Pretty Little Pastel Jewelry & Accessories from Q-Pot

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Q-Pot is known for their incredibly cute and tiny jewelry pieces and accessories, all sculpted like sweets or other cute & pretty things~

These are brand new pieces just made available on Tokyo Otaku Mode!  Most of them are available in a couple of different jewelry options, so if you like a design but don’t particularly want it on a ring, for instance, you can click on the product and view related items to find it as a necklace or keychain. c:

Q-pot. Sakura Monaka Bag Charm

Although it says “bag charm,” this can of course be affixed to anything
the clasp can latch onto~
These little cherry blossoms look so tiny and sweet!
I can almost taste the different flavors just looking at the different
color combinations.

Q-pot. Sakura Monaka Necklace

As mentioned, the cherry blossom charms above are also available
as these necklaces, too~
The same goes for those linked below, as well!

Q-pot. Gelato Necklace

These sweet different flavors of ice cream
look awesome on shiny golden cones!! *o*

Q-pot. Parlor Shell Macaron Rings

!!  These are sooooo scrumptiously sweet!!
Pastel shades like this bring to mind how popular
pastel sweets jewelry and stuff was a few years ago~
Naturally, there are still artists creating those accessories today, still!

Q-pot. Parlor Shell Macaron Pierced Earring

When you’re feeling mermaid-y,
pretty pastel shells will look perfect pierced on your ears,
complete with little pearls, as well!

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Summer Sandals & Shoes for Sweet JFashion

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

If your Summer outfits are ready to go,
perhaps some sweet shoes and sandals are just the finishing touch!

This round-up covers recent releases from Liz Lisa,
Honey Salon, and Swankiss!

LIZ LISA Frill Lace Wedge Sandals

These sweet, lacy sandals from Liz Lisa are, like, a STAPLE of jfashion!
Perfect for any outfit with neutral Earthy tones or soft pastels,
and anything with lace!

Honey Salon Shell High Heels (Lavender)

These seashell-and-starfish designed shoes come in a couple
of other colors, too!

Honey Salon Big Pearl Sandals (Lavender)

These could almost be mermaid shoes, as well!
The big pearls on the front are like jewels found from the sea~

Swankiss Lace-Up Clear Shoes

For some more wild styles, these MASSIVE platforms
and see-through pink sneakers will perfectly complement your statement!

Swankiss Lamé Flower Sandals

Holy smokes those huge platforms are LOADED with glitter!
If I wore these, I’d want to put an entire outfit of pink glitter together.
That just sounds like a DREAM!

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Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

I think it’s been forever, but I used to cover toys and dolls like Barbie once in a while instead of clothes all the time. n_n  A ton of new Barbie stuff is available since a new movie just came out!!  Here are some really pretty playsets that I found recently that are filled with beautiful sculpted details and perfect pastel colors!

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (1)

Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Castle Playset with Mini-Dolls

The Barbie Mariposa movies are really sweet, I love fairies hehe. n_n
The sweet colors in this are my absolute faves!
Look at the awesome scallop-y sculpting in the table
and cool butterfly-backed chairs!

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (2)

Barbie Chelsea Doll and Clubhouse Playset

Chelsea’s playsets are smaller and sometimes cuter!
Omg she has a cute stuffed bunny!
And look at all of the sweet cupcake decor all around~
And… heeeeey… is that the exact same butterfly chandelier
that is also in the Mariposa castle?

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (3)

Barbie Splash and Slide Bath Playset

This is made with parts that are specifically OK for getting wet
in the bathtub or pool!
Mermaids are some of our favorite fantastical creatures,
and a pastel color scheme coated with glitter is perfect for them!
There is also a small wearable plastic tiara (at the top)
and pearl ring (in the clam shell above the swing)~

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (4)

Barbie Glam Getaway House

You really have to view the page for this one,
because there are soooo many cool little details in these rooms
and you must check them out in the zoomed-in photos!
This is a really cool little set of rooms.
Honestly I’d like to have a getaway place like this myself hehe~

Cute & Pretty Barbie Playsets & Doll Houses (5)

Barbie Shopping Mall Playset

There are such neat little stores here
and a really cool escalator!!
This would make a perfect backdrop for lots of play settings~

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Lavender is one of those colors that’s easy to provoke a synesthetic response – the soft, relaxing scent of lavender.  Just browsing these beautiful, softly ruffly ‘casual princess’ clothing pieces is like aromatherapy~

All of these come from the TaoBao brand Candy Rain, and are listed by LoliLoli Shop for Lolita Princess!

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (1)

Soft Chiffon Princess Overlay Lavender Skirt

Ahhh, lately I have been trying to look up what that draping ‘princess bustle’
is called by name, and can’t seem to find it!
There are definitely some sewing projects I want to do that include it. c:

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (2)

Soft White Chiffon Overlay Lavender Blouse with Big Bow

That’s a BIG!!!  BOW!!!
And gosh wow the loose and ruffly chiffon sleeves are heavenly.

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (3)

Chiffon Lavender Mermaid Embroidery Skirt

*gasps and points in excitement* Mermaid shell motif!!
You could wear those pretty pastel mermaid shoes with this!

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (4)

White & Lavender Sailor Collar with Candy Rain Embroidery Blouse

I love when bow tails are cut like that!!
This is a perfectly nautical-themed top to go with that mermaid skirt~

Soft & Lovely Lavender Tops, Skirts, and Dresses for Pretty Princesses (5)

Soft Floral Chiffon Ruffle Skirt (Lavender or Pink)

Have I featured this skirt already? oAo
It’s so beautiful, like soft flower petals~
Really, it couldn’t hurt to cover it twice, could it?
Edit:  Oops, I also told a little lie in the intro. nn;
This skirt is from BoBon21, not Candy Rain~

Soft, Heartful Items from Dream Vision

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Oh, Dream Vision, it is growing ever so much harder to find sweet hime items in your store now! ・°・(ノД`)・°・  BUT!  I did pull together enough for a themed post today~  And that theme is HEARTY-HEARTS!! ヽ(❤ω❤)ノ


Fluffy Heart Applique High-Waisted Skirt

The hearts!!  On this skirt!!  ARE FLUFFY!!!
And I really, really love the length of this skirt, too~


Ruffle Heart Platform Sandals

Neutral pastels are cute, sure,
but these are like… really, REALLY neutral…
But even so, the heart design surrounded by ruffles
is incredibly cute!


Dream Vision Sweet Maid Style Dress

This counts!!!  The buttons are shaped like tiny hearts!!
And this was, like, the sweetest himekaji-like item in the store,
so it had to go in this listing.


Heart Cluster Sandal Wedges

I often feel like I do not have enough hearts over my toes.
I’m not sure.  I think we can fit more hearts on these shoes.
It will be a tight fit but we can do it.

pastel mermaid shoes

Pastel Mermaid Shoes

ok.  i broke the rule.  i broke away from the heart theme.
But these. are. MERMAID. SHOES.
There is even a beautiful soft pastel gradient over the heel and platform!!