for it on or

I wonder, now, if whenever I post in any Lolita community, they will think I named myself after this print, in the same way that tons of people have usernames derived from Sugary Carnival, Melty Chocolate, etc. ☺️

My dudes, you’ve got to believe me, this has been my username (and I have had this domain name registered) since 2010, at least!

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Cute Kawaii Lolita Dresses Available on YesStyle!

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Are you up for feeling MEGA CUTE AND SWEET??

Then, my dudes, this selection of soft and darling dresses
will send your dainty heart aflutter!

Rabbit Print Long Sleeve Lolita Dress

The print is small to see in the above image, so you MUST click through
to see the previous little bunnies that are printed all over this dress!
Wine red and soft off-white are so lovely together,
and this dress is available in both white-on-red and red-on-white.

Short-Sleeve Lolita Cosplay Dress

This navy blue A-line dress has a sailor-style collar and front bow!!
This is actually available in a LOT of colors, including pastels –
click through to this item and then browse the related items
to see them all!

Lolita Zodiac Constellation Cosplay Costume

With the illustration of the girl beside the thumbnails for this dress,
I wonder if this is a cosplay item from dress-up games like Romantic Diary or Love Nikki?
Either way, it is a beautiful and romantic, starry navy blue dress
that just looks dreamy beyond belief!

Long-Sleeve Lolita Swan Border Print Cosplay Dress

The swan illustration around the border of this dress brings to mind
a Metamorphose print of the same subject~
I love the pure sky blue color option!

Pastel Lolita Cosplay Costume

Okay, I indulged a bit and included this cosplay-y outfit in this roundup!
I just love the soft, sweet, ice cream-like pastel colors of this apron and dress together!
Y’all, I need a cute and frilly apron like this to wear around the house
for when I am cleaning and straightening up and stuff. ;A;

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Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter!

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

You know, it’s okay to treat yourself to some things around the holidays, too!!  You need something cute and pretty to wear on Christmas day, right??  Here’s a small handful of fairly cheap Lolita items that were just listed in my favorite stores!

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (1)

Sweet Lolita Cute Strawberry Print on Blue Lolita JSK Dress

An adorable piece that would fit in Sweet or Country Lolita styles!!
I love warm colors against a blue background~
This makes me pine for Summer, something we desperately need
around this season!

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (2)

White Long Sleeve with Ribbon Bow Lolita Blouse

A simple and important piece in building a Lolita coordinate!!
I like that the sleeves ruffle around the bottom edge,
and the vertical rows of lace down the center~

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (3)

Black and White Stripe Lolita A-Line OP Dress

Okay, I’m supposed to write about the dress here,
but her awesome rhinestone undereye details have me transfixed!
That makeup is awesome!!

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (4)

Long Ruffle and Lace Lolita Skirt in Three Colors

PRETTY!! (/*o*\)  The soft white version of this could have gone
in yesterday’s Wintery Snow Princess roundup~
It’s also soooo pretty in pink – and it comes in black, too!

Pretty New Lolita Pieces For You This Winter! (5)

Cute Lolita Underbust Suspender Skirt Dress & White Wonderland Blouse

In this listing, you can actually get both the skirt/dress and the blouse!!
What a soft creamy orangey-pink that dress is~
The blouse has Alice in Wonderland design details on the collar!