Watch Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Episodes Streaming Online

Friday, October 6th, 2017

The “Monthly Girls'” in the title refers to shoujo manga, which is published monthly, lol;; To search for merch and stuff, also try the Japanese title, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun~

This show is SOOOO FUNNY, omg. And the cast of characters is wild! One by one, you will be introduced to the colorful classmates that have influenced Nozaki as he writes shoujo manga in secret. The heroine of the story is the only sane person here, for real.

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Episode 1 – This Love… is Being Turned into a Shoujo Manga

Episode 2 – Say Hello to the New Heroine

Episode 3 – Violence VS. The Prince

Episode 4 – There are Times When Men Must Fight

Episode 5 – The Man Who Envisions Love

Episode 6 – I’ll Cast a Spell on You

Episode 7 – The Manga Artist’s Brain, Nozaki-kun

Episode 8 – The Prince (Girl) of the School’s Problems

Episode 9 – Do You Have Enough Excitement?!

Episode 10 – What’s Strengthened is Our Bond and Our Reins

Episode 11 – Let’s Rice

Episode 12 – If This Feeling Isn’t Love, Then There Is No Love in the World